He had awoken. Well, not awoken. Rebooted?



A short.

From what?

….He didn't know. Slowly, he opened his optic, blinking a few times through the thick and dusty air.


There wasn't dust in space. At least not dust like this...

He was fully attentive now. His plates whirred and spun as he reconfigured himself, taking in his surroundings as the thick dust settled down.


He had crash-landed back on Earth. He somehow managed to get knocked out of the moons immediate orbit and must have gotten pulled into Earths before hurtling through the atmosphere at 4000 degrees Kelvin. Of course, Aperture's equipment was well equipped for functionality at that temperature, and even beyond, although he was sure he wouldn't want to test that.

Stuck in a crater from impact with the ground, Wheatley could not see anything, having landed optic first. He could tell his lens was cracked, it was already before of course but now worse than ever; but at least he could see.

"H-hello? Is anyone there? Can anyone hear me? Hello?" he called out. Almost immediately he knew it was futile; what were the chances of anyone hearing him, or even knowing he was there? But it there was the slimmest chance maybe someone saw him, he was brilliantly streaking across the sky before he slammed into the ground, of course. But highly doubtful.

He waited a few more moments before calling out again, desperately trying to make contact with anything. He didn't want to be alone, but he knew his predicament was ultimately rusting and wasting away until something vital gave out and he ended. Really, in his opinion, he rather missed Space Core blabbing on and on about space; being alone was an option he didn't want anymore.

For hours he called out as loud as he could, used his internal radio to broadcast and receive frequencies to others, but all that came back was dead air, its static filling up his thoughts. Whether it be from something broken on impact inside him or he was too low to get and send anything he did not know. In the end he decided to just stop. He was wearing out his patience felt his heart sink (although he knew he didn't have one, humans had used the expression for feeling hopeless, right?)

After a few quick blips and whirs, he quietly went into hibernation until someone would wake him up.

His system picked up noises and put him in full alert. A window faded into his screen, chirping that he had been hibernating for 18 hours. He quickly waved it away and swiveled his lens around. He wanted to know what had jarred him from sleep mode.

Crunches. He heard the sound of feet walking on gravel a way's away, but close enough he could pick up on it. He was excited, he could barely stop himself from quivering with joy! But then he panicked; what if they completely missed him? He was not going to let that happen, no bloody way.


The crunches stopped for a moment before turning in his direction, becoming a little more rapid in progression but not enough to be jogging. They had heard! He'd be saved from rusting for centuries and now he could-


His mind stopped, oh god they had found him at last! The voice sounded extremely gravelly and low, undeniably males. Maybe even African American if he didn't know any better.

"Oh, man alive I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am that you found me; I thought I'd be out here forever! I was starting to lose hope, I-"

He could hear the man taking long strides down to get him, and bits of gravel and rocks rolled down like a miniature avalanche and hit him as the stopped.

"Ow, ouch, okay, I- whoa!"

The man had stopped at him and pulled him out of the ground with surprising gentleness.

"Hello! Thank you for getting me out of there" he began as the man turned him to get a better look.

"I just wanted to- AUUUUGHHHH!" he screamed, his pupil dilating in fear as he faced something.