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"Between Doors" takes place between the time frames of "Closeted" and "Outed" and will fill in some of the gaps of their relationship with fluff, angst, and smut.

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It's the same deal as in "Outed"…the smut chapters that you can basically skip without losing too much plot :)

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Julian began pulling the eggs out of the fridge, examining the box of cake mix on the counter. "Eggs, water, oil...This is pretty easy," he murmured to himself, heading towards the oven to preheat, taking a sip from his coffee cup.

It had been a long couple of weeks, and he and Logan hadn't been getting along very well. Derek had stepped in a few times already to save the relationship, which Julian was both grateful and resentful for: he thought that they should be able to fix all their problems themselves.

And now the bake sale, as part of another Fair the school was having. "Don't they realize this is an all boys school? Hummel's cookies and whatever Merril makes are about to be the only edible products here," the actor muttered unhappily, rumpling his already messy brown hair.

"What are you doing, princess?" Logan asked quietly, stalking into the kitchen and heading straight for the coffee pot, his tone a bit disdainful, even though their most recent fight had been supposedly resolved.

Julian rolled his eyes, examining the box again. "Making cupcakes, squid. What does it look like?"

"With that?" the blond asked, curling his lip as he plucked the cake mix from his boyfriend's hand. "A box mix? Really?"

"Well, what do you suggest? We have to do something for the stupid Food Fair. It's tomorrow, you know!" Julian exclaimed, crossing his arms and glaring at the other boy.

Logan snorted. "I got Michelle's grandmother's famous cupcake and frosting recipes. She even sent me a box with all the ingredients along with them." His voice faded as he headed into the pantry to retrieve said package. "I shoved it in here when it came in yesterday. We can make these together. I mean, how hard can it be to follow these instructions?" Setting the box on the counter, he began pulling out all the different containers, his green eyes widening. "Why are there so many ingredients?"

"Because it's not a box mix, dummy," Julian explained rather impatiently, reaching in to grab some containers as well as the recipe cards. "The oven's already preheated to 350 degrees. And it's fucking hot as hell in this kitchen!"

Logan's eyes traced over his boyfriend's form appreciatively as the actor slowly tugged his shirt off over his head. He quickly redirected his gaze to the muffin tin, using the cupcake liners that his stepmother had sent to fill it, as Julian began sifting the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl: sugar, brown sugar, flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, and salt.

"I feel like such a homemaker," the actor teased, bumping his hip up against Logan's with a smirk, after he had set a cup of water in a pot on the stove to boil. The blond retaliated by scooping up and wiping a bit of flour on the tip of Julian's nose, which then wrinkled in distaste. "Hey!"

"You look adorable," Logan replied, and Julian's face flushed at the comment. The blond quickly stole the dry ingredient bowl away to add the eggs, milk, oil, and vanilla, digging out an egg beater from a drawer in the kitchen and beginning to mix it.

Working seamlessly together, Julian added the boiling water while Logan continued blending the mix together. The actor moved to start on mixing the homemade frosting as well, as Logan began to pour the batter into the cupcake liners evenly.

The prefect headed towards the oven as Julian mixed butter, powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla together in a bowl, and opened the door, shoving the tray inside. Just as he was withdrawing his hand from the heat, he heard Julian let out a rather inappropriate sounding moan and nearly burned his hand in the process of turning around to face him, slamming the oven shut.

"Jules? Are you really that turned on by my bending over...?" he joked, green eyes shooting over towards his boyfriend, only to find the actor's sepia eyes closed in absolute bliss, his finger still hovering near his pouty lips.

Once his eyes finally flickered open again, he said breathlessly, "C'mere, Lo. You have to try this frosting. It's fucking...amazing!"

The blond crossed the kitchen in a few steps, allowing Julian to shove a frosting coated finger into his mouth. Logan's eyes went wide and his mouth began to water as he licked and sucked every last bit of the frosting off of his boyfriend's finger. "Holy shit," he said hoarsely, as Julian finally pulled away.

"You were just totally fellating my finger there, Wright," Julian said in amusement, his eyes flashing with a hint of dark passion.

Logan didn't reply, merely scooping up a bit more frosting and offering his pointer finger to the actor, who licked his lips and slowly moved forward to close his mouth around his boyfriend's digit, letting out a quiet moan that sent sharp waves of heat straight down to Logan's groin. At the sound of the blond's tiny gasp, Julian reached up to hold Logan's hand in place, licking and sucking the frosting from his finger, deliberately using all the motions he usually saved for a different part of his boyfriend's body.

The prefect yanked his hand away, pulling Julian by the waist up tight against him, and fusing their mouths together heatedly, still tasting the sweet nectar of the frosting. He licked the seam of Julian's mouth, forcing the actor to part his lips and used his tongue to explore for any more bits of the sensual vanilla flavoring.

After a few moments of muffled groans and shifting forms, Logan finally pulled away, moving instead to drip a tiny bit of the frosting onto Julian's still thankfully bare chest, latching onto the soft skin with his mouth and using his tongue to scrape away all traces of the sweet product.

Julian spoke through desperate panting. "Who knew vanilla frosting could be such an aphrodisiac?" he chuckled, as Logan pulled back, green eyes glittering with lust.

"Stop talking and take off your pants," the blond commanded, already beginning to strip off his own Dalton jacket and tie. Julian let out another soft laugh, but did as he was told, dropping his uniform pants to around his ankles and reaching to help unbutton Logan's shirt. The blond shoved his hands aside, throwing his shirt aside before kissing his way down Julian's chest, landing lightly on his knees and nosing against the actor's obvious hard-on through his boxers.

"S-someone could walk in, Lo," Julian protested quietly, his eyes already fluttering closed in anticipation.

"Mmm, I don't really care right now...I just want to tasteyou," Logan answered huskily, pulling down the brunet's boxers without any sort of flourish. His hand wrapped around the length, giving it one hard stroke as he flicked his tongue at the tip, where a bead of precum was already leaking out.

"Fuck- Lo-" Julian gasped. "Please just-"

Logan smirked and did as he was asked, moving his lips just around the head of Julian's erection, sucking on it, before pulling back and sticking two fingers into his mouth, looking up at the actor innocently. The brunet's hair had fallen down into his face, a few strands blowing back and forth as the boy panted rather desperately, groaning and waiting for Logan to do something more.

Once satisfied with the amount of saliva on his fingers, he immediately pulled it away, moving his hand to clutch at Julian's ass, bringing him closer to his face, as he opened his mouth again to take more of him in. The actor let out a broken sounding moan, which quickly hitched in his throat. His eyes flew open as he felt the slight pressure against his entrance. "Oh god, yesss..." he hissed, clutching his boyfriend's hair, as Logan teased him with a wet finger, his tongue doing unspeakable things to the underside of Julian's cock. "In, please, just put it- AH!" he yelped, as Logan slowly slid the digit past the ring of tight muscle, getting all the way in to his second knuckle before pausing, letting the actor adjust.

The brunet's moans were doing more than enough to help solve Logan's own problem in his pants. He knew after a little while longer, it would only take a few strokes...

He gagged suddenly, as Julian reflexively pushed his hips backwards and then forwards, trying to fuck himself further onto the blond's finger, and Logan yanked his mouth away, coughing slightly.

"Shit, Lo!" Julian gasped in horror. "I didn't mean to-"

"It's fine," Logan rasped. "I wasn't ready for that, but I'm okay." He licked his lips and brought his mouth back over Julian's length, cutting off all further protests and apologies, transforming them into a loud pleasure moan.

Pressing his second finger at Julian's entrance, brought about a more desperate cry. "Logan, I'm- I'm not even g-going to l-last t-that long-"

He pulled his mouth back, smirking up at the actor. "Then just fucking come for me already," he said huskily, before returning his teeth and tongue to their previous actions of gently scraping and licking along Julian's shaft. The hand that had moved to clutch Julian's hip to keep him from thrusting forward suddenly again moved down to caress his balls, rolling them gently as his second finger pushed inside his boyfriend anyways.

The actor let out a sudden shout, coming hard into Logan's mouth, his hands tightening their hold in the blond strands of hair and moaning his name, as the other boy swallowed expertly around him. Logan quickly moved his hand from Julian's sac down to his own straining erection, palming himself roughly through the fabric, desperate for release, and groaned around Julian's softening cock as he too came undone.

Pulling away to lick his lips and rest his head against his boyfriend's thigh, Logan slowly withdrew his fingers, earning a wince from the actor, who slowly dropped to the floor, unable to remain standing on jelly-like legs.

"Fuck-" Julian panted, finally releasing the blond's hair and leaning in to kiss him messily, tasting himself and the hint of vanilla buttercream on his boyfriend's tongue.

Logan's chest rumbled with another moan as he pulled Julian closer, still kissing him as the timer for the oven went off.

"Hey guys, what are you making- Oh holy shit! Really? In the fucking kitchen? We cook food in here!" Derek exclaimed as he swung open the kitchen door. His eyes widened in horror. "WE MAKE THE COFFEE IN HERE! YOU DID NOT DESECRATE THE COFFEE, DID YOU?"

"Relax, Der," Logan said with a groan, pulling away from Julian, grabbing for his shirt. "The coffee is fine..." Julian blushed slightly, tugging his boxers back up his legs, and standing to do the same with his pants.

Derek looked suspiciously at the two of them, before going to examine the counter. "You guys made a mess...And there is no way in HELL I am trying one of your cupcakes if they have WHITE frosting that looks like THAT," he said in disgust, turning and practically racing out of the kitchen.

Logan laughed as he examined the frosty white mixture. "Wanna add some food coloring?" he asked his boyfriend, heading for the oven with two mitts.

"No, leave them. We'll fuck with his mind a bit more," Julian smirked, scooping up another bit of frosting to suck off his finger.

Logan's green eyes narrowed as his cock twitched uncomfortably in his pants, as he set the cupcake tin down to cool. What was it with his boyfriend and making sweet snacks seem all the more...sexy?

I certainly hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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