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The Masked Stranger

Chapter 1: Hinata's Date


Hinata Hyuga walked quietly through the night despite her inner rage boiling.

She had just finished a disastrous date with a visiting ninja from the Fire Village.

Everything had seemed to be going just fine until Vin wanted to go the beach.

Konoha had a small beach where couples went if they wanted to enjoy a night under the stars.

Damn him she thought stumbling a little as she made her way deeper into the forest.

For once she really thought that a man would see her for more than her more than her adequate assets.

When Vin had walked her down to the beach and said she was beautiful

in the moonlight then kissed her gently and held her in his arms it was wonderful.

Suddenly he grabbed her hips and thrust his unmistakable bulge up against her rocking back and forth.

Hinata had panicked at that moment forgetting her skills as a ninja. She screamed and struggled to get away.

Vin yanked her hand down to his pants and tried to put it on his package.


"Damn you stupid bitch. Did you think I wouldn't try to get something out of going out with the Konoha's Miss Virgin Hyuga?

Made a bet you'd go out with me and should at least have something to show for it." Vin shouted still trying to get Hinata to touch him.

She screamed again and Neji appeared with Ten Ten from out of the dark.

"What the hell do you think your trying to do to my cousin?" He spit out his eyes turning

Byakugan. Neji grabbed Hinata away from Vin pushing her towards Ten Ten.

Vin cowered at the sight of the proud Hyuga man who was shimmering with rage.

"She asked for it by coming down here with me. Everyone knows that Konoha's famous beach the place to get lucky." Vin snarled backing away from Neji.

Neji smirked as he yanked Vin off the ground pulling him face to face.

"For your information Konoha's Beach is famous for couples to acknowledge that their sweethearts by coming here.

It is NOT a place for horny dogs like you to get lucky. You need to cool off some." He said throwing Vin into the water.

Kakashi Sensei appeared beside Neji with a pretty brunette trying to hide behind him.

"Is everything O.K. here? We heard screaming and came to see if anyone was hurt."Kakashi asked as he watched Neji pull Vin from the water.

"This dog was trying to force himself on Hinata. I think he needs to spend a night with Konoha's Finest before he heads back to the Fire Village tomorrow." Neji replied as he dragged Vin by his collar.

Kakashi turned to Rin and gave her a kiss before saying, "I need to take care of this. Can we take a rain check?"

Rin blushing answered, "No problem, Kashi Kun. I'll call you tomorrow."then poofed into smoke.

Kakashi grabbed Vin from Neji throwing the man over his shoulder. "I'll take care of this loser. Is Hinata all right?" He asked.

"Thank you, KakashiSensei. I'm fine now. Didn't realize this guy was a total dick weed until now when he showed his true colors." Hinata replied walking over to a struggling Vin.

"You're a complete douche bag. A real man doesn't have to force a woman he romances her. All the women in the Fire Village will hear about this.

See if you can get a date then." She shouted then slapped Vin as hard as she could.

A crowd had gathered now and everyone's mouths dropped open. The shy Hyuga

Heiress never shouted or cursed she was known as sweet, innocent Hinata.

Kakashi Sensei gave a salute then jumped away Vin shouting the whole time.

TenTen came over and hugged Hinata, "Are you sure your O.K.?" She asked.

Hinata smiled answering, "Yes, I'm fine . In fact that felt damn good to slap him. Please don't let this ruin everyone's night. Ijust want to be alone for awhile."

Sakura and Sasuke, Ino and Shikamaru were the last to head off into the dark to continue where they left off.

The night hadn't been a total loss she thought as she finally got to her favorite spot. It felt so damn good to yell and slap that dickhead Hinata thought sitting beside the pond.


Naruto was still as he hid behind a tree watching Hinata get settled beside the pond.

He had been walking back home from eating at the restaurant by the docks with Baa Chan.

Then he'd heard screams coming from down at the beach and rushed over but Kakashi Sensei and Neji had already taken care of the loser who hurt Hinata.

He still couldn't believe that Hinata had gone out with that loser.

After the 4th Great Ninja War Naruto would often think of Hinata's confession when he'd fought Pein.

At the time he couldn't act on it since he played a big part in rebuilding the Ninja Nations.

In fact he hadn't time for any women not that he'd been interested in anyone but Hinata.

From the time he had saved her as a child it had always been Hinata but he knew then that Lord Hyuga wouldn't let them be friends much less anything else back then.

So he showed interest in Sakura so it'd throw Lord Hyuga off his trail.

Naruto hadn't counted on Sasuke warning him off Sakura before had he left the village.

He smiled knowing that Sasuke and Sakura had always been meant for each other and were finally together.

It sure had been fun pretending interest in Sakura while Sasuke was away and couldn't do anything about it.

He'd told Sakura long what he was up to and she said it was fine because it made Sasuke jealous.

Now Lord Hyuga respected Naruto and even asked his advice on political matters.

One matter Naruto had been very clear on was that Lord Hyuga let his daughters choose their husbands.

Surprisingly Hiashi had agreed upon remembering his own beloved late wife.

Now was finally the time for Naruto to make his move.

Hinata had been nothing but courteous and acted like the confession had never happened but he knew that it must hurt that he'd never acknowledged her feelings.

He was glad he had this time alone with her even if she didn't know.

She'd avoided him since after Pein's battle and he missed her.


Hinata sighed oblivious to her handsome admirer. "I should have never tried the dating scene when Ten Ten suggested it.

It would have been better to be an old maid then go out with an ass like Vin." Thinking she was alone she continued her thoughts out loud.

"Naruto will never be interested in me. He's made that obvious by ignoring my confession and going out with all those fan girls.

I'm giving up on him for good. I might as well become an old maid." She said sadly gazing into the pond.

Naruto winced he only went out with those fan girls as a cover if he didn't go out with any girls while waiting to ask Hinata out people might think something.

Geez It's not like I take them home with me. I just take them to public places to be seen with he thought.

He glanced at Hinata who looked so lonely.

She would so kill him if she knew he was here but he had to make sure she was alright.

Hinata wiped tears away from her eyes and looked up at the full moon.

"I wish that a man would romance me thinking only of me and not just my body.

A man that would put my needs first above his own and fulfill my every fantasy.

I want to find that man and spend the rest of my life with him.

In my dreams he's always there a masked mystery man yet deep down in my heart he's always been Naruto.

When he ignored my confession I pretended it was just a masked man but even now I know I was fooling myself it's always been Naruto."

She got up and walked around her thoughts spinning rapidly through her mind.

"Now after that scare I don't think I could even trust Naruto he's become too much of a PlayBoy.

After being with all those fan girls he wouldn't be interested in a less than experienced woman like me.

I vow right here and now to give up on him even knowing that if my dream ever did come true in the end it wouldn't matter because the only man I want is Naruto."

She walked out of the clearing and headed home.


Naruto let out a sigh of relief as she jumped off into the trees right past him.

He went and sat down next to the pond where Hinata had sat.

The spot was still warm and he blushed thinking this is the closest he's ever been to Hinata.

What am I going to do about her? Even if I started trying to date her she doesn't trust "Playboy" Naruto what a joke.

If she only knew the truth that I'm probably less experienced then her he thought.

"It would also look too damn suspicious if I asked her out after that incident with that jerk." He said out loud.

He looked at the moon remembering Hinata's wish and how even when she pretended her mystery man wasn't him deep in her heart it was always him.

An idea formed even though it'd be dangerous and she'd kill him if she ever found out.

I'll be her mystery man; her masked man he thought happily as he jumped into the forest towards the village and his house.