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The Masked Stranger

Chapter 4: Diplomatic Mission

Hinata had been called to the Hokage's office after her class had let out for the day.

Three days had passed since her steamy encounter with the masked stranger and thinking back she felt that maybe she'd been a little unfair.

She'd been walking around with an ache in her heart for the masked stranger and Naruto still continued to linger in her mind.

I guess I might have been too hard on the masked stranger he just reminded me so much of Naruto I lashed out without thinking she thought.

Naruto had been suspiciously absent every time she'd gone to his office to confront him about the kiss.

She also hadn't gotten to talk to Neji yet concerning the chibi plushies but when she did he was going to get an earful.

Hinata yearned for the touch of the masked stranger every night in her dreams but she wasn't going to be the one who admitted how much she wanted to see him.

The door opened and Shizune walked over saying "Hinata, the Hokage will see you now."before going back to her desk.

Hinata walked into the Hokage's inner office bowing before she sat down in one of the chairs.

Lady Tsnade gave her a nod saying "Thank you for coming, Hinata. I'm afraid we'll have a little longer before I explain why I asked you here."

The door burst opened as Naruto ran in bowing low to the Hokage.

"I'm sorry I'm late Baa Chan. Sasuke Teme made me stay until I finished the reports from our latest mission." Naruto said with a sheepish grin.

Hinata could barely believe Naruto was who they were waiting for and wondered what the Hokage could possibly want with the both of them.

Sitting down Naruto glanced at who was occupying the other chair and grimaced saying "Oh it's you."

Feeling totally snubbed Hinata replied "Like I'm thrilled to see you either Dobe. "

Lady Tsnade watched the exchange with amusement thinking this would be more interesting than she thought it would be.

"Enough children or I'll have to put you two in time out together. Now let's get down to the reason I asked both of you here." The Hokage commanded in a no nonsense tone.

They both faced Lady Tsnade at the same time saying "Sorry, My Lady."

Satisfied that they were through with their bickering she continued "What I am about to tell you is classified information a major event will be happening in the Ninja Nations shortly.

I have received an invitation to the Kazegage's wedding he also gave me the invitations to hand out to his friends her personally with you two being among them.

I will not be able to attend the wedding and have sent my regards as well as informed the Kazekage I will be sending two jonin to officially represent Konoha at his wedding." The Hokage explained.

Naruto looking puzzled asked "Who would marry Gaara?"

Hinata stifled a laugh before answering "The Kazekage has been seeing Matsuri for awhile now. We are friends but even I wasn't aware of this."

Lady Tsnade looked thoughtfully then said "I have given this very careful thought and have made a final decision you two will be the official representatives for our village at the wedding and the festival before.

Your duties will be to fill my space at dinners, parties, and dances that will happen the week before the wedding as well as the reception and ceremony."



The two shinobi's mouths dropped open at the same time upon hearing the news both started to speak but Naruto got out first " But Baa Chan I can't work with her."

Hinata equally shocked exclaimed "Lady Tsnade I am sorry but Naruto and I have a difference of opinion on more than a few matters. We do not deserve the honor of representing Konoha."

The Hokage looked at both of them amused by the fact they were both scared under all that bravado.

Standing up she replied "I don't care if you two haven't gotten over your little feud you will just have to kiss and make up.

Naruto you are one of the greatest heroes of the Ninja Nation and Hinata you are known as one of the gentlest noble women of Konoha making you two the best choice.

In four days you will travel to the Village of the Sand and represent Konoha during the festival and the wedding.

I expect you both to be on your best behavior acting like the two jonin I know you are instead of high schoolers. You may go now."

They both bowed and turned to leave the Hokage's office when Lady Tsnade added "It would look better if you two were dating. In fact your mission is to act like you're a real couple while you are there.

Remember I will have my spies watching you. I will send for you in three days to give you all of the details. Enjoy the rest of your day." and dismissed them with a wave.

Naruto and Hinata walked out of the Hokage's office in a daze not sure if it hadn't been a dream.

"This is all your fault if you hadn't acted like such a stuck up princess we might have been overlooked." Naruto spit out angrily.

Hinata outraged at his accusation replied "Well if you hadn't acted like an arrogant self centered jerk this wouldn't have happened in the first place."

They didn't even see Kakashi Sensei move pass them into the Hokage's office then closing the door quietly.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing with those two my lady?" Kakashi asked bowing then sitting down.

Lady Tsnade smiled as she heard the continuing bickering outside her door "It's about time someone did something about those two.

Not to mention the rest of these silly Jonin with all the arguing and breaking up Konoha could be called a war zone right now.

This should make things interesting for awhile… what I didn't tell them is they will have company at the festivities and the wedding.

Konoha will be well represented at the Kazekage's wedding and maybe it will knock some sense into these silly kids as well." She said with a grin.

This had been the perfect opportunity to throw those two love birds together. Once again I can skip my Hokage duties of going to yet another royal wedding.

Weddings sadden me making me dwell on both of my loves that have died so maybe something good will come out me skipping another this time She thought.

The Hokage then informed the stunned Copy Ninja that he would be one of her spies along with Gai Sensei and Rock Lee.

Naruto still arguing with Hinata felt his stomach let a loud grumble interrupting Hinata's tirade.

Blushing Naruto asked "How about we talk this over lunch?"

Hinata realizing that Naruto had technically just asked her out replied blushing too "I guess we might as well get used to having to be together for this mission."

The two of them stood there blushing until they heard Shizune saying "If you want to beat the rush hour of Ichiruki's you better hurry."

They both jumped at her voice then nodded and headed off to Ichiruki's Ramen.

Naruto got a table in the back when they got to the popular ramen restaurant usually he sat right up front.

A pretty waitress came over "May I take your order?" she asked while staring at Naruto.

Hinata glared at her before answering "I'll have fruit juice and miso soup please."

Naruto aware that the two women were having a lethal stare down quickly answered "My usual order of twenty ramen with juice too Leia."

Leia smiled at him saying "Your order will be right up Naruto Kun." then sashayed off to the kitchen.

Hinata fuming slapped her menu down on the table "That is going to have to stop or we'll never complete our mission."She said seething.

Naruto looked at Hinata surprised at her anger "I can't help if women flirt with me." He said sheepishly.

"Then we'll just have to give them a reason not to flirt with you. As much as I hate the idea of our mission we will make everyone believe we're a couple at the wedding." Hinata said.

Naruto looked intently at Hinata "I agree if we want our mission to be a success then we must convince everyone it's for real. We do have four days till we leave so we might as well start now." He said.

She looked up startled not sure what to think of his suggestion "Is this lunch part of that plan?" She asked with masked disappointment.

"No I was hungry and thought you might be too. So how about we go for a walk tonight at the beach? That would be a good start to this mission to show we're serious." Naruto said as their order was served.

Leia the waitress put his ramen before him with great flourish then set Hinata's before her with a thump.

When Hinata went to grab her silverware Naruto grabbed her hand and held it on the table.

Leia's smile disappeared and she flounced off to serve another table.

Hinata felt like she was burning up as she held Naruto's hand and knew she had to be blushing and being nervous as she was she squeezed his hand gently before realizing it.

Naruto almost jumped as he felt her squeeze his hand and they both looked up at the same time seeing each other blush at the same time.

He rubbed his thumb across her hand "You know you look adorable when you blush Hina Chan." said Naruto softly as he gazed into her eyes.

"So do you Naru Kun." Hinata replied aware they were being listened to by everyone around them.

"Hey I don't blush…" Naruto said but was cut off.

"Looks like you're blushing to me Dobe. You both look like cherry tomatoes." Sasuke said while walking by.

They continued holding hands throughout the meal and talking like a cute couple would.

When they were done and standing outside the restaurant Hinata said "Pick me up at seven tonight we can go for ice cream before we go to the beach."

Naruto smiled answering "Sure I'll be there at seven."

She then pulled him down and whispered "I will find out why you kissed me Uzimaki" then kissed him on the cheek leaving him standing there bright red.

Sasuke walked up to him "What in the hell is going on with you two?" he asked.

Naruto snapped out of his daze answering "If I told you I'd have to kill you its classified information."

He was disappointed that he couldn't tell Sasuke the truth since recently he'd told all his friends he was through with Hinata.

"Riiiggghhtt, If you don't want to tell me then just say so…Hn" Sasuke replied walking off.

Great now all my friends will either think I'm crazy or that I'm lying because I told them I was forgetting about her and I can't tell them about the mission he thought as he walked back to the academy.

Later that day Sakura stood outside the Uchiha Mansion with a box in her hands she rang the doorbell reluctantly.

When Sasuke opened the door he was surprised to see Sakura seeing as they weren't talking.

"What do you want?" He asked coldly.

She shoved the box at him "These are all the presents you bought me that I picked out. Even though I chose them I don't want them any more since you paid for them." Sakura explained.

Sasuke wondered if she was going to expect all the stuff she'd given him back and hoped not because looking at all the cute things was the only thing keeping him sane.

"Get rid of it,keep it I don't care just don't give it to me." He replied starting to shut the door.

"Wait a minute what about all the stuff I gave you? I want it back if you're just going to throw it all away." Sakura said angrily shoving past him into the house.

"Well you can't have anything back. You gave all those silly things to me and I'm not giving it back they are mine do what I will. Who's to say I haven't thrown everything away already?" He snapped back.

"Fine then do you what you want but I'm giving back everything you "gave"to me…. You can throw it away." She spit out as she deposited the box on the foyer table then turned to go.

He grabbed her arm turning her to face him then gently kissed her on the mouth she stiffened then couldn't help but kiss him back.

Wait a minute he kisses me now after he let that bitch Karin kiss him Sakura thought.

Sakura pulled away from him furious "How dare you kiss me after what you let that bitch do to you! Do you finally have some explanation about Karin now?" she asked angrily.

Sasuke aware that they were both blushing felt nervous about their technically second kiss replied "Hn".

She grew even madder at this answer then poked him with her finger "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Sakura asked emphasizing each word with a poke.

Sasuke jumped back as she poked him "I have nothing to say on the matter now will you quit poking me already." He replied trying hard to not to laugh.

Sakura's eyes widened realizing she'd finally found a way to make the Great Sasuke Uchiha not only smile but laugh.

"Then nothing has changed between us. Goodbye Uchiha." She said sadly then with an innocent smile she poked him in the side before poofing away.

Damn her why can't she just accept it was all Karin's fault and let us be as we were. Now she knows my biggest secret…that I'm ticklish Sasuke thought.

He went to put the box she left away smiling thinking she'd be surprised to find it back at her house tonight.

Across the village Shikamaru was trying to have a date with Temari but failing miserably.

"Shika you lazy bum, have you been listening to me?" Temari asked.

Shikamaru looked up from peeking through the plants at the table behind him where Sai and Ino were having a late lunch which was driving him crazy.

"Sorry what were you saying?" Shika replied.

It was really getting to annoy him that he kept running into Ino and Sai everywhere he went.

Because he was always spying on them to make sure Sai wasn't making moves on Ino all his dates with Temari he barely payed attention to her.

The strategy of seeing other people wasn't working at all like he planned and was back firing on him because every time Temari tried to kiss him or get close he'd think of Ino and evade her.

"I was saying that we should go to the beach tonight to show everyone we're a real couple." Temari said again.

Shikamaru looked up in alarm he hadn't even gone to the beach with Ino there was no way he'd go there with Temari.

Just then he heard from behind the plants a squeal followed by Ino saying "I'd love to go to the beach with you tonight Sai. I've always wanted to go and I think it'll be sooo romantic."

What the hell is that bastard Sai thinking trying to take my Ino to the beach Shikamaru thought.

"Sure Temari lets go to the beach tonight." He answered loudly.

He'd have to dodge Temari's hands all night but it was worth it to make sure Sai didn't touch Ino.

Smiling Shikamaru let himself relax knowing he was back in control with a new strategy in play.

The phone rang just as Neji let Tenten in the door of his house motioning for her to go sit down he went to go answer it. "Hello" Neji said.

"Heya Neji, It's Naruto. I've got a favor to ask. If Hinata asks you how I found out about her chibi plushies could you say that you told me?" Naruto asked.

Neji froze making sure Tenten couldn't hear "Are you crazy she'll kill me plus Tenten would break up with me if she thought I'd do something like that." Neji answered.

"Do something like what?" Tenten asked walking up behind him.

"You owe me Neji. Please do this for me and I'll owe you big." Naruto pleaded.

"Fine but don't bug me any more today." Neji said hanging up.

"Who was that Neji?" Tenten asked her arms crossed in front of her.

"Oh it's just a prank call is all and you'd kill me if I tried to track them down." Neji replied moving to the living room.

Sitting down he asked hopefully "Are we over the whole Naruto thing?"

Tenten sat down beside him "Maybe I was being too emotional about it. Naruto and Hinata are both of our friends and it gets tricky being loyal to both." She replied then kissed him.

Neji realized holding her close while kissing her back how much he had missed her over these past few weeks.

Just then there was a knock on the door making them pull apart "Aren't you going to answer that?" asked Tenten annoyed.

Neji got up and opened the door freezing in place when he saw Hinata looking back. I'm so dead I'm dead. I will kill Naruto for this he thought.

"Hey Neji can I talk to you for a minute?" Hinata asked walking in.

"Sure have a seat cousin." Neji said as calmly as he could.

"Hey Tenten sorry to bother you." Hinata said as she sat down.

"It's no problem Hina chan. What's up? I can give you some privacy if you need to talk to Neji." Tenten replied.

"Oh no that's all right. In fact I'm glad you're here what I have to talk about is so ridiculous I'm sure we can all have a good laugh." Hinata said smiling.

"So Hinata what did you want to talk about?" Neji asked sitting as far away from the both of the women as he possibly could.

"You remember that time you saw the chibi Naruto plushies in my room when Father sent you to get me?" Did you tell anyone about them?" Hinata asked bluntly.

Fidgeting Neji answered "Why would I tell anyone and who would I tell?"

"Naruto claims you told him about the my chibi plushies of him. Of course I told him that you would never do that." Hinata said said laughing.

"Neji would never do something like that Hina chan."Tenten said looking at Neji confidently.

Neji already pale turned a ghostly white "Uh Naruto …well I might have let it slip out when we went drinking awhile back." He said cursing Naruto silently.

Tenten glared at him "What did you just say Neji Kun? I must have misheard you right?" She asked.

Hinata felt tears gather in her eyes so Naruto had been right after all "How could you Neji? I kept your secret and now this is the thanks I get." Hinata blurted out in a watery voice.

"What secret? We don't have secrets do we Neji?" Tenten asked glaring menacingly at Neji.

"I'm sorry Hinata I never meant to hurt you. Please don't tell…"Neji said before he was interrupted.

"Don't worry Neji I won't tell your secret like you told mine." Hinata said before bursting into tears.

Tenten held Hinata as she cried her eyes out "How could you Neji? I bet that was Naruto on the phone too and your keeping secrets from me. That's it for me we are over." Tenten said then started crying too.

Neji stared in shock as both women held each other crying he'd never seen either of them cry.

"What are you looking at you cold bastard?" Tenten asked in between sobs.

"Hn" was all Neji could get out which turned out to be bad.

"You dickhead how dare you "Hn" me. Get out right now!" Tenten shouted.

Neji rose to get up then remembered this was his house "This is my house Tenten." He replied coldly.

"I don't care get out. We'll be gone when you get back." Tenten replied.

Neji stood up pissed off at the whole situation "If this is the way you want it then so be it Tenten. Guess the beach is out for tonight." He said before walking out the door then slamming it shut.

"I'm sorry Tenten." Hinata said crying.

"It's not your fault it's those two idiot men." Tenten replied. They both held each other crying for an hour then left.

Later that night Hinata got ready for her first "date" with Naruto.

She could hardly believe that the Hokage had given her the mission of making people believe her and Naruto a couple much less the representatives for Konoha at the Kazekage's wedding.

Looking in the mirror Hinata felt satisfied with her efforts to impress Naruto for the evening.

She was wearing a corset style top of pale blue that flattered her figure, a light floaty darker blue skirt that fell to her knees paired with sexy velvet blue high heeled Mary Janes.

She finally decided to wear her hair pulled into a loose bun on top of her head with loose strands curling around her face.

Tonight she would make Naruto Uzimaki see her as a beautiful sexy woman instead of the shy quiet girl he used to know.

Hinata heard a knock at the door then looked up to find Hanabi standing beside her watching her with a smile.

"Hina Chan What is going on with you and Naruto? I thought you two hated each other when today I heard you were eating lunch at Ichiruki's." Hanabi said curiously while surveying Hinata's choice of outfit.

Hinata almost cringed knowing she'd have to be careful since she couldn't let anyone know what was going on.

"Well Naruto asked me out to lunch and I accepted. During lunch he was very nice and even held my hand.

When he asked me out for tonight I thought I'd take a chance to get to know him better." Hinata replied trying her best to avoid Hanabi's eyes.

It sort of was the truth after all I don't have a choice but to get know Naruto while preparing for our mission she thought.

Hanabi looked skeptical for a minute then said "Maybe he's changing his playboy ways after all. I hope that things work out for the two of you."

They both winced when they heard the gong that was the doorbell echo throughout the house.

"Looks like its show time sister dear." Hanabi said while dragging Hinata out the door and down the stairs.

Naruto nervously rang the doorbell of the Hyuga's Mansion jumping back as a loud gong echoed through the walls to the outside.

The door opened and Lord Hyuga stood there expectantly waiting for Naruto to come in.

"Good Evening Naruto. Welcome to the Hyuga Mansion." Lord Hyuga said with a small bow.

He had been awaiting Naruto's arrival with an almost eager anticipation considering how little he got to interrogate Hinata's dates.

"Good Evening Lord Hyuga. Thank you for allowing me to escort your daughter Hinata for the evening." Naruto replied as he entered the house then bowed in respect to Lord Hyuga.

They walked through the foyer to the sitting room reserved for important guests. Lord Hyuga sat down then motioned for Naruto to sit as well.

"Hinata should be down any minute. Did you send Hinata a present?" Lord Hyuga asked pointing towards the blue gift bag on the table.

"No Sir. Your nephew Neji mentioned earlier that he owed Hinata a debt so maybe it's from him." Naruto answered looking at the bag curiously.

"You look beautiful my daughter." Lord Hyuga said turning to look at Hinata who'd quietly appeared in the doorway.

"Thank you Father." Hinata replied smiling at her father's praise she then saw Naruto sitting across from her father.

She almost fell over when she got a look at what Naruto was wearing a dark blue silk dress shirt that molded to him, a black belt that fit snugly on his narrow hips with black dress pant and shoes.

Naruto's hair was pulled into a high pony tail leaving the golden shimmering strands to swing against the back of his neck.

He was like a Greek God incarnate Hinata mused as she noticed a blue gift bag on the table beside him.

"Good Evening Naruto. Is that for me?" Hinata asked indicating the bag as she walked into the room.

Naruto looked startled at her question since he had been too busy staring at her hoping no one had noticed.

"Sorry Hinata but I didn't bring you a present. This is our first date and I didn't want to presume that you would a accept a present from me." Naruto answered.

"Open it daughter since I know your curiosity won't allow otherwise. The butler said it was left for you after all." Said Lord Hyuga.

Hinata stepped over to the table and opened the gift bag seeing that there was an envelope tucked inside.

She took the envelope out seeing it simply had her name written on it opening it her smile turned into a frown as she read the note.

Sorry my cousin. Forgive my actions. Neji

Remembering what had happened at Neji's earlier Hinata felt sad all over again that is until she looked into the bag.

Inside the bag was the one and only Naruto chibi she didn't have Kyubi's body with Naruto's face it was soo kawaii.

Right then and there Neji was forgiven for spilling her secret to Naruto.

Seeing that look of joy on Hinata's face Naruto was jealous he hadn't been the one to put it there.

"Aren't you goint to show us what has made you happy Hinata?" Lordy Hyuga asked in a tone which meant she would reveal the present.

Oh no I can't let Naruto see this he'll just make fun of me again Hinata thought.

"It's just a present from Neji. We argued earlier today and he wanted to make amends." Hinata answered nervously.

Lord Hyuga frowned replying "Hinata please show Naruto and I your cousin's thoughtful gift." In a tone that brooked no arguments.

Sighing inwardly Hinata slowly pulled the adorable Naruto plushie dressed as Kyubi out of the bag so her father and Naruto could see.

Lord Hyuga laughed out loud then said " That would definitely be the way to earn your forgiveness Daughter."

Naruto stared at the plushie of him in a Kyubi costume knowing that Neji had admitted he had "told" Naruto about the plushies and felt really guilty knowing that Neji hadn't said a word.

Hinata was blushing as she stuffed the plushie back in the bag then went and deposited in her room.

When she got back Naruto and her father were talking and laughing.

Naruto stood up then laid his arm casually over her shoulder "Shall we be on our way Hinata?" he asked.

Hinata looked up into his blue gaze blushing at the intensity of his gaze and feeling the warmth of his arm around her.

"Yes I'm ready to go." She replied looking right back at him rivaling his gaze with an intensity of her own.

Lord Hyuga looked at the two of them blushing as they gazed into each other's eyes thinking it was about damn time.

"Take care of my daughter." Lord Hyuga said dismissing them with a nod.

"Yes Sir."Naruto answered as he walked out into the hall with Hinata.

When they were outside her house Naruto turned to her " So another chibi to add to your collection?" he asked with a smirk.

"I knew you would say something about it." Hinata accused glaring at him.

"Sorry couldn't help myself. Listen I'm sorry I told everyone about your chibi plushies I only did it cause you told about my teddy bear. Truce?" Naruto asked his blues eyes getting bigger by the minute.

Hinata taken back by his sincere apology replied "I'll think about forgiving you. For now a truce for our mission."

Naruto grinned at her answer "I realize now that you probably keep the chibis a secret like a diary or something."

He said watching her blush then continued "Guess I was right about the diary will have to let the guys know." Naruto said mischievously.

"Naruto most girls have diaries but didn't think they were common for guys." Hinata smiled looking back at him pointedly.

"Damn that Teme Sasuke did he tell Sakura everything. We have a truce right Hina Chan no one needs to know." Naruto asked pleading almost.

"Come on Naruto lets go get that ice cream you promised. Don't worry your secret's safe with me." Hinata replied reaching up to kiss him on the cheek.

Naruto felt his face turn red as he felt her soft lips press a kiss on his cheek.

"Sure lets go." He answered grabbing her hand and then poofing to Konoha's Creamery.

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