According to the Bible,Lucifer was an angel for God was banished to Hell after attempting to over throw him and is described as being the embodyment of all evil and what if he was sent to Hell for an entirely different reason, this is the story of Lucifer's fall from Heaven.

Being one of the Archangels,angels that worked closely with God Lucifer was privy to most of God's decisions and one of these actions was sending Lucifer to Earth on a mission was to determine if humanity was truly corrupted or if they simply had just lost Faith.

"Lucifer,come here" commanded God to the black haired Angel."What can i do for you,Sir?" asked Lucifer as he knelt before God.

"You are to go to Earth,the people have stopping praying to me and I want to know the reason" said God as he eyed the kneeling Angel with a strong gaze letting know failure wasn't a option.

"It shall be done as you command" said Lucifer before he rose and with a flap of his black colored wings he took off for Lucifer arrived he took a look around the town he found himself in,there were children playing in the dirt,men working in the fields and women cooking and cleaning in there was no sign of corruption.

Lucifer went to a home were dinner was being served,naturally since he was a Angel no one moticed his all of the food had been placed at the table the mother bowed her head and said "Lets say grace to thank God for this bounty"

But her husband just snorted and said with disdain "Thank God?, why I'm the one who planted,grew,and harvested this food,God had no part in any of this".Lucifer's eyes widened when he heard this blantant disregard of his creator.

With every town he visited the results were the same,people had just stopping putting their faith in God and decided to things on their own without God's his mission complete Lucifer returned to Heaven to report his findings to God.

"Your sure that is what you have found" asked God when Lucifer had finished his report."Yes,Sir the people have simply lost faith and have decided to live their lives without you in their lives" said Lucifer standing from his previous position.

"Then I guess i have no choice,then to annihilate the human race" said God with no regret or remorse in his declaration,this shocked Lucifer who was against any forms of murder."Sir,you can't be serious You really plan to wipe out the humans because they don't worship you anymore" exclaimed Lucifer.

"I'am quite serious Lucifer and it shall be done for it is my will" said God as he began his genocide,the water levels of the Oceans rose to alarming heights and flooded the planet killing millions,Lucifer watched in stunned silence as he watch the carnage.

The last straw for Lucifer was when the souls of the people killed in the Flood arrived in Heaven only for God to turn and banish them to Hell due to the fact that he didn't want non belivers in his paradice,Lucifer drew his sword which was rested on his hip and made to strike down God.

However before his blade reached God's neck,it was intercepted by 3 other swords that belong to the remaining Archangels."Lucifer,what do you think your doing" demanded Michael as he and the others maneged to throw Lucifer's sword away from God who watched with an almost amused expression at the angry Angel.

"What do think i'm doing,how can guys just sit there and watch as he kills millions of innocent people and doesn't even let them in Heaven" demanded Lucifer hotly as he glared at the people who he considered friends."because it was God's will and he will is law" said Raphael.

Having had enough of this,God angrily exclaimed "Well Lucifer since you love protecting traitors, i will send to the one place were traitors like you belong in Hell" at the end of his speech the clouds beneath Lucifer vanished as he fell from Heaven and landed in the place of the Dammed.

And there he stayed for countless centurys as Hell began to fill with all sorts of souls like Murders,theives,rapist and many others but despite being banished from Heaven Lucifer began a god in his own realm of Hell

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