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Almost immediately upon his arrival in Hell did Lucifer realize something, he wasn't alone. Towering over him was a huge muscled demon with bright red skin and pointed horns on his head, Lucifer gulped quietly as he recognized the demon that stood before him. This was Satan the literal embodiment of everything negative, hate, envy, etc, etc.

"You have alot of nerve coming into my domain little Angel" bellowed Satan loudly, Lucifer winced at the sheer volume. "I wonder what I should to you," wondered Satan striking a fake thinking pose, Lucifer panicked slightly as he tried to think of solution to avoid being killed. And since he was in Hell his powers that he previously had, wouldn't be of any help to him here. Suddenly a proverbial candle appeared above his head and a smirk graced his face, "Oh mighty Satan I have a proposition for you" said Lucifer bowing low to the ground to hide his smirk.

Instantly Satan's curiosity and greed were piqued, "What king of proposition?" asked Satan greedily unknowingly playing right into Lucifer's plan. Standing up to his full height Lucifer concentrated on the palm of his right hand, normally this would have taken a couple of seconds but with his strength limited it took much longer and more power to conjure anything even something as small as a coin. "A coin toss," said Lucifer holding up the coin to see, "If I win you will serve me by becoming my servant."

Normally Satan would've refused flat-out but his greed got the better of him, "And what happens if I win? Asked Satan curiously. "Then I will be your loyal servant for all of eternity" said Lucifer trying to hide the disgust he felt at being Satan's servant. Satan couldn't have agreed any faster, having one of God's Archangels as a servant was too tempting to pass up. "Very I agree to your conditions!" replied Satan, "I call heads".

Lucifer took a deep breath and flipped the coin into the air, where it spun several times before falling on the ground and lay still.

It was Tails face up.

While Satan raved at his loss Lucifer grinned in satisfaction, as his plan went on without a hitch. The coin that he conjured was enchanted to be tails on both sides, so no matter which side Satan chose he would lose. Of course if he had picked tails then the coin would show heads, Lucifer knew the only way to win was to cheat.

-Unknown amount of time passed-

Lucifer was very busy after winning his wager against Satan, who rather grudgingly accepted him as his master. The first thing to do was remodel how Hell looked, before it was just rivers of fire and brimstone. But Lucifer changed it by dividing Hell into 9 different levels, each one catered to and a different sin and set lower than the last one similar to that of a cone. Then came to task of deciding the punishments for the sinners, in the end Lucifer decided that the sin determined the punishment. For example if a person commits murder in cold blood than their punishment would to be killed over and over again for eternity.

Lucifer's next task was to discern who the truly guilty were, because there were people who just didn't belong in Hell. Like if you killed somebody but did it in self-defense or the defense of others, those people would be given a different fate. Sadly there were no shortage of sinners since God sent any soul that he felt didn't belong into Heaven to Hell, this made Lucifer very angry even though he knew there was nothing he could do since he was stuck in Hell.


Derek Lyn was a fourteen boy raised in a Catholic house, and attended Church every day. There he was told that Lucifer rebelled against God, because he wanted power and would do anything to get it. But despite all the 'facts' that he learned, Derek couldn't help but feel like there was something missing. And so he searched for anything that would show a different perspective, since his uncle Vern an Atheist always said 'There are always more than one side to a story'.

But no matter where he looked Derek couldn't find what he looked for, all he found was the usual message.



It was then that he came with an incredible insane idea that would get him in a lot of trouble, if he was caught of course. Derek was going to summon the Fallen Angel Lucifer, and hopefully get the answers that he sought. Derek gave a great exhale as he put the final touches on the summoning pentagram, once that was finished he quickly began a chant that read in a Book of Satanism.

As soon as the chant was finished the pentagram began to glow an eery red, and a dark figure could be seen rising out of the middle of the pentagram. Out of all the things that Derek expected this wasn't one of them, he thought that Lucifer would be a big scary demon. But instead he was a tall human looking man with spiky black hair, and ruby-red eyes that seemed to glow with their own light.

Lucifer turned his head and looked Derek straight in the eyes, "Are you the one who summoned me?" asked Lucifer in a no-nonsense tone. Derek mutely nodded and rather quickly explained his reason for during so, Lucifer was surprised by the boy's questions but answered truthfully. He explained the real reason behind his banishment from Heaven, and the truth of what awaited sinners in Hell.

Shocked couldn't begin to explain what Derek felt as listened to Lucifer's story, before he could open his mouth to respond to Lucifer Derek fell to the ground unconscious. Lucifer glared at a point behind Derek's prone body, "That was rather low to knock the boy out like that brother" growled Lucifer to the blonde haired Angel Michael. Michael stared stonily at the angry Devil, "It was necessary to protect him from your lies Lucifer" said Michael .

Michael reached to touch Derek but immediately jerked his hand as if burnt, he turned to a smirking Lucifer. "So you protected him from me?" asked Michael to which Lucifer grinned widely at him, "That's right and there's nothing you can do about it" said Lucifer laughing. Michael scowled before he took his sword and stabbed it into the pentagram, which glowed yellow before disappearing returning Lucifer to Hell. His job done Michael extended his wings and returned to Heaven, leaving Derek unconscious on the ground alone.


After awaking Derek remembered what had occurred and what he learned, Derek knew he couldn't tell people that he summoned the Devil without them thinking him insane. But that didn't mean he couldn't tell people the true story of Lucifer's banishment, and though many scoffed at him and called Derek a liar. He continued to tell his story to anyone who listen, until his death where he was greeted by a happy looking Lucifer. It was then Lucifer explained what he did to those that he believed didn't belong in Hell, they were reincarnated.

This had an added bonus of pissing off God, which made Lucifer grin every time he did it.