So, just so you know, as with From Then, To Now, Til Later, all of the older chapters have been edited, and there should be a new chapter at the end. (Here's hoping)

In From the Cold

Chap.1: Beautiful Music

"Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me..." a pure voice sang, the notes unearthly in the hauntingly silent clearing. Sunlight trickled down through the canopy of branches, the ethereal liquid gold gilding green leaves and creating lacy patterns on the ground.

A man stood in the center, his voice gradually dying away. Prussian blue eyes studied the forest floor for a minute, then looked up, piercing the shadows. He sighed. Four other young men stood in the shadows, the silvery sheen in their eyes speaking of unshed tears and pain that went too deep. From silent and normally staunch Trowa to justice loving Wufei to maniacal Duo and empathic Quatre, tears had appeared in all their eyes.

Quatre stepped out into the light, singing softly, "I once was lost..."

Duo joined in, "But now am found,"

Wufei added his voice to the music, "Was blind,"

Finally Trowa stepped in, hesitant yet not. "But now I see..."

And the tears flowed freely. Prussian blue and sky blue, indigo and black and green shed tears of sorrow and of grief and eventually of healing.

The last notes finally died away, and nothing more was heard in that clearing as five 'former' Gundam Pilots left a place that had once shone with happy memories and rung with bright laughter.  All knew they would never return.