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Summary: "WARNING the sup surgeon general states Maenads are poisonous. Contact your doctor Immediately if you show any signs of the following Side Effects..." When you introduce something foreign into the body there is always a side effect no matter if it is so small it is not noticed or so big it is deadly it always happens. This is where my mind went when Sookie got attacked by the Maenad. She is such a complex being there should have been side effects so what could they have been? Join me on the ride into Sookie's side effects.

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Chapter 1

Eric's POV

As I sat here in my office trying to finish the damn area paperwork I could not concentrate. Fuck it! I threw the papers across the room and slammed my fist on the desk, causing it to creek and crack. Pam was just going to love this. Fuck! I got up and begin to pace the room. Godric was missing and I had to find him. No one knew anything and I could not feel him through our bond. There was something very off about this whole thing but I just could not pinpoint it. The one thing I did know was that my best chance at finding him was Sookie Stackhouse.

How dare Bill Compton deny me and get in my way! My deal was with Sookie and not with him. I had to find a way around that pathetic excuse for a vampire. I knew for a fact he had told Sookie nothing of what I had asked. Her kind and caring spirit could never ignore someone in need, no matter what they were. With Sookie's feisty and independent streak I wondered how she would feel about Bill making decisions for her. Yes, this could work very well to my advantage.

Just as I began to plan I heard a commotion outside my bar. I flashed out to the main bar at vamp speed looking for an attack, but I was just in time to see that pathetic waste Bill Compton storm into my bar. He dropped to his knees with something clutched to his chest and began to scream.

"Sookie…No, Sookie…Please!"

As I looked closer I could see that it was none other than Sookie Stackhouse he had clutched to his chest. She seemed to be struggling and seizing in his arms. She looked to be foaming at the mouth. My nostrils flared as I inhaled the most vile odor of filthy animal and Sookie's blood. I scanned her again and found that her back looked as if it had been shredded. I roared at Compton, "What the hell have you done?"

I charged at Compton, snatched Sookie from him, and backhanded him into the wall. "Pam! Get Ludwig here now! Chow! Show Mr. Compton here to our guest accommodations. Oh, and Chow, make sure he is very comfortable." The last command I said with a sneer on my lips.

"Yes, Master," they both chimed together and got straight to work.

I looked down into my arms and saw that Sookie had stilled. I realized that she had not been seizing at all, but rather struggling to get away from Compton. She had calmed now that she was in my arms. I would have to think on that later. She moaned in what I believed was pain and her head had lolled against my arm. There was blood and what looked like foam covering Sookie's mouth, chin, neck, and chest. It looked as if Compton tried to force his blood down Sookie's throat and her body rejected it. If that were the case then things could be even worse than I thought. I felt a hand touch my shoulder and my head snapped in that direction with a growl.

"Master, the pint-sized healer is on her way," Pam said with her trademark bored tone.

"Good. Get a couple of the leather benches over here and find something to cover them with. I need to lay Sookie down." I looked down at Sookie as I give Pam my orders. Sookie was moaning in pain once again. I had to get pressure off her injuries before they worsened.

"What the hell for? Can't you just put her on the floor? It is not like she will know the difference and it will be so much easier to clean up," she said raising her brow at me.

"Pam! I think you forget who the Master is here. How dare you question me! I may not have had to punish you in a long time but do not think for one instant that I will hesitate. Now do as you are told!" I roared at her. She dropped her head down and slightly to the side in a show of submission then zipped off to obey me. I knew my Pam was a spoiled brat. How do the humans say it? Oh yes, a 'Daddy's girl.' I saw a spark of jealousy forming in her from the attention I paid to Sookie. I was going to have to put an end to that quite soon.

Pam was just about finished covering the benches. I looked down at Sookie. She seemed to be trying to fight her way back to consciousness. I laid Sookie down on her belly and heard a gasp from behind me. Snapping my head around expecting to find that Ginger had walked in, I found that the sound had come from my Pam. A look of shock and horror crossed her face for just a split second then she gained control over it.

"What the hell happened to her back? I have never seen wounds like that before – not even in the pits. What the hell could have done that?" Pam was now on guard.

Whatever did that was still out there. Pam did not like unknown variables and neither did I.

"I have no idea but I sure as hell am going to find out. Whatever it is, it is in my area and it has pissed me off!" I growled.

"But Eric, how is she still breathing?"

"That is a very good question." I could hear Sookie's heart begin to race, her breathing became erratic, and I could smell her panic in her blood. I crouched down next to her head and began stroking her hair to try and sooth her. "Shh, Sookie. It is ok now. You are safe. Nothing is going to hurt you. The doctor is on her way. You are going to be just fine, but I need you to try to calm down and keep as still as you can. Can you do that for me?"

As I spoke her eyes fluttered open and began to try and focus. When I asked the last question her eyes had finally focused on mine intently and she gave a nod so slight, if I were not a vampire, I would not have seen it.

"Good girl. Sookie, can you tell me what happened?" I asked as I smoothed her hair back away from her face.

"Long story…was attacked." Her reply was broken and breathy but she could speak and that was a good sign.

"If you have not noticed, I have all the time in the world. Vampire, remember?" She rolled her eyes just slightly and the corner of her lips twitched up just a hair. Her sense of humor seemed to still be intact – another good sign I hoped. She took a slow and careful deep breath.

"I was spending…some time with Jess…I have been so worried. Bill has been…treating her horribly. He leaves her…alone all the time. No Tru Blood, she doesn't…know how to feed safely, and he treats her like…a house slave. I tried to talk…to him but he lost it. Called me…stupid and ridiculous…to think she has feelings. Told me to stop interfering…with things I don't understand." Her breathing became labored and she began to shake.

I shushed her while stroking her hair and tried to calm her. Inside my blood was boiling. Compton was a bigger imbecile then I had originally thought. This kind of neglect was a huge breach of our laws. He was turning his child into a danger for all of our kind. I did not want to get The Magister involved, but since he was the one to order Compton to make a child in the first place, that could be inevitable.

Sookie started to calm, her breathing evened out, and she began again. "When I arrived…Jess was hysterical. She had seen on TV that her family was searching for her. She was so afraid of what might happen if they kept it up. I had to do something. Bill was nowhere to be found…again. An out of control baby vamp…is the last thing…any of us needed. I decided to drive Jess by her old house…and see they were ok…then I was coming here…to see you Eric…I hoped you could…do something before…things got too bad." Her body began to shudder, so I soothed her as much as I could.

Once again, Sookie Stackhouse had surprised me. How a small human woman could be more in tune and knowledgeable of being a maker than a vampire was beyond me. What shocked me the most was she seemed to have a better understanding of vamp protocol than even Compton did. She would make a wonderful vampire, an excellent child, and a superb maker some day. My attention was caught by Sookie taking another slow deep breath.

She locked eyes with me and continued. "Neither of us was prepared for what we found. There were sounds…of rushing and panic…that even I could hear. Before I could blink…Jess was at the door. I went after her…but her Mother opened the door. She threw herself at Jess…and started begging us to come inside. Everything was going fine…till her father walked in." Her eyes slid closed, she moaned out in pain, and her breathing was erratic again. It looked like she was concentrating and her lips were moving. She was counting her breaths trying to gain control. The woman was stronger then any human I had ever known.

I could feel Pam through our bond and she was all over the place. When I turned and looked at her she was staring at Sookie like she had three heads and a tail. I raised a brow at Pam. She looked at me, cut her eyes over to Sookie, then back to me, and finally back to Sookie. I had never seen Pam so unsure, not even as a newborn. I gave her a slight smirk to try and reassure her then turned back to Sookie. She seemed to have brought her breathing back under control, but you could see the pain etched on her face. She was going to keep going no matter what.

"The second he walked in…all hell broke loose. It was like an explosion went off in my head…all three of their minds were…screaming at me. It took me a…few moments to shield…but that is all it took. Jess lost it…long story short I knew…I had to calm her down. It took a lot of fast talking…but Jess finally started to listen to me. I had a plan and…it would've worked too." She grimaced and out of the corner of my eye I caught her hands clenching and unclenching as she tried to stay still through the pain.

To my utter disbelief Pam slid down to the floor next to Sookie and me. She slid her hand into Sookie's. "You squeeze as hard as you need to Sookie. It is not like you could hurt me anyway." I had never seen this side of Pam.

Sookie huffed but still clamped down on Pam's hand tightly.

"My, my, Sookie, are you sure you do not bat for my team? With hands that strong I can just visualize all the fun we could have together."

I growled lowly at Pam for that comment. Now was not the time.

"Lesbian weirdness…now Pam? Really?" Sookie even tried to raise a brow at her.

I almost started to laugh but caught myself in time. This was the strangest thing I had ever seen in all my 1000 years and that was saying something.

"You are much too delicious a treat Sookie. I would never miss an opportunity with you. That would be a sacrilege, and everyone knows I would never commit a sacrilege," Pam deadpanned.

Sookie actually smiled and seemed to relax a bit. Her eyes found mine and I could not help the small smile that crossed my lips.

"What happened, Sookie? Why did it not work?" I asked her; to try and find out what happened before the doctor arrived.

"Bill happened. He ripped the front door…off the hinges, commanded Jess to stop…and glamoured her baby sister…to invite him in. He was like a rabid animal…he grabbed me…shook me hard…screaming I was stupid. He snatched my car keys…threw me through the door…and commanded me to wait by my car. What could I do? The sounds coming from…the house scared the daylights outta me… and I was about to run back in there…when Bill came out…dragging Jess by the arm. He threw Jess…into the back of my car…shoved me in the passenger seat…jumped in and started…toward Bon Temps…like his backside was on fire."

What the hell had Compton done now? Just another thing I had to add to his list of fuck ups! But Sookie was not finished.

"I turned to Jess…and asked if everything…was alright. She just stared at me…wide eyed with bloody tears…pouring down her cheeks. I was so angry…I demanded to know…if he commanded Jess…not to tell me what happened. He shoved me…back into my seat and snarled…that if it wasn't for my…stupid childish behavior…he never would have had…to do what he did…and that it was all…my fault once again. I started screaming…for him to pull over… over and over again…until he did. I told him…I'd rather walk…the 25 miles home…than spend another second with him. So I stormed down…the road towards home."

A part of me was proud of her for standing up against that idiot. Another was relieved that she escaped that car and a volatile Compton. That could have been her end, considering he also had his child there to command. One vamp is deadly but with two she would have had no chance. The last part of me was angry that she walked down an unknown road, late at night, alone, and with no protection. I was not angry at her choice, I was angry that it was her safest choice. Still she had not finished her tale.

"I'm not sure how long I had been walking…but I heard something…behind me. I thought it was Bill…trying to scare me…back to the car. So I yelled out…that it wouldn't work and…to go away then…kept walking."

It would be just like Compton to pull a trick like that. This was a clear sign that she did not fully trust him. Once again, I would file this away for when I had more time.

"A few minutes later I heard it again…and turned back to look. I swear what I saw…looked like a person…but they had the…head of a bull…and huge claws. I turned and ran…as fast as I could…screaming at the top of my lungs. The next thing I knew…my back felt like…it was on fire…and the worst pain I ever felt…was hitting every part…of my body at once. I know I hit the ground…and I could feel…that thing breathing on me."

I brushed a strand of hair out of her face. I could see the beads of sweat forming on her brow, her bottom lip had started to tremble, and she was loosing her grip on Pam's hand. This was taking so much out of her but she would not give up.

"I think I heard Jess scream. Then I was in Bill's arms…and he was trying to force…his bloody wrist into my mouth. All I knew was…with Bill holding me…the pain was worse…and all I wanted was him to let me go. He screamed at me…to stop fighting him and drink. He pried my mouth open…and forced his wrist in. The moment his blood hit my tongue…my body began to shake…My head felt like…it would explode…the pain multiplied ten times over…and I felt like I was going to vomit. Then everything went black…I couldn't see or hear…all I could do was feel the pain. After I don't know…how long…I felt the pain lessen…and not too much later…I woke up here."

I had an almost overwhelming need to find this beast and kill it, but I could not allow myself to lose control this way. "Chow!"

He appeared within seconds. "Yes, Master?"

"Go to Bon Temps and collect Compton's child. Have her show you where Sookie was attacked. Search the area and find anything you can to lead us to this beast. Once you have finished, bring Compton's child to me." I had to grit my teeth as I gave him his orders. I was itching for the hunt but there were more important things that needed my attention.

"Yes, Master."

"Oh, and Chow? Do not fuck this up!" I said with such calm that I could see the shiver run down his back. He gave a deep nod and was gone.

I looked down at Sookie and the exhaustion was written all over her face. You could tell she used everything she had left to tell us what happened. Her strength had dissipated so much that it was Pam holding her hand not the other way around. I had not even noticed that I was running my fingers through her hair. How she caused such human reactions from us was beyond me.

"Rest now, Sookie. You did very well. The doctor should be here very soon." I said as softly as I knew how. I watched as her eyes slid closed and she lost consciousness once again. I spun on Pam and roared, "Where the fuck is Ludwig?"

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