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"Between Doors" takes place between the time frames of "Closeted" and "Outed" and will fill in some of the gaps of their relationship with fluff, angst, and smut.

And for those that are "faint of heart" (aka, can't/don't read smut) DO NOT FEAR: It's the same deal as in "Outed"…the smut chapters that you can basically skip without losing too much plot :)

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Logan Wright blinked, starting to lift his hand to shield his eyes from the sun and the flashing of the cameras. He and Julian Larson-Armstrong had just stepped outside of their dorms in order to confront the media storm that had begun chasing details of the actor's love life. The prefect squeezed his hand gently, tugging him closer as the reporters swarmed the pair, snapping photos and throwing out questions.

"Julian! Julian, look over here! This way!"

"Who's the mystery lover, Mr. Larson?"

"Isn't that Senator Wright's gay son?"

"Julian! Tell us! Are you straight...or gay?"

"Is this the one?"

"Scandal in Hollywood!"

"Jules, we want an exclusive!"

"You have a beau?"

"Beauty and the Beast at it's best!"

Julian took his hand out of Logan's and stepped forward, holding his hands and his head up high. The crowd went silent, only the occasional flash going off as the actor began to speak. "You vultures won't ever let this go, will you?" he sighed. "Fine. While campus security takes their sweet time getting here, I'll give you a little information that you can spread through the presses like wildfire.

"I, Julian Larson-Armstrong, am BISEXUAL. For those of you who are mentally inept, that means I am attracted to both men and women. But as for now, I am extremely happy with my boyfriend-" he reached out to grab Logan's hand and pull him forward- "John Logan Wright the third."

"And we would really appreciate it if you kept your noses out of our business," Logan added smugly, standing as close as possible to Julian, still clasping his hand.

As the camera storm began again and people started yelling questions, campus security finally arrived and began ushering them away. Julian watched as the group of paparazzi was forced off campus, smiling smugly. There'd be hell to pay later, but at least he'd set a few things straight. The brunette glanced over and saw the doors to Stuart closed behind them.

Logan also took note of the fact that they were completely alone, and looked down at Julian with a grim smile. "You do realize this isn't even close to be over with..."

"The media storm...or us?" Julian asked innocently enough, stepping closer to press his hands against the prefect's chest.

"Both," the blonde answered seriously.

"I know...but I'm not worrying about it. It's our day off together, remember? We should return to our regularly scheduled programming...now," the actor commanded, tugging Logan's head down to meet his, pressing their lips together heatedly.

The prefect met his boyfriend with equal passion, slipping his hands under his Dalton jacket and resting them on the small of his back, as Julian twisted his hands into Logan's perfectly gelled hair. The pair became so involved with the other's lips, they didn't notice as Derek opened the door behind them.

He interrupted with a loud cough. They sprang apart, both pink in the face, neither thrilled at the prospect of public displays of affection. The athlete smirked at them.

"While I'm all for you guys taking your sexual frustration out on each other, I thought it would be a good idea for you to at least return to one of your rooms," he said, raising his eyebrows at them. "The last thing we need is for any of those moronic paparazzi to sneak back over here and start snapping pictures of you two macking on the front steps."

Julian stepped away from Logan, grabbing his hand and tugging him inside past Derek, the tips of his ears still red from embarrassment. The blonde shot his best friend a cocky grin and followed his boyfriend, nearly tripping over the rug in the front hallway as the actor yanked him towards the stairs.

"Smooth move, Lo!" Derek called after them with a loud laugh.

Bailey peeked his head out from around the corner. "So...it's really true, then?"

The athlete turned to shoot him a smug smile. "Yes. They came out to the press, so I guess it won't do them any good to hide it from the rest of the school any longer."

The musician nodded. "The Brightmans already had their suspicions, which they voiced to me earlier today, trying to find confirmation..."

Derek rolled his eyes with a sigh. "Of course they were. I suppose it's only a matter of time before all of Dalton hears about Lo and Jules anyways. They're going to rule over the school with an iron fist. Stupid power couple," he said with a quiet chuckle.

Over in Windsor, Evan and Ethan's phones beeped at the exact same moment, identical grins creeping over their faces as they read the new text.

"The Knave and the Cheshire Cat-"

"Are actually together?"

Kurt had been sitting on the couch nearby, his nose buried in the latest issue of Vogue. His head lifted at the sound of the nicknames. "What?"

Ethan looked at his twin, before shooting a sly smile at the other boy. "Looks like the Knave won't be all over you anymore, Alice."

"He's found someone new to occupy his attentions," Evan added with a smirk.

Kurt's eyes widened, a matching smile creeping over his face. Perhaps he and Julian could actually get along even more civilly...now that he'd officially gotten Logan.

In the meantime, the actor had pushed his blonde boyfriend down onto the bed after stripping them both of their jackets. Logan responded by grabbing the brunette's loosened tie and yanking him towards him.

"You do realize that the entire school is going to know about us soon, right?" Logan asked breathlessly, attacking Julian's neck with his lips.

He swallowed, a soft moan escaping his lips. "I know," he whispered.

"And you thought the paparazzi were scary to face..."

"Shut up, squid." A harsh bite on his throat caused the actor to let out a loud gasp. "Fuck, Lo..."

Logan smirked against Julian's skin. "Biting turns you on, princess? Good to know," he purred, nipping his way across his boyfriend's jaw, before joining their lips in an excruciating kiss.

Julian couldn't even bring himself to care that the blonde had called him by his most hated - though secretly enjoyable - nickname. This...them together...just felt too good to even think about breaking apart.

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