Still Here – Chapter 36

The sterile white room was unnerving her. There was just something about sitting in a room so austere and spartan that bothered her. Either it was that, or it could have been the unflattering hospital gown she'd been forced to don for her appointment with Dr. Elam. Kate fidgeted, anxious to have it over with. She was never really fond of doctor's appointments, even if she got along really well with her OB-GYN. Julie Elam was almost like a friend, but Kate still hated examination rooms… not to mention hospital gowns.

She sighed in resignation.

At least she had Castle by her side. And he wasn't even snooping around, wanting to touch everything like he had the first time he accompanied her. So there was not going to be a repeat of his fumbling with the jar containing the cotton balls. Though, she could really do with a distraction right about now. Castle was good at distracting her. But he just stood there, remaining silent as they continued to wait.

Kate sighed, partly to relieve her stress and frustration. He noticed, and reached over, squeezing her hand reassuringly and dropping a kiss on the top of her head. Closing her eyes, she welcomed his comfort. However, her overwrought mind still fretted off into tangents and random trajectories.

It had been a couple of weeks since Kate had caught Castle watching that disturbing recording of their first night together, the night the twins had been conceived. She was still irked by the manner of which that video had been made. The following week, she had spoken privately with Captain Montgomery on the matter, and he agreed with her that since the videos weren't needed as evidence anymore, that she could deal with them as she saw fit.

Kate had them erased without a second thought. All videos and photos that the creep had taken of her were now gone. The only video that remained was the DVD in a plastic jewel case that was buried deep in Castle's strongbox back in the loft. He had wondered why she wanted to keep it. She often wondered the same thing.

In the end, she supposed she kept it as a reminder.

Kate recognized that she sometimes needed to be reminded that she could please Castle just as much as he pleased her. It renewed her spirit and gave her the encouragement to be more… creative in the bedroom. As her belly grew, they experimented with different positions, each with their own merits and faults. But they managed to find a nice balance that pleased them both. Kate was amazed at how quickly, on some occasions, she could now reach orgasm, and noticed that it often didn't take that much to arouse her.

Yet despite the abundance of their rather satisfying and sensual lovemaking over the course of the past month, Kate—for beyond her own reasons—still struggled with feeling sexually desirable and attractive. She knew such insecurities were silly, especially considering the amount of evidence to the contrary.

But with the summer nearly at its end, her pregnancy would soon be entering its final trimester, and part of her was growing apprehensive about finally approaching term. She felt huge, and hated having to wear the big baggy maternity clothes. She was used to how her body used to be, and being able to be even more flexible. But now with her belly so large, even the missionary position was somewhat problematic. Though, that didn't stop Castle. He always found a way.

"You okay?" Castle's calm voice pulled her out of her thoughts.

She blinked, immediately pulled out of her thoughts, and flicked her eyes up to him, her fingers playing with the hem of her hospital gown. "Just nervous…," Kate replied in a soft voice, and then huffed in annoyance. "God… I hate feeling so frustrated and… bloated. How can you still find me attractive when I'm as huge as a whale? Not to mention that yesterday I needed your help to shave my legs!"

Castle chuckled, amused, shaking his head at her, which only irritated her more. She frowned up at him, her heated glare sending daggers at him. "Did I complain?" he asked, gently brushing back a loose strand of curled brunette hair from her face and tenderly tucking it behind her ear.

"No," she stubbornly answered, averting her gaze and knitting her eyebrows together. "In fact, you seemed far too eager to help."

"Not often I get to spoil my beautiful wife," Castle crooned besides her, grinning widely.

She shook her head at him. "You really are crazy, you know that?"

"Uh-huh," he hummed in agreement. "So what does that say about you, then? Since you married a crazy man out of your own volition?"

"That I have questionable reasoning skills," she replied with a smirk.

Castle flashed her a beaming smile and winked mischievously at her. All the while, one of his hands disappeared behind her back, slipping between the flaps of the hospital gown and down her bare skin. She shivered, feeling an arousing tingle dance up her spine as he spread his palm wide, sliding his touch down the small of her back and along the curve of her ass. And then, totally him to do so, he pinched her behind.

Kate jumped, startled and shot him an incredulous look. However, his playfulness seemed to have the desired effect of tugging a smile onto her lips. "You're incorrigible," she murmured, shaking her head at him.

"Hey now," he quipped back with a smirk. "Not my fault these hospital gowns are poorly designed to obstruct my curious fingers."

"Curious fingers," she chuckled, low and deep, arching her neck back as she laughed. "That's one thing to call them."

Castle wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "You think they'd let us take it back home with us?"


"The hospital gown," he elaborated, baffled at how it was not obvious to her what he was talking about.

"Are you serious?"

"You're extremely hot!" Castle replied, wiggling his eyebrows. "I mean, come on, you could pull off sexy in a burlap sack. I get a generous view of your gorgeous legs, not to mention I have perfect access to your—" His voice trailed off as his hand slid back down to her ass.

Kate bit her lower lip and flicked her eyes up to hit him with a sultry stare. "Maybe…," she indulged him with a slight incline of her head, before adding, "if you behave."

"For some sexy role-play with you, oh, I can behave, I promise you that," Castle replied, rather too quick for her liking.

She narrowed her eyes at him, wondering if he'd just manipulated her into some kinky fetish she'd previously been unaware of. However, before she could call him on it, the door opened, revealing Dr. Julie Elam. Castle swiftly removed his hand from its place inside her hospital gown.

"So, how is everything going with you, Kate?" Elam asked, looking down at her clipboard, which held the notes to Kate's previous pre-natal appointments.

"Good," Kate answered. "We've even felt the twins kicking once in a while."

"Scared the bejesus out of me the first time it happened," Castle confessed with a self-deprecating laugh.

Elam glanced up at the couple with an amused smile. "It can be rather startling the first time, yes," she replied, then turned her attention to Kate. "How did you feel when it happened?"

Kate glanced at Castle, before returning her focus to the doctor. "At first, I thought something was wrong, but then I remembered what we talked about during my last appointment, with regards to the twins moving around. It felt a little similar to that, just a little bit more sharp and jarring. Otherwise, I was fine… though their constant moving around kind of makes me have to pee a lot."

"That's just the added pressure on your bladder due to the space they're taking up," Elam replied with a smile. She placed her clipboard down at reached for some latex gloves. "Anything else?"

She hesitated, unsure how to phrase her question. She'd been curious about this for a while, but had never really gotten up the courage to question her doctor. Kate had made the foolish mistake to look it up on the internet, and hadn't really gotten a straight answer. Tilting her head, Kate eyed Castle, seeking some help. Knowing what she wanted to ask, he opened his mouth, and then shut it, eyes wide. No use.

Dr. Elam looked at her expectantly. "Yes?"

"I… um… when we… um…"

"Have sex?" Elam asked with a bemused expression, clearly aware that this was often a matter of discussion amongst couples when the pregnancy entered its final trimester.

Kate blushed, her cheeks warming and eyes growing wide. "Yes… that," she stammered. "I was just wondering if… um… my sex drive will change?"

Elam looked between her and Castle. "Well, if you're comfortable enough with some personal questions, I can answer that for you."

Kate gave a tentative nod.

"Okay," Elam smiled, reassuringly. "So far, has your pregnancy diminished your sexual activities in anyway?"

"No. Not so far," Kate answered, blushing slightly at speaking so openly about her love life with her husband.

"How about in the beginning, while you still had morning sickness?" Elam questioned.

"Actually, I was surprised by that," Kate replied, glancing over at Castle for confirmation. He nodded. "I've always thought that most women have low sex drive during their first trimester."

"I'm taking it yours was the opposite?" Elam asked.

Castle bobbed his head enthusiastically. "Boy, it sure was… Ow!"

Kate retracted her elbow after jabbing him in the side, giving him a little playful smirk and quick apology with her eyes. Elam was grinning at them.

"No need to be embarrassed, Kate," her doctor assured her. "Every woman is different. There is no real 'normal' out there. There is a general pattern, yes, but not everyone falls under that."

"Oh," Kate said, pursing her lips and gaze over at Castle who was still miffed about her elbow jab, though he was covering it well.

"Kate, you seem to be part of the happy few that are lucky enough to have their revved up sex drive first become pronounced during the first trimester. It is also quite possible that your revved up sex drive can continue right up to delivery," Elam explained. "Look, every woman is different. Embrace what you can and don't be afraid to experiment. And, as always, just practice with safety."

Castle leaned against Kate, his mouth inches from her ear. "We certainly don't have any problem 'experimenting'," he whispered.

Kate blushed, remembering some of their more… creative sessions of lovemaking. She pursed her lips and tried to suppress the wave of arousal that pumped through her veins as she remembered waking up wet and ready, practically pouncing on a surprise Castle. He had no problems rising to the occasion—never did—and she rode him with wild abandon until they both were dripping with the sweet dew of sex and satisfaction.

Though, to be honest, there was nothing new about that position. It had been her complete abandon and wanton lust that had startled her. Most often than not, Castle was usually the one to initiate any intimate activities since her belly had blossomed to the point of getting in the way.

"You should enjoy this time," Elam continued, oblivious to Kate's blissful reverie. "With all the extra endorphins and hormones associated with pregnancy, you should also be having heightened orgasms."

Castle choked out and coughed, turning away slightly, moving a hand to support himself against the examination table she was sitting on. Kate furrowed her brow and looked at him. "Um…," she turned back to her doctor, "that has never really been a problem with us."

"He's that good?" Elam asked sotto voce, a smirk gracing her lips, obviously enjoying Castle's discomfort and embarrassment.

Kate glanced over at him, bewildered to see him blushing. For a man who had once had the reputation of being a player, and threw sexual innuendos about so casually, he was sometimes, as of late, rather sensitive when it came to discussing certain things about their sex life with other people. Not that she could blame him, she had, after all, stopped giving Lanie the 'juicy' details about her alone time with Castle. Though, she did find it oddly perplexing that he wasn't enjoying the stroking of his ego.

"Yes, he is," she confided with a satisfied smile. No man had ever been as attentive to her needs as Rick Castle, and she was proud to confirm that to her physician.

"Well, more power to you," Elam joked as she finished putting on her gloves. "Shall we continue with your check-up?"

"Please, let's do," Castle squeaked out besides her.

Kate chuckled and rolled her eyes at him, before nodding in agreement.


Kate sat up straight and raised her arms above her head, stretching her back. She dropped a hand to her neck, turning her neck back and forth as she squeezed her fingers. Ruffling her fingers through her hair, she quickly tied her long brunette tresses into a messy ponytail and bit her lower lip as she gazed up at her the room.

"I'm still not sure about the color," she admitted out loud, twisting around to look up at Castle.

He was standing halfway up on a ladder, bending his back to run a roller along the ceiling. "What?" he hooted, pausing in his work. "Kate... you can't do that to me! Not when I'm more than halfway through painting the ceiling."

"I know," she sighed. "It's just that we don't even know the sex of the babies. I know Dr. Elam tried to get a good view with the ultrasounds… especially the fancy 3D one you talked me into doing. But these little ones weren't quite as cooperative as they could have been. So, since we don't know what they are, it seems a little premature to pick a color when we don't yet know."

"I think pine green works for either a boy or a girl," Castle asserted, bringing the roller down and placing it in the small pan on the top of the ladder. He carefully turned in place and stared down at her. "Plus we only have three months left to get ready for them, Kate. Please… don't make a big deal out of it," he pleaded.

Kate shifted her legs and glanced over at the crib she'd just finished putting together. "I guess you're right," she chewed on her lower lip. "After all, we did get mahogany cribs, and having pine green on the walls does fit nicely."

"Yeah… to bad you wouldn't let me paint trees along the walls," he grouched playfully. "The twins could have had an enchanted forest for a nursery."

She laughed, and rolled her eyes at him. "This is what I get for having a creative husband," she feigned irritation.

"You know you love it," he quipped back with a playful smirk.

She flicked her tongue out between her teeth as she beamed at him, all teeth and gum. It was her 'beyond happy' smile, the one she'd never thought would return once her mother had been murdered, yet Castle had managed to coax it out of her.

"Yeah, I do," she sheepishly relented with a bat of her eyelashes. She surveyed the former guest room once again before giving a decisive nod. "It does look good, and will work for whatever sex the twins turn out to be."

"We could even have one of each," Castle pointed out as he turned back to the paint roller and his work on the ceiling. She hummed in a agreement.

"Be careful not to get any paint on yourself," Kate called up.

"Don't you fret, milady," Castle tapped into his dramatic heritage. "I shall endeavor to remain paint free."

"Oh… I should cover up the crib," Kate realized, looking around for one of the old bed sheets that her father had given them before they started working on the nursery.

Jim Beckett had been thrilled to loan them some of his tools and equipment. She couldn't blame him for his enthusiasm. He'd almost given up on having grandchildren. So he was enjoying it. Though, she drew the line when he offered to help. This was something she wanted her and Castle to do by themselves.

Finding a paint smeared sheet, Kate quickly tossed it over the completed crib, letting out a sigh of relief that her hard work would be protected from a potential accidental drop of green paint. Pausing, to rub soothing circles over her enlarged belly, Kate glanced over at the elongated cardboard box that held the second crib.

"Hey, Michelangelo! When you're done with the Sistine Chapel, you should help me out with the second crib," she said. "I don't think it's really fair to make the pregnant woman do all the work."

Castle laughed, his aim slipping a little, causing a glob of paint to drop on the side of his face. "Kate… don't make me laugh," he chuckled. "Otherwise I'm going to get paint all over me."

Kate smirked and raised an eyebrow. "Don't worry, you big baby. I'll help you clean up in the shower."

Castle coughed, so obviously affected by her loaded comment. "Dammit, woman… you're going to be the death of me."

She laughed and shook her head, rolling her eyes for added emphasis. "Just don't break your neck, Castle."

He wobbled, and for a moment Kate was worried he'd do just that, until he finally stabilized, resting his free hand on the top of the ladder. She released a sigh of relief, and stepped closer, out of concern. Reaching up, she gripped the side of the ladder to help steady it as Castle stretched out to reach the last unpainted portion of the ceiling.

"There!" he cheered. "All done… well, with the first coat, that is."

He climbed down, and ran his paint-stained fingers through his dark brown locks. "Pretty rugged for a metrosexual, eh?"

Her hand went to her mouth as she laughed, eyes sparkling with amusement. She bit her lower lip and lowered her hand, nodding slightly. "Yeah, you're pretty rugged, Mr. Castle."

Castle wiggled his eyebrow suggestively, scooting closer to her. "Ruggedly handsome?"

Kate narrowed her eyes as she pretended to think about it. She shrugged, unconvinced. "I don't know if I'd go that far," she teased, grinning up at him as he slinked his arm around her waist and tugged her over, a hand on her hip.

"Is that so?"


Castle closed the distance between them, dipping his head down to capture her lips with his. He kissed her softly, warm and tender. Her hands came to rest on his shoulders as she eased into him, deepening the kiss, warm and eager. He groaned in approval, opening his mouth to let her tongue in. Her hands moved up into his hair, tangling at the back of his head, keeping him close.

She pressed into his body, feeling the uncoiling of desire spread rapidly through her veins, bursting like fireworks in her loins. She hummed, and kissed him harder, letting her hands move to cup his face, when suddenly she felt something sticky and wet touch her cheek.

Opening her eyes, she pushed back and glared at him. Castle was grinning mischievously, watching with delightful boyish amusement as she brought hand up to touch the side of her face. Glancing at her fingers for confirmation, she scowled and shot him a glare.

"I suppose you think this is funny," she declared, holding up her hand so he could see the evidence of his crime.

"Oh, yes, most definitely," he chuckled, eyes crinkling with mirth.

She shook her head at him. "Just for that, we're taking separate showers."

"Ah, come on," he whined. "That's a little harsh, don't you think? You're not just depriving me of a wickedly good time, but yourself as well. After all, don't you want to feel my talented fingers skimming all over your luscious body?" For added effect, he wiggled said talented fingers in front of her.

Kate let out a huff of annoyance. He just had to play that card, didn't he? Especially since he was quite aware of how easily she could be turned on during her pregnancy. "Damn you, Richard Castle," she growled, grabbing his arm and shoving him towards the door, directing him out of the nursery-in-progress and towards the master bedroom and its delicious luxurious ensuite bathroom. "You're lucky I need you for sex."

"Is that all you need me for?" he grinned. "Not that I'm complaining."

She growled, rolling her eyes, and pushed him down the hall. "Do you ever shut up?"

"Only when my mouth is otherwise engaged," he quipped back with a saucy smirk.

Kate drew her lower lip under her teeth and shook her head at his antics. "Is that a promise?"

"Start the shower and you'll find out."

They quickly made their way to the bathroom, taking their time to strip each other of their dirty clothes. Castle caressed her bare skin, teasing her breasts with the pads of his thumbs as his hand glided down her sides.

"Ah, Castle…" she gasped, her nipples more sensitive than ever.

His broad chest loomed before her as he backed her into the large shower. "You're gorgeous," he murmured, letting his hand drop lower to dance down the curve of her backside. "I really don't deserve you."

Kate leaned into him, gently nibbling at his neck, determined to leave her mark. She heaved in deep breaths, gasping as the initial cold spray of the water hit her when Castle turned the shower on. Her ears throbbed with the blood rushing through her as her heart pounded within her chest. Her hands ran over his wet skin, relishing all the places she could touch him, basking in the affect she caused.

He growled with an animalistic need that she encouraged, dropping her hands below his waist to stroke his length. She nipped at his lips as he pushed into her, his hands all over the place, touching her in all the right places that made her weak in the knees. He gripped her hips and spun her around, his large palm encompassing her blossomed baby bump. She whimpered in wanton need, placing her hand over his.

Kate pressed her back into his chest as he pulled them under the spray of hot water, soaking their hair and bodies. His hot mouth latched onto her pulse point as he sucked hard, grazing his teeth against her skin. He lathered his tongue over the red mark, to soothe away the pain, and Kate squirmed, feeling the hard press of his arousal against her back.

Castle nuzzled his nose against the side of her face, his chin resting on her shoulder. She arched her neck, her mouth opening and closing as she sought out his. He tilted his head, bringing his lips to hers in a fierce and passionate kiss. Breaking away for air, Kate stretched her arms behind her back to run them down his sides.

"Rick," she leaned back into him, tilting her ass up to meet his throbbing length. "Stop stalling, and just fuck me already."

"God, I love it when you talk dirty," he hissed out through his clenched teeth.

"What did I say about stalling?" she nudged her ass into him.

He groaned and dropped his head against her shoulder.

"Rick," she coaxed.

He gritted his teeth, and gripped her hips, angling them for perfect penetration. Raising a hand back up, he spat on his finger and then slid them between her spread legs, letting out a moan when he felt just how wet and ready she was. Kate shuddered and wiggled her hips, almost losing herself in the feel of his fingers skidding across her dripping folds.

Castle nuzzled his nose against the column of her throat, nibbling at her skin as he used a free hand to maneuver himself to her opening. She tilted her hips, giving him better access as she planted her hands on the tiled wall of the shower. He opened his mouth and gently bit down on her shoulder. And without further preamble, bucked his hips, pushing up into her from behind.

Kate gasped in elated surprised to finally feel him filling her. She rocked her hips back against him as he ran a hand along her collar and over her breasts, moving his hips in a strong powerful motion, pounding into her with unrestrained force.

"Oh God, Castle… YES!"

She began to pant his name, like a mantra, egging him on, encouraging him to go hard, deeper. He slid his hand up her undulating body, gently gripping the side of her face to direct her parted lips towards his. Castle seized her quivering lips, kissing her deeply as he stilled in her, his hips pressed flush against her backside. His other hand danced down her baby bump and slipped between her legs, finding her sensitive nerve bundle with ease. He worked her, delighting in the soft moans and whimpers he pulled from her throat.

Kate let herself get lost in his ministrations. No man could affect her the way he did. She brought a hand up to cup his cheek, keeping him close to her as they continued to suck face—that was the only phrase she could think of to describe what they were doing to each other's mouths.

He broke away and nibbled his way down her throat, as she leaned back into him, encouraging him to continue with his mighty thrusts. Castle grinned against her neck, and moved his hands down her body until he had a secure hold of her hips.

"Ah! YES! Right there, Castle… oh… oh… YES!" Kate screamed out, feeling him intensify his thrusts, pounding into her harder than before. She moaned, her whole body flush with arousal and sexual pleasure.

He pulled nearly all the way out of her before thrusting back in, causing her to jump and let out a yelp of surprise. As he kissed her neck, she hummed in approval, pleading with him to do it again. Castle pulled away and then pounded back in, nearly lifting her off the floor. She groaned and arched into him, feeling her inner muscles tighten around him.

"So close," she mumbled, almost incoherent. "So very close, Castle."

Castle picked up his pace, pulling back and ramming forward with increased speed. His fingers dug into her flesh, close to being painful, but not enough for her to comment. He slowed for a moment, moving at a gentle pace, letting her feel every inch of his length as he moved and stretched her. Kate sucked in a deep breath and shifted her hands against the tiled wall, seeking better leverage to hold herself up.

With a grunt, he quickened the pace, nearly pulling all the way out of her before pounding back in, sending sparks of pleasure to burst throughout her. She moaned, not at all embarrassed at the echo of her own sounds of pleasure resounding through the ensuite. She was too lost in the orgasmic bliss Castle was bringing her towards to care about such things.

He pulled all the way out and moved to thrust back in, when her eyes went wide with a startling realization. Her muscles tightened and her back went ramrod straight.

"Whoa there, Castle!" she groaned, gritting her teeth and letting out a grunt of suppressed pain.

Castle quickly pulled away from her, his hands fumbling all over her, searching. "What? Did I hurt you?" he asked, genuine concern dripping from his lips.

"No… no… just… um…," she panted, catching her breath, stammering as she stalled to find a way to say it without blushing, "er… the wrong hole."

"Uh?" he puffed out, confused. She glanced over her shoulder at him, eyes still wide with the sudden surprise of feeling him nearly shoving his length all the way up her ass.

He looked at her with narrowed eyes, brow furrowed as he tried to work out what she was saying. She arched an eyebrow at him. Really? Out of all people, she'd thought he'd get what she was saying almost immediately.

"Oh… OH!" Castle gasped, suddenly realizing what she meant. He shifted, and she sighed, letting her muscles relaxed. "Sorry about that, I guess I just got caught up in the moment."

She chuckled, throatily. "No doubt," she replied, gracing him with a sultry look as she shifted and arched her ass back into his hard length. "Just try to keep your aim straight, Writer Boy."

Castle smirked and leaned into her, resting his forehead against hers as he nuzzled into her. She closed her eyes and felt him press his lips to hers. She returned the kiss, sharing her air with him.

Moving with caution, Castle redirected himself to her opening—the right one, this time—and slowly pushed up into her. Kate sighed with relief, feeling their intimate connection returned to blessed normality. He held her against him as he moved gently, pacing his thrusts at a more languid clip. She hummed low, in approval of the change in pace, still feeling the passion without the frenzy.

Her body warmed with delicious heat as his strides grew bolder, every inch of him touching her just right. Kate closed her eyes and eased back into him, letting him take control. His hands moved over her pleasure quaking body, pausing to tease her sensitive nipples with just the right amount of pressure, before sweeping down her sides to grip her hips as he resolved to quicken the pace just enough to pull them over the edge.

Kate rocked with him, sending her hips up into him as he thrust forward. He groaned and grunted, his fingers squeezing hard as he shoved up into her with a singularly powerful stroke that sent her over the threshold. Her inner muscles tightened as she came, hard… harder than she thought she would have. Then again, Dr. Elam did tell her she'd have more intense orgasms. His release burst within her, and she relished the warm feeling it created in her insides.

Tilting her head, letting him hold her up, she sought out his mouth. Castle met her with a glide of his hand along the side of her face, brushing her damp hair out of her eyes.

"The waters getting cold," she shivered, loathed to break them from the moment, but it really was starting to get chilly.

Castle let out a rough chuckle and hugged her tight, nipping at her neck playfully, as she let out a breathy laugh. He nuzzled against her hair. "Not my fault we got distracted," he murmured into her ear, before grazing his teeth against the fleshy lobe.

Kate bit her lower lip and turned around in his arms, resting her hands against his chest. "True," she admitted. "I can hardly resist when you're so ruggedly handsome."

He grinned at her, his eyes twinkling with amusement. "I knew I'd get you to say it!" he proclaimed with an exaggerated fist pump.

"Crazy man," Kate rolled her eyes and pushed him away, turning to grab the shampoo bottle.

Boy, Dr. Elam sure had been right about her sex drive increasing. Kate could already feel her own desire building up again. Biting her lower lip, she glanced over at Castle, wondering how soon he'd be ready for another go. But first, they really did need to wash all this paint off them—seriously he was like a child sometimes when it came to sticky things that could stain his clothes.

"Come on, we should hurry and wash up before we completely lose the heat…," Kate said at length. "And then maybe, once we finish… and if you behave yourself, we can go back into the bedroom and… generate some more heat." She added a saucy wink and reached around him for the cherry scented shampoo.