The land of Fire has always been tumultuous. A vast land filled inhabited by diverse clans and warring states, their fragile unity served only by memories of an ancient royal bloodline that had united the land and the whole of Valera in a distant past . Only if the last remaining heir to the throne was to return and claim the legendary crystal of Fire would there be a lasting hope for peace. But if he or she dies without ever reclaiming their birthright, the power of the Fire Crystal would gradually cease to sustain the land. Its continued existence thus remains as a beacon of hope for a bright future. Until then, the crystal would be protected under the council of Elders. The direct stewardship of the artefact itself lies in the hand of one of a member of the distinguished family of elven mages from House Undoloth.

Celesta Undoloth.


But I cannot do it alone. The realm of Valeria is being beleaguered with threats from within and without. Whether they are all connected or coincidental I cannot tell. What I know is that these threats are manifesting themselves in a manner that eludes even the keenest of our sentinels and mages. The forces of darkness are on the move. Some of them have been sighted even here in the land of Fire. Who or what is directing these fiends has so far chosen to remain unknown. People are becoming increasingly frightened. Curfews are being enforced, little ones are hardly seen without a guardian and travelling after dark is now a rare occurrence. If nothing decisive is done, we shall all live in perpetual fear until it finally comes to claim all of us.

Valeria needs a hero. And soon.

I've been waiting for a Castle Age fan fic site to open for awhile...just bursting with ideas right now. dun worry abt the shortness of this chapter. it is but a prologue of things to come. and things r coming quite soon:)