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Still Here – Chapter 38

It had been a week since they finally found out the sex of the twins, and Kate was still trying to process it. She was going to have a little girl and a little boy. Wow! She was going to have both… at the same time. It was still so startling that at times she found it hard to believe. If it had not been for the ultrasound pictures posted up on the refrigerator she would have wondered if she'd imagined the entire thing.

Sometimes, during the middle of the day, when she was just doing some mundane activity, it would hit her and she'd just start laughing. Castle would invariably look over at her with raised eyebrows, his face adorably scrunched up in confusion. He'd ask her what was so funny, and she'd tell him that she kind of felt like the universe was trying to make up for lost time.

"How so?" he'd asked.

Kate would always then point out that since they had wasted so much time fighting their mutual feelings—maybe her more than him, but he'd interrupt saying they were both at fault, since he never got the courage to tell her how he felt—that now with them finally married and working at building a family together, the universe then decided to give them two children on their first go to make up for all that wasted time in denial and waiting.

"If that's the case, then I'd say the universe has a weird sense of humor," Castle had replied.

"Is that so?" she had countered, arching an eyebrow in challenge. "This coming from the man who once told me to, and I quote, 'trust the universe'."

"That was different," he had defended. "That was about the universe pulling us together."

"And how is having children… together… any different?" she had questioned, enjoying herself immensely.

She had got him there. Castle's mouth had then opened and closed for several seconds before he shook his head, conceding to her wisdom. "Fine," he had surrendered, pouting slightly as he wrapped his arms around her waist, tugging her back into his chest. "Not that I'm complaining… but it would have been nice if I could have had you all to myself for a little longer."

"I know the feeling," she had agreed with that, sighing into his embrace, her hands sweeping over her swollen belly. "We'll have to wait like 20 more years to be completely alone again."

"Completely alone?" he had scoffed. "Kate, I don't really think we've had the chance to be completely alone yet. Alexis still lives here, as does Mother… and I have a feeling that Mother is here to stay."

"Well, Rick, then we'll just have to take advantage of the times we do get to be alone," she had purred out seductively, twisting around in his arms until they were face-to-face. "So shut-up and kiss me, Writer Boy."

Castle had smirked mischievously, delighted by her suggestive and commanding tone. His eyes twinkled with that magical spark that she always seemed to bring out in him when she was the instigator. She snaked her arms around his middle, letting her hands glide down his back until she grasped his firm backside in one swift motion. Castle had wiggled his eyebrows and 'oohed' at her aggressiveness, before relenting to her will and dipping his head down to slant his lips over hers.

Kate smiled back on the memory of how they'd then quickly divested each other of the necessary clothing so they could connect in that most wonderful of ways. She was still amazed at her wanton appetite as of late. Kate had originally thought that her desire would decrease the larger her belly got, but she'd been wrong. It took very little to turn her on nowadays… and she noticed that she received no complaints from Castle. Though, Kate still believed that when she got closer to her due date, her desire would wane, and then they'd have to wait a little while for her to recover from the natural trauma of childbirth before they could continue having their wickedly delicious fun with one another.

Presently, Kate Castle laid completely nude on their bed, her head propped up on numerous pillows as Castle's deft and knowledgeable hands worked their way all over her tingling body. However, there was nothing really sexual going on… even if it was kind of sensual—Castle's touch would always make her crazy wet. But no, they weren't up to any orgasmic inducing frivolity.

Though, it was still very intimate and sweet.

She'd just returned from a half-day at work, and they were killing time before the big event they'd be attending later that afternoon.

"How's that feel?" Castle asked, pulling her out of her thoughts.

"Hmm, good," she hummed in approval as his hands swept down her sides, applying the lotion Dr. Elam had suggested would help her skin deal with the inevitable stretch marks that appeared during pregnancy. This wasn't the first time Castle had rubbed her down with the lotions, and each time, Kate relished the way he reverently worshiped her body with his hands. Besides their frequent sessions of lovemaking, this was always one of the highlights of the day, especially when she'd had a long boring day of paperwork at the precinct.

His hands moved up and around her swollen belly, so gentle and tender. The mattress shifted as Castle moved, planting his knees on either side of her legs, almost like he was straddling her lap. She arched her neck to look down and watch him massage the stretched skin over her belly. His hands were magic. He knew just how to touch her and soothe away any ache she had. She'd learned early on just how good he was at back and foot rubs.

And what was even more amazing, was that unlike other guys she'd been with, Castle never expected her to pay him back for his services. Though, she was more than happy to do so. Just the fact that he didn't expect it of her had made her want to all the more. But she could tell that he understood she wasn't rewarding him with sex for the massages. He understood her, like no one else, and it was just more amazing that they hardly needed to use any words to express this.

"So, I was thinking about names this morning," Castle said as his hands continued to rub the lotions into her skin.


"How about George and Gracie?" he asked with a bemused smirk.

"Are you serious?"

"No," he chuckled as she rolled her eyes. She should have known. "Though, that would be funny, right? George Burns Castle and Gracie Allen Castle?"

Kate lifted her head up to give him a slight glare. "I don't think so."

"Right," he chuckled. "So… names… seriously, I'm still liking Jackson… so maybe something like Jackson James Castle?"

"James? You… you'd name our son after my dad?" she questioned, uncertain why she was even surprised. Her father and husband got along really well together. Sometimes it appeared like they were old college chums, with how they joked and jested one another. She'd been really pleased with how they'd bonded, especially since Castle didn't have a father of his own. And it served to bring Jim further into their new growing family, which couldn't have made Kate happier.

"Sure, why not?" he looked up, knitting his eyebrows together. "Unless you have a problem with that?"

"No… no, I don't," a small smile stretched across her mouth. "It's kind of sweet, actually. We could call him JJ for short."

"Then it can go on the shortlist?" Castle asked.

"Yes," she nodded, smiling lovingly at the man who looked so excited and happy as he shifted on his knees, backing up a little so he could work his hands down her thighs.

Kate grimaced and hissed out a breath, making him freeze. His eyes darted up to her face, wide and worried. "What'd I do!? Did I hurt you?"

"No… no," she chuckled, feeling her cheeks flush. "Just… you… having your hands down there kind of… does things for me, Rick." She bit her lower lip and gave him a heated look.

"Ooh," he smirked, pleased. "Glad I still have that effect on you."

"You'll always had that effect on me," she replied brazenly, flicking her tongue out between her teeth as she beamed at him, letting the love shine through.

"Same here," Castle said, gazing down at her with undisguised devotion and love.

His fingers sensually kneaded the soft flesh of her thighs as he leaned over her and pressed his forehead against hers. They stayed like that for a moment, sharing the same air, before he tilted his head and brushed his lips against hers in a sweet loving kiss. Pulling back, Castle brushed his hand down the side of her face. Kate closed her eyes and eased into his touch. She opened them again and looked up at him with dilated eyes, her breath coming in shallow pants.

"Rick," she asked, her voice husky.

She watched his eyebrows rise ever so slightly as he looked down at her. Kate squirmed underneath him and moved her hands from his shoulders, skimming her fingers down his broad chest until she reach the waistline of his jeans. She began playing with the button she found there. She bit her lower lip and flicked her eyes back up at him.

He tilted his head to look between them, just in time to see her pop the button and unzip his jeans, and then wiggle her hand inside.

"I… I think I should get your special pillow," he choked out, his pulse quickening as she snaked her fingers around his flaccid length, already beginning to stiffen with her ministrations.

Kate smirked naughtily and inclined her head in agreement as she began stroking him. "Yes… I think you should… big boy."


"Castle, hurry up, or we're going to be late!" Kate shouted as she hurriedly finished putting her things in her clutch. She paused before the wall length mirror and adjusted the skirt of her black dress.

Before she got pregnant, she'd originally planned on wearing a sexy little silvery brown dress that had really been intended to make Castle's mouth drop in awe at her alluring and subtle beauty. Which in a whole was a rather odd way for her to think back then, considering Kate had bought that dress when she had thought she'd be attending this afternoon's event with Josh.

But everything had changed… for the better, in her opinion. Josh had always been a distraction, an excuse to avoid and deny her feelings for Castle. Then that fateful day happened, and changed everything. Despite some of the awkwardness and drama, not to mention the guilt over what she'd done, Kate wouldn't change a thing. Because now she was married to the love of her life, and pregnant with twins.

Looking back at her reflection, Kate tugged at the conservative neckline, wishing she could show off more cleavage. She'd never had particularly big breasts, and had always required a pushup bra when she intended to display some cleavage. As a result, the dresses Kate bought in the past had been geared towards highlighting what she'd always thought of her best attractive feature—her long and lean legs. But now she didn't need a pushup bra to show off cleavage. Her breasts had swelled up, preparing nourishment for the hungry little mouths that would soon be latching on and suckling.

She adjusted the neckline some more and smiled, enjoying the creamy swell of flesh that was now on display. Lanie had helped her pick out this dress, since she had needed something that wasn't as form fitting as the original dress had been. It was hard finding dresses that fit when you were a heavily pregnant woman.

"Castle! Hurry up!" she hollered again, smiling at her reflection as she turned around to inspect the fabric dipping low down her back. He'd enjoy stroking his fingers up and down her spine tonight. Just the thought of his touch rekindled memories of their early afternoon delights.

After his sinfully delicious full body massage, they'd gotten a little—alright, very—frisky, and neglected to keep track of the time. Her legs still felt like jelly, and she walked a little funny, but that could be covered up by the fact she was heavily pregnant and just kind of waddled all over the place nowadays. And also, since she was carrying twins inside her enlarged belly, no one would then think twice when she immediately headed for her seat once they arrived.

"I think we're already late, hotcakes," Castle countered, his voice light and airy, appearing out of nowhere and giving her behind a playful slap. Kate yelped and jumped a little, completely startled by both his sudden appearance and the rascally smack on her posterior.

"I thought I told you never to call me that again!" she growled threateningly after him, crossing her arms under her breasts and gracing him with a scaled down version of her infamous glare.

Castle chuckled facetiously. "You weren't complaining twenty minutes ago."

"Twenty minutes ago you could've called me the Queen of England if you wanted to and I wouldn't have noticed or cared," she replied, feeling her cheeks flush as she recalled their activities of twenty minutes prior.

Using her special pillow, Kate had rolled over and supported the weight of her enlarged belly as Castle's talented hands ran up and down her back, stroking the curve of her backside, before scooting up behind her and nudging her legs further apart.

As her belly grew, making love in the traditional missionary position had become somewhat problematic. They'd managed it a few times, but they never really got the mutual satisfaction that they'd have derived from it when her belly wasn't so large. And Kate had found it hard to straddle his lap like she used to. Her swollen belly made her feel cumbersome and slow, and she was never able to get the lift she so desired. The best she could do was to lower herself on him and rhythmically sway her hips at a languid pace as his hands roamed her body and stimulated her until she came undone.

Riding him just wasn't the same anymore. It was too much of an effort. She missed it, though. She always liked being on top, being in control. Kate longed for the days she could pounce him like some feral cat and literally jump his bones as she bucked her hips wildly and pulled up just enough to almost free him from her before sinking back down and relishing the feel of him filling her so deep and completely. Now, when she tried climbing on top of him, she felt like an elephant lumbering along at hardly any speed.

Kate had to give it to Castle, though. Never once had he complained when she told him she wasn't up for a certain position. He worked around what she was comfortable doing. He made love to her in whatever way she asked, and she loved him all the more for his patience and understanding. But most of all, for his continued and insatiable desire for her. When she felt fat and ugly, he'd drag her to bed and prove to her just how wrong she was. He was so dedicated to pleasing her that it her needs were his first thought before his own sexual gratification. And using all his natural skills and talents, Castle always made sure she came at least twice during each round.

Yet, Kate still craved the simple joy of lying on her back, beneath him, her legs cradling his hips as he stroked in and out of her at a steady accelerated rate until her inner muscles seized up as her mouth fused with his in a long and passionate kiss, and they both quaked and trembled with pleasure while they rode the waves of euphoric physical bliss.

"Maybe we should call and tell them we can't make it… that we'll be to busy… coming," Castle laughed blatantly at his lascivious innuendo as his lust-filled eyes dropped to her bustline.

Kate snapped out of her reverie and snapped her fingers. "Eyes are up here, Rick!" she said.

He let out a low chuckle as he challenged her heated gaze. "If you didn't want my eyes there, then you shouldn't be tugging your neckline down until you're popping out."

"They are not popping out!" she objected. "My boobs aren't that big."

"No… they're not," he concurred with a serious nod. Her mouth dropped as she stared at him with an offended expression. She couldn't believe he'd just implied her breasts were small. Castle stepped closer and one of his hands ran up her side until he was palming her left breast through the material of her dress. "They're just right."

Her breath stilled and her eyes briefly flicked down to his lips as he gently fondled her with knowing fingers. "Castle," she said, all breathy and hot.

"If I wanted some buxom bimbo, I would have gotten one," he said. "But did I want that? Did I?" He looked at her and waited until she shook her head in the negative. "That's right. I wanted you. All perfectly proportioned and natural. Nothing about you is fake. It's all real… and beautiful." Castle punctuated his declaration by pressing his lips to hers in a short but sweet kiss.

And then he was stepping back, walking into the closet to pull his tuxedo jacket from the hanger. He quickly rolled his shoulders, tugging it on, and returning to stand in front of her, his hands slowly slinking down her sides until he was cradling her hips in his palms, his fingertips digging slightly into the curve of her backside.

"We should go," he said softly.

"Yes… we should," she inclined her head, reaching up to adjust his lapels. "You look good in a tuxedo, Mr. Castle."

"And you look ravishing in black silk, Mrs. Castle," he replied, stealing another quick kiss, before stepping back and holding out his arm for her.

"Alright," Kate bit her lower lip, smiling at him, as she slipped her arm through his. "Let's go see Kevin get married."