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During recess, Takai and I sat down on a seat each at the canteen while eating the food we bought. While I was eating halfway, I felt that everyone had quiten down and I felt that I was being stared. When I turned around, it was true that everyone was staring but not at me. It was at Nanami. i had a bad feeling about this since she seemed to be walking towards my direction. I heard from a group of people from afar, they said, "Hey look, it's the dangerous girl."

Suddenly, she placed her food on my table and said, "Hi, Narumi. I am here."

I was shock. I mean what am I supposed to do now. All I did was stared at her as she sat down and started eating her lunchbox that she prepared. Suddenly , my senses came back and I whispered to her, "Why are sitting with us? I thought I tell you to sit with your friends?"

She stopped awhile and she continued eating while replying, "I only have you as my friend."

Soon, I turned and looked at everyone which they turned and started resuming on what they were doing. Suddenly, Suzuki came forward and I think he saw what happened. He said in a cheerful tone, "Hi, Nanami!"

Nanami continued eating and ignored Suzuki completely. Suzuki stared at me and I knew immediately that I had to do something before he got mad. I said with awkwardness, "N-nanami, Suzuki is calling you."

She looked at me and replied, "Not interested. Narumi, if you have nothing to say to me other than things from him, I would like to finish my food."

She continued eating and when I turned to look at Suzuki, he had completely turned into a stone statue. I guessed that was quite a shock for him. Takagi was giggling at Suzuki while I ate my food quickly so I could escape from them. After eating the food, I told Takagi, "I will go first, catch up with me later."

I stood up and ran towards my classroom. Just as I stepped into the class, the group of girls was not there pestering me. I felt relieved. I went to my seat and prepared to sit. Suddenly, Takagi ran in and shouted, "N-Narumi, Nanami is in danger. Those girls are…"

Before he finished saying, I rushed to the canteen and saw a big group of ten girls or even more were surrounding Nanami. She was looking down at the ground and the girls started saying, "I heard that you are close to Narumi and do you know we are close to him too? So we don't like you being close to him."

One of the girls pulled Nanami and started pushing her. Nanami did not reponse at all and she continued keeping quiet. I ran towards the group of girls and saw Hikari there. I pulled Nanami towards my side and said, "You sure that you are close to me? I think Nanami is closer to me. Plus thanks to all of you, I am getting interested in this girl."

After saying, I walked away while holding on to Nanami's hand. Suddenly, droplets of water fell on to my hand as we were walking. I turned and looked at her and she was looking down. I brought her to the rooftop immediately to avoid people from noticing that she cried. After reaching the rooftop, I let go of her hand and said, "You can stop hiding your tears now since there isn't anyone."

She looked at me with her teary eyes and she wiped them away. She replied, "Sorry. In the end, I had to let you to come and save me. I know what you say there isn't real but they do make me happy."

I was surprised because I could not believe that she thinks that I was pretending. I sighed and sat down on the floor. I asked, "Are you really happy? I hoped you like it then."

She stood up and smiled, "Of course I do. I will go back to the class now. Recess is going to be over. See you in class, Narumi."

Then, she ran off towards the door and her back faded. In the end, she was really dense.