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"What the heck are you talking about now!?" Anybodys snarled with frustration. Everything was just to weird. Everything was happening to fast. Way to fast. T top off her rage for the frustrating boy, her arm was burning like hell.

The boy before her stood there casually as if he knew this rage well. His blue hued eyes were wide yet his basic expression was empty. "Anybodys, calm down. You cannot be going off like this. Its dangerous." He knew that no one should ever tell a lady to 'calm down' while they raged. But to him, now was a tme beween life and death.

The gingered girl's eyes twitched. Alright, so she probably was acting a little too crazy for his taste. But come on. The last night was the most terrifying night for her ever and the morning when everything is supposed to go away, was the weirdest morning she had ever had. With these thoughts, the gingered girl let out a large exhale before inhaling deeply. Her green voids stayed on the blue the entire time she was compensating. "Alright. I'm listening."

The blonde haired, blue-eyed boy blinked as he did not expet the quickly calmly girl before him. He knew he was still in the line of fire though considering she kept her stare on him. It was hard for the younger boy to keep eyes contact. "Okay, good. Come with me."

With these words, Anybodys didn't budge. She stood there watching him a few feet away. His voice sounded so ancient, yet he was only sixteen. Wait. Was he even sixteen. It suddenly dawned on her that she really didn't know this kid and why she was being so….trusting was beyond her. It was creepy. Unnatural.

"No. I hardly know you and you fed me breakfast. You act like you know me, yet you don't. And I am not your best friend so stop treating me like I am. Actually. I don't think we can be friends….Thanks for the breakfast though." There. She had tried to be reasonable and the words sounded pretty good. Yet, she was not calm as her features said they were. No. On the inside she was still burning with rage. But god, what was wrong with her? Her words were so drone and girly. Eww.

The lanky blonde sigh and tilted his head to face the concrete. He then turned and started walking away down the street before turning back suddenly. His blue orbs connected with her green intently. "I know, im sorry…But if you need anything…Anything at all. No matter what it is, strange or creepy, whatever the problem is. Me and the guys got your back. We are usually around at the basketball quart around 12 everyday. With this, he nodded reassuringly before turning and walking down the street without a second glance into the now crowed street.


Anybodys stood there gaping at the spot where the boy had walked away from the spot he had just been in before her. She stayed still not knowing what to do or say. But wait. She did know. She knew she wanted to be somewhere quiet. Somewhere she would be able to think.

Anybodys looked up at the polluted sky. The sun was nearly peaking through the skyscrapers and the fog, the pinked hued sky makings its way through the fog and lighting up the sides of the buildings. 'Eh. I'd say about ten, ten-thrityish.' She thought as she turned and forced herself to walk the opposite direction as Jude did.

Suddenly, without hesitation, she took off. She just ran , and somehow, that's just what she needed.

She ran.

And ran.

The ginger didn't stop until she somehow got to the crosswalk in front of the candy store. Doc's Candy Store. Anybodys sighed. How did she ven get here? Why did she even come here? She didn't know this.

Anybodys was slightly out of breath but nothing she noticed. It wasn't a rare thing for her not to be tired after a run. She was used to running and spying through the shadows of the city, even at night as she silently followed the gang. 'No. Shut your trap, Your done with them, Anybodys.' She told herself as a huff escaped her lips. She turned and looked down the sidewalks leading to the candy store. No sign of the Jets. She hoped they weren't inside. If they were, she would just turn around without a word and find somewhere else for the quietness. Though that would be hard to find in such a big city.


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