I will tell you the truth that this will be a weird story kind of. This is mostly about Anybody's and the jets. This is set a year after the movie. It might take a while to update because I'm working on 4 other stories so please be patient. (ill at least update within a week)




Anybodys tossed the newspaper with the heading KILLER ON THE STREETS in a nearby trash bin. There had been multiple warnings about an unknown person or persons killing people in New York for the past 3 days. The Killer or killers her just leaving the unsuspecting victims torn to pieces, some of the victims were un-recognizable. This was very weird for New York.

And of course the police have no leads.

But that didn't stop her or any of the jets from roaming the streets after dark. Soon the killer would be found and jailed and everything would be back to normal. She just thought everyone was overreacting.

Anybodys still wasn't a part of the jets like she wanted to be, but they kind of accept her now. Just to get on their nerves she asks them everyday to be part of the gang.

It had been a year since the whole conflict between the jets and the sharks. But just because they were at "peace" now didn't mean if someone other than their own was caught on they weren't going to be let off easy. NO there were still fights between the gangs.

There were new gangs formed and there are a few occasional rumbles.

Either way she still wanted to be a jet with all her heart.

She leapt off the concrete wall and started to walk to Doc's. That's where they all met when it was crappy weather like today.

She was half way there when she saw a group of boys. They were the new guys around here. She had recently seen them at the play ground playing basketball. They never really bothered anyone so she never really thought about them. They were big muscular guys, not that she was one of those girls who clanged to similar hot guys. She didn't want anything to do with them.

As she walked past them, the blond one looked up and smiled a half hearted grin. She didn't even look at them as she scurried past tem to Docs.

"Hey where's the fire?" one of them yelled to her, but she didn't know which.

As she stepped into Doc's she noticed that only Graziella, Velma, and Minnie were there sitting at the bar drinking what looked like coke. But knowing Graziella and Velma it probably wasn't. Great, just what she needed. She wanted to get to Doc's before the Jets, she did accomplish that, but now she realized it has to be with the 2 people she hardly ever gets along with. Velma and Graziella. They both hated Anybodys with a passion. Not that Anybodys cared much; she wasn't very fond of them either. Minnie, she didn't bother anybodys at all when they first met. Minnie was nice to everyone including Anybodys which was rare for anyone to be nice or even talk to her. Anybodys thought of her as a friend…sort of.

"Oh look its you. Why do you always come here, you should know that they don't want you around." Graziella smirked.
"Oh, it's good to see you to Graziella, I see that you haven't fixed your face yet, I don't know why you still stick around especially looking like that." Anybodys grinned.

Graziella looked like she was ready to explode and Anybodys just got here 5 min ago.

Wow, new record. Anybodys thought.

"Hi Anybodys!" Minnie spoke up, lightening the tension in the air before it got worse.

In truth Anybodys doesn't mean anything when she says that these girls weren't pretty. They were very pretty and if it weren't for the Jets who had a claim on them, then they would have guys all over them. Anybodys knew that herself wasn't pretty. She never was pretty even before following the Jets around like a lost puppy. Her grandmother used to say she was very pretty. But Anybodys didn't believe that for a second. What with her red hair cut to look more like a boy (that's what everyone one said, at least, she just cut it because she thought it was hot.) and her see green eyes, her skinny and short figure, She would never be as beautiful as Minnie, Velma, or Graziella.

"Hi, Minnie, When did they say they were gonna be here?" Anybodys did her best to smile and ask politely.

"Around 10?" Minnie said looking at the old digital clock on the wall. 9:58.

Either they really are just late or they ran into some trouble. Ice was their leader now and he didn't like t be late for things. But who was she kidding, the Jets could handle their selves when they were in numbers.

"Did you hear about that murder last night?" Velma asked Graziella with wide blue eyes.

"Who didn't hear about it?" Graziella said as if she was talking back and forth to Minnie and Velma.

The murder last night. The killings were getting closer and closer to this part of town. A young girl about 16 was found in a dumpster on fire. She was drained of blood, but the detectives think it's from the fire. She was found by her boss who had let her take a 5 min break.

"Yea, her manager said that the 16 year old was only gone for 5 min." Minnie said her big brown eyes were full of shocked. "I don't think this is a normal killer or killers, how could they kill a girl, drain her of blood, and then set her on fire to burn to a crisp and leave without even getting noticed by anyone in 5 MIN!"

Both Graziella and Velma and even Anybodys looked at her strangely.

"What if they come here?" Velma screeched.

"They won't come here." Anybodys said not sure if she was trying to convince herself or the girls.

She couldn't imagine being killed like that. It was just to horrible and she had seen a lot of things in her 16 ¾'s years.


More silence.

A lot of silence.

"SOOOOOOO, did you see those hot guys outside!" Graziella perked up.

You would think that they were better than to talk about hot guys they just saw instead of talking about their boyfriends. Well Minnie loved Baby John and he was pretty much all she talked about when they talked about guys.

Anybodys rolled her eyes.

She could hardly wait till the Jets got here.

This story is 1 years after the film. The next few chapters will be much more interesting, I promise.

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