Xander, the Vampire Slayer

Summary: Due to some Hellmouth interference, Xander absorbs some of Buffy's Slayer essence after giving her CPR. WARNING: Character death and anti-Xander.

Challenge: not an answer to, but inspired by the first part of #2734: Xander The Chosen One? The challenge is pro-Xander, anti-Buffy, so you can guess that I wouldn't stick to it.

Timeline: End of season 1. Suspend disbelief that the Slayer's essence would go into a guy.

Warning: For anyone who's read my stories before, you know that this won't be a pro-Xander story. Please don't complain 'cause I did warn you in the summary.

Thanks to my betas: none. I think they like reviewing these little ficlets.

Disclaimer: BtVS and AtS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.

The Master's lair

As Buffy lay dying, the essence within her felt that its time in this host wasn't complete…shouldn't be complete yet. However, it needed a living human to survive, so it sought out the nearest one – a young man racing to save the Slayer's life. Using the boy – while distasteful to the essence – would work out perfectly. Once the true host was revived, the essence could return to her.

What it didn't consider was the boy's reluctance to release the essence once he felt it within him. Oh, this wasn't good. There was a reason why the essence used females as hosts. Its presence didn't react well to testosterone. The more macho the male wanted to be, the worse the reaction. And the boy wanted to prove he was better than the vampire who led him to the host. This was a disaster waiting to happen.

The host tried to talk the boy out of going after the Master alone; that he needed back up from her and the vampire, but the boy refused to listen. He believed that power alone could prevail over training and discipline. Why did he think that when he saw the Watcher training the host for hours on end?

Even though she only had a trace of the essence within her – so it could locate her again to transfer back – the host followed the boy up to the roof. Since the boy had more of the essence within him, he was able to race ahead of her, though. She didn't catch up until the Master had the boy in his grasp and threw him through the skylight, into the Hellmouth.

Knowing that the host was in danger of being killed, the essence left the boy as quickly as it could and raced back to her. Fortunately, she was able to sidetrack the Master by exchanging verbal barbs with him. The host and essence merged just as the Master grabbed her to send her after the boy.

Buffy felt the strength return to her and used her anger over Xander's death to fight back, starting with kneeing the Master in the naughty place. Eww, bad mental image there! No amount of bleach could help clean it away.

While the Master was distracted by the pain, Buffy lifted him up and tossed him down onto a broken board large enough to rip through half of his torso. If that didn't kill him, she didn't know what would.

A/N: Decided to do this from the essence's POV…kind of…for the most part.