A/N: This is my very first story. Please enjoy it but my English is really bad. I'm sorry. ): Some punctuations are wrong as this story is actually like manga but I can't draw so I write them out. Really hope all of you liked it :'D

Finally after school, I was called out by a girl named Hikari. "uh, Narumi-sempai, can you accept my love letter?" said Hikari.

Since I was born, I had no interest in such a thing. Love, it is totally not my style.

I put my hands in my pocket and took out the love-letter to Hikari. I looked down at her and said," oh, you mean the letter that you gave me during the Maths lesson? I totally did not read it. Anyway, what's your name again?"
Hikari looked up at me and her eyes were submerged with tears. She put both hands to her chest and cried, "That's… too cruel."

She was shaking. Then, she covered her eyes with her hands and ran off.

My friend, Takagi who stood at a corner, came forward to me. He shook his head and said nothing. I smiled and leaned against the wall and said, "I guess another girl gonna hate me again. Takagi, you like Hikari right? This time if you comfort her, your love might bloom but sorry that I hurt her."

He sighed and started saying, "yes, yes. I like her but can you be serious and like a girl wholeheartedly? I wonder hw many more girls do you want to hurt."

I smiled again and walked away.

I thought while walking home, "Loving a girl, I seriously never tried before. There was not a girl who would interest."

"I am back. Suzuki, are you home?' I asked as soon as I reached home.

Suddenly, Suzuki ran towards me with blinking eyes. My mother then asked me from the kitchen, "Did you bring any girl back, Narumi?" I did not answer at all. My mother had always wanted me to bring a girl home since my younger brother, Suzuki always brought home one and my mother was worrying for me.

At the meantime, Suzuki was still looking at me with his blinking eyes. I sighed and asked what he wanted this time. He said, "Narumi-niichan, I fell in love with a girl in my class. She is super cute but very quiet. Can you help me talk to her?"

As you can see, my brother would always use me to let his loves bloom and I wondered when he would stop doing so. As for an older brother like me, I could not resist his sparkling eyes and had no choice but to say alright.

I immediately ran to my room to escape anymore requests from him. I lied on my bed and murmured to myself, "let see what type of girls caught my brother's attention."