This is JAYSEN with another brainchild that I had to let out of it's cage! I essentially took the Anime Series Dog Days and mixed it with my O.C from my Den of Foxes fic and foretold this...grim alternate future in which he is the only survivor of the Fourth and Last Great Shinobi War. With nothing left, he gets dragged along for the ride into another world and in to new adventures, along with finding a new purpose to live and fight for...


It was like Armageddon had just occured. The sky was dark, with storm clouds looming above the battleground littered with corpses, save one man. What had happened was noting short of the end all, be all of war in the shinobi nations. Oto had succeeded in lobbying together with the criminal organization known as the Akatsuki, who in turn invoked various forbidden jutsu to raise an army to fight for total conquest of the shinobi world. The Five Great Shinobi Nations had fought valiantly, especially the Uzumaki of Konoha, but were ultimately overwhelmed. Sasuke Uchiha betrayed his own village years before for power and had joined another traitor, Orochimaru, for power. He then betrayed Orochimaru and assimilated him.

Another traitor had made himself known after his eventual prison break. Kakashi Hatake was known as one of the finest shinobi Konoha ever produced, with a nearly squeaky clean service record to his name and a rather impressive resume. He was also one of the youngest ANBU Captains in history, next to Itachi Uchiha, as well as one of the youngest Genin, Chuunin, and Jounin. However, his personal life was what led to his downfall. His father was the great Sakumo Hatake, the White Fang. After a botched mission and the sudden death of his mother, his father commited suicide, but he was picked up by the man who would one day become the mightiest Hokage of them all, Minato Namikaze. He saw that man as his own father and did his best to please him, but after Minato took on a full team and started dating Kushina Uzumaki, he was forced to do something he despised...Share.

He felt as if he was being cast away in his poor, deluded mind, but the reality was that Minato was being fair in his treatment of his team and he was deeply in love with Kushina. One of his teammates was a fangirl of his, named Rin, but in love with her was a boy known as Obito Uchiha, the most un-Uchiha there ever was. He was chronically late, but for good reasons. He was an all around good kid who got a sense of fulfillment from helping people, something Kakashi saw as weak. Anyway, even though he held no feelings for Rin, he still saw her as his in a disturbingly obsessive manner and saw Obito as a threat. On top of that, he overheard Minato saying that he wished Obito had rubbed off on him a little.

Kakashi took this as a direct insult and as a threat to his value as a person. During a rescue in the heart of the Third Shinobi War, he saw a chance to be rid of him. They had fought an Iwa nin who was infamous for killing people with cave-ins and used that excuse to crush his competition. He didn't expect to lose an eye in the process, but he took advantage of Obito's kindness and gained one of his Sharingan eyes to replace the one he'd lost. He hit a snag in one of his plans when Obito professed that he was madly in love with Rin and she reciprocated his feelings to the point that Kakashi was no longer an issue. He felt that he simply needed time with her and move along to his next obstacle, Kushina.

It wasn't long after the war ended that his beloved sensei and the woman he despised were married. On top of that, she was pregnant a year later with their first child. He planned on killing her that night and making it look like complications in childbirth, but Madara Uchiha beat him to it when he tried to wrangle the Kyuubi into his thrall again. The beast was under control again and sealed once more, but the man he worshipped had given his life to do it and sealed it within his own son. On top of that, Kushina mysteriously disappeared that night and he suspected that she died, leaving the infant Naruto all alone and defenseless.

He would have moved in a killed the child outright had Rin not taken it upon herself to help raise and care for the infant Jinchuuriki. Rin adored Kushina and saw her as a surrogate mother, so she felt honored to look after her self proclaimed baby sibling. He couldn't kill the child since doing so would land him in shit so deep he'd drown, so he ignored the boy, hoping that the villagers would do the job for him. It nearly succeeded when Naruto was in his second to last year in the Academy. The boy was truly brave when he rushed into a burning Academy to rescue students that had been trapped and was nearly killed, but another obstacle appeared out of nowhere...Ichigo.

He saved Naruto from death in the building and continued to be a thorn in his side ever since. Soon after he arrived, he and Rin started dating and fell in love with each other, something that made him want to kill everyone in sight, but he had to bide his time and even set up a farce that he was a friend. He couldn't keep it up for long, especially when Kushina suddenly came back. His old hatred began to flare up uncontrollably and blew his cover after their team's first missions away from home. He knew he had to work quickly, so he attempted to sabotage Ichigo's relationship with Rin by spreading lies. She exposed tha lies for the falsehoods they were and it drove her deeper into his enemy's arms, to the point that Ichigo proposed marriage to her and she accepted!

He felt his world crumbling away beneath him and he was despreate for revenge. He found a weak point, Rin's best friend Airi was also in love with Ichigo and used that to his advantage when he used a Genjutsu on her to sleep with him and drive them apart, which ended in failure. Then...He tried to kill Kushina personally, but she was proving too tough, even when poisoned. She held out long enough for her family to find them and take him down hard. From there he was put in prison for a sentence of up to 30 years for attempted murder of a clan head. It was there that he grew to despise and loathe Konoha. He was eventually broken out of prison by his old Genin student, Sasuke Uchiha, who needed people to help him destroy Konoha. He wholeheartedly agreed, leading up to this current point in time.

The battle was long and brutal, many of the friends and allies of the Uzumaki falling in battle one after another. Kushina herself had been killed by Kakashi, who was killed by Rin, with an added sense of poetic justice. She was followed by Anko, Naruto and his three wives, Sakura, Hinata, and Ino. Haku fell as well, but he took Zetsu of the Akatsuki down with him before he died, putting an end to the clone army of Zetsu's. Rin and Airi Uzumaki died together after they killed off Kabuto, dying slowly from his deadly toxins. Their death did have meaning, as they managed to put an end to the undead army Kabuto had summoned.

"We both love you...We will never leave you and will be in your heart forever..." Rin choked out before death claimed her, Airi doing so moments before.

A sword impaled Airi's corpse. It was Sasuke's Kusanagi. He had been wanting the Holy Blade Ichigo wielded since he first laid eyes on it and would now pry it from his cold, dead hands.

Ichigo wasted no words in engaging him, starting a vicious battle that ended in a flash and the once proud Uchiha prodigy headless, carved into pieces. Madara Uchiha was nothing if not an opportunist, choosing this moment to attack the weakened Ichigo. Sakuhime, his friend, his confidante, and resident inner Angel, came out and did the unthinkable...She had sacrificed her soul to save her friend, whom she admitted she was in love with since she first met him. She sacrificed her soul to seal Madara Uchiha away forever in Hell while she returned to heaven, but left him with her holy chakra.

"So that...A piece of me...will always be with you..." She told him before she vanished forever.

A great howl of sadness and pain escaped his throat. His wives...His family...His friends...And Sakuhime were all gone, and he was all alone in the world now. He slung the Ensis Celesti onto his back and gathered the bodies of his loved ones, giving them proper and loving burials. Just before he began to bury them, a bright vortex opened near him and he drew his sword in a flash, ready to evicerate anyone or anything that dared to disturb his mourning.

Out of the vortex, came a dog holding a dagger and a blond haired boy in what looked to be a school uniform from the world he originally came from years ago. He lowered his guard slightly, but was still on edge until he called out to man, noticing that he was wounded.

"Hey! Are you alri..." The words died in his throat as he saw corpses all around as well as fresh graves, including one that had been hacked to pieces. The boy had to fight back the urge to vomit at the sight of all the carnage. He then noticed that there were graves that this man had apparently dug out to bury his comrades.

"They're gone..." Ichigo muttered sadly.

"What...happened here?" The boy asked, starting to become very frightened.

"War. No one won." He replied.

"Do you...want some help?" The boy offered kindly, despite his fear.

"Thank you." Was all he said as they carefully loaded the bodies into the graves, Ichigo using a minor Doton jutsu to fill them in. The boy was shocked but it was explained to be Ninjutsu.

"You're...a ninja?" He asked.

"Yes. I was. Not anymore...Not after this..." He replied, gesturing all around.

"Did you...know them?" He asked.

Ichigo could only nod at first before explaining.

"My mother, brothers, sister, their wives and her husband, friends, and finally, my two wives, Rin and Airi. I have...nothing now." The tall blond man choked, stopping before he lost control of his emotions.

The boy could only bow his head in respect for the dead, the dog surprizingly doing the same.

"Where will you go now?" The boy asked.

"I don't know." Was all the tall man said.

The dog tugged at the boy's pant leg. It was time to go. They were only there due to a slight mistake, anyway. Another vortex opened up and the dog and boy faced it.

"I have to go now. What is your name? Mine is Shinku Izumi." The now named boy offered.

"I'm...Ichigo Uzumaki. Good luck where you're going, kid." Ichigo said, bidding the boy farewell.

The boy and dog stepped into the vortex, but something went wrong. Tendrils reached out and grabbed the grieving shinobi and dragged him along for the ride. When the vortex closed, sunlight broke out through the clouds, illuminating the graves. It was as if his loved ones were blessing him from above...




The battle wasn't going very well for the Republic of Biscotti. Galette, their sister nation, was steadily pushing them back to the castle walls and it wouldn't be much longer now until the enemy breached the castle. On a hill behind the castle and away from the battle, a girl, the princess with bright pink hair, was racing up the steps as if she were waiting for something to come. There was something peculiar about this princess. While a beautiful girl of fourteen, she had canine like ears and a tail, both of a matching pink color.

That aside, she was awaiting the results of the Hero Summoning. She had managed to convince her council that it was their only option to avoid occupation at this point in the war against their neighbor, Galette. She had invoked the magic and sent her faithful dog familiar, Tatsumaki, into the portal to retrieve the hero they so desperately needed. Their battles had thus far been lost and they were losing ground at an alarming pace. Their knights fought hard and bravely, but they would not stop the onslaught of their enemies.

As she ascended the steps, she saw a pillar of light descend from the sky to the hill she was bound for and she hastened her pace. The hero she had summoned was descending as planned, but there was something amiss. Only the hero was supposed to show up, but there were two people falling from the sky. Up in the sky, Shinku as screaming his head off while Ichigo was trying to think of a way to get them out of this when a something enveloped them and lowered them to the ground safely.

The princess was elated to see the pod open, but was then surprized. One was a blond boy she had seen through her stargazing, but the other person that helped him to his feet was a mystery. He was very tall, had blond hair like her hero, Heterochromic eyes of blue and green, and was dressed strangely. He had on a blue longsleeved shirt and matching pants that were tattered and torn with a green vest on over that, covered by a long and flowing overcoat that was currently open and equally tattered. He wore sandals, had a pouch of some kind taped to his thigh with another on his hip. He had on some armor, like his cracked greaves and forearm plates, fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back, along with somekind of headband with a metal plate that bore the insignia of a spiral leaf. The look was completed by his two swords. One was around three feet and standard for a blade, but the other was massive and bigger than she was, but the aura the scary blade was giving off was...holy and divine in nature. On top of all that, he had blood on him, both from a wound and smeared on his clothes.

She decided to go ahead and introduce herself since he didn't look hostile.

"My name is Millhiore Filliano Biscotti..." She said, launching into a full explaination as to who she is and where they are, as well as what Shinku was supposed to be doing there. However, the mention of war with their neighbor made him go rigid. The fact that she mentioned they were losing and the enemy was right there at their gates didn't help.

"Oh my...Is there something wrong?" She asked him, concern in her voice.

"Not again...I won't let this happen again...I will not let them do this!" He stuttered, then snarled as he took off at a rapid clip down to the battlefield, faster than they could see.

"W-Where is he going?" She asked, startled by the display, which prompted Shinku to grimly explain a bit of where Tatsumaki first brought them by mistake they found him. The princess broke into tears when she hear what he'd been through and sought to rush her now other hero through his indoc while they hopped on her personal Cellkull (Chocobo-like animal) raced to reach Ichigo. She explained what the wars really were in their world as well as giving a brief explaination of both kingdoms.

"Oh no...He misunderstood. He probably thought that what happened to his people might happen here if he doesn't do something!" Shinku realised.

"We need to hurry, then." Millhi said, urging Harlan, her mount, to go faster.

"What is it you want me to do?" Shinku asked as they raced down to the castle.

"I summoned you to help us in our time of need." She explained.

"But why? Ichigo's a warrior, not me. I'm only a Junior High student." He replied.

"Don't be so modest! I know what you can do." She encouraged him.



Down on the battlefield, Biscotti forces were desperately trying to repel the invaders, but were barely managing that. Their foes were driven, no bones about it. They were at one of the final lines of defense and were in the process of breeching it.

On a hilltop not too far from the main fight, a group on their mounts watched the progrss of their warriors with satisfaction.

"The attack on the fortress is going well. At this rate..." The large man, Godwin, paused as he watched the fort's gates swing open and allow a torrent of his soldiers inside.

"Alright. Begin an immeadiate advance from the gates on in." The girl next to him, the princess of Galette, Leonmichelle Galette des Rois, ordered. Godwin acknowledged the order and set to work immeadiately. She then turned to the foot soldiers behind her.

"Troops! We will be going in now! Today is the day we make that Dog Princess and her soldiers cry!" She yelled, getting a resounding cheer from her troops as they charged in headlong.

On the Biscotti side, they were digging in and getting ready to defend the fortress. A shower of arrows were pelting down on them, but before they got too close, a roaring voice rang out.


A massive gale of wind blew the arrows away from them and saved them. They looked around for the owner of the voice to find a strange blond man with a massive Zweihander (The real style of blade that the Ensis Celesti is.) out, in a defensive posture. The Head of the Knights approached him cautiously.

"Hello? Who are you?" Rolan asked, his lance at the ready.

"I'm here to help you. The tragedy that heppened to my people and family WON'T happen here. Come Hell or high water, I won't let it happen." Ichigo growled out as he threw himself at the opposing forces with a ferver.

The first opponent he came across was overpowering a defender, when Ichigo forcefully disloged him with a snap kick to his ribs and turned to the embattled soldier.

"You okay?" He asked, looking at the person he downed only to find a ball of fur with cat ears and a tail.

"What the hell?" He muttered, but Rolan had caught up to explain things to him. He launched into a full explaination of what battle was like in areas with Flonya Power flowing through them. The soldiers were protected and when defeated, they would turn into fluff balls until it wore off or they recovered.

"Is that so? Still...I'm at your service." Ichigo declared, to which Rolan grinned.

"That's good to hear. We could use a warrior of your experience and skill. However, shouldn't you see to that wound?" He replied as Shinku showed up in his full gear, along with the Holy Sword Palladion. He had received a royal makeover from the maids of the castle while Millhi bestowed upon him his weapon, one of the two Holy Weapons of the Kingdom of Biscotti. She was rather rushed, but got him ready to go in a pinch.

"You're looking good, kid." Ichigo replied as he regarded Rolan again.

"My wound is minor. I've fought with far worse." He answered Rolan as he turned to Shinku again.

"So...A staff? Not a bad choice. You any good with it?" He asked, to which Shinku pit on a small display of prowess, making the veteran whistle.

"Not bad, kid...Not bad at all. Wanna kick this fight off right?" He asked with a smirk. The boy nodded, wanting to see what his new friend could do. He flipped through handseals for one of his more precise Wind jutsu that was less costly on his already taxed reserves and aimed at a cluster of Galette soldiers.


He inhaled a large breath and punched himself in the stomach, spitting out a huge blast of wind that impacted center mass of the crowd, throwing them every which way and transforming them all.

"Over thirty in one blow...Impressive." Rolan commented with an approving nod, impressed with what he just saw.

"Wow...How did you DO that? That was cool!" Shinku gushed, sadly reminding him of his late younger brother, Naruto.

"It was Ninjutsu, like before. I'll explain more later. Let's go, kid. We have work to do." He said, his gaze hardening. He was relieved that the same fate that befell Konoha and the Elemental nations wouldn't happen here, but he still took this very seriously. He was given a new purpose and he'd perform like never before.

"I do have one favor to ask of you two. Look after my little sister, Eclaire, on the frontlines for me, okay?" Rolan requested, describing what she looks like.

"Sure. We'll keep our eyes out for her." Ichigo replied as he thought to himself.

'On the honor of my family, friends, allies, and as a Jounin of Konoha...' He thought as he threw himself into the fray, fighting like an Angel of Vengence.

He was like a human buzzsaw with how he handled his large sword. It was massive in size, but he wielded it as if it weighed nothing. Shinku was like a blond hurricane with his staff, taking down any opponent that came near him with a certain finesse and pizazz that was a nice contrast to his partner's sheer force and stone cold skill but both were highly skilled with their weapons. The effects of two man counter-attack were immeadiately felt within the Galette forces as their numbers were being whittled down quickly, the Biscotti forces gaining morale from the efforts of the two golden haired heroes. Together, they began to push back with all of their might and repelled the invaders from Fort Mion.

Above the fortress, the sportscaster was busy making his report on this newest development on the battlefield. The man with auburn hair tied back into a ponytail introduced himeself.

"Hello! This is Framboise Charles, reporting live from the Galette Republic of Lions! Additional commentaries will be provided by General Bernard..." He said, introducing the man with long blond hair next to him.

"Hi." Bernard said genially with a wave to the camera.

"And we have here Princess Leo's personal aide, the lovely Miss Violle." Framboise said, introducing the woman at the end. She had short purplr hair with long bangs and blue eyes.

"Hello." She greeted pleasantly with a friendly wave.

"Now...We had the Knights of Galette advancing on Fort Mion when we last left you..." He paused as he took a look at the scoreboard again, completely shocked. He then looked down at the entrance to Fort Mion and saw that Galette was being routed through the efforts of two warriors, some of them careening over the walls like they'd been shot out of a cannon. Bernard and Violle were certainly impressed with these two. No one in their army except maybe Godwin or the princess herself were capable of that much brute power.

"A-Amazing! Those two mysterious warriors have completely turned the tide of the battle on their own and Galette's forces are being put to rout! Who are these amazing fighters? They're so fast that the camera crews are havign a hard time keeping up with them." Framboise commented in awe until he was handed a breaking report. He read it and his eyes widend and ear perked up.

"We have a late breaking report from Filianno Castle! It seems as though Princess Millhiore has perfromed the Hero Summoning, but something went wrong with it! Instead of one hero, TWO arrived! Their names are Ichigo Uzumaki and Shinku Izumi and they are really taking care of business down there! They have pushed Galette back to the Lake Filianno Field in a matter of moments!" He exclaimed. He then looked to the Galette lines to see how the Princess Leo was taking this, but she had a rather proud comment.

"I'll take on any comer! I'll send 'em packin'!" She declared.

"Ooh! Strong words from a strong lady! Let hope we get some good footage of the heroes and the princess if they ever scrap! Now, on to the rest of the battle

Further up in the lines of defense, a green haired girl was watching the two as they quickly and effortlessly navigated the obstacles, the taller one moving in a blur and the shorter one not far behind him. Suddenly, the taller one stopped and waved for his younger companion to halt as well. She then saw him weave through different handsigns and the water below them seemed to rise at his command.


The water shaped itself into a writhing dragon and hurled itself at a large group that was attempting to cross the field, wiping them all out in a single blow.

'Wha...How in the world did he do that? I saw no Seal Crest or spell!' She exclaimed mentally.

However, Eclaire paid for her inattentiveness as a Galette soldier was chambering a Knockout Blow. However, in a flash, she was moved out of the way and in the arms of the taller blond while the shorter one took out the enemy. All that was seen was her vanishing in a puff of smoke and replaced with a log.

"Sugoi...I'll never stop being amazed with all of those Ninja skills!" Shinku gushed.

"It's cool, kid. Maybe I'll teach you a few things once this battles over." Ichigo replied.

Eclaire was beginning to get a bit ruffled still being in Ichigo's arms and ignored, but before she could call out, he turned to her.

"Hey, you alright? You can still fight?" He asked, making her color a bit.

"Uh...Y-yeah...I can. Could you put me down now?" She replied, surprized at herself for stuttering, to which he complied.

"Are you Eclaire?" Ichigo asked her.

"Yes...How did you know my name?" She asked back.

"Your brother, Rolan, asked us to keep an eye out for you and watch your back." Ichigo replied.

"Yeah...Try to be more careful, alright?" Shinku joked, lightly, making her scowl at him.

As they stood there, there was a massive force of Galette soldiers charging up at them. Eclaire turned toward Ichigo.

"That technique...Could you do it again?" She asked, to which he shook his head.

"No...My chakra is nearly dried up. I need a chance to rest for a few get some of it back." He replied, his face showing the strain and some blood leaking from the wound in his side.

"You came out here hurt? Here, let me check!" She exclaimed.

"No...Just...take care of them. I'll be fine with a little rest. I have a little in reserve to use Injutsu on myself, but that's it. I shouldn't have used those three jutsu before...Now, I'm near useless." He muttered as he went through a few more handsigns, making his hand glow green as he passed it over the wound. As he did this, the blood was beginning to slow to a halt and the skin beginning to mend. He would have used his Holy Chakra, but that was already gone for now and needed to recharge. She was about to ask how he did it when he pointed to the mass of troops that were inbound.

"That reminds me...The Princess wanted you to show me some seal...thing." Shinku mentioned.

"The Seal Cannon?"

"Yeah, that! She said that you were one of the best at it and could teach me how." He replied, the princess's kind words making her blush slightly as she went over the mechanics of using the Seal Cannon. Finally, they were ready and launched out a blast that rivaled one of his Karyuu Endan's in size and power. It completely obliterated the attacking force in one shot, much to Shinku's surprize.

"Awesome! It's like one of those ninja spells that Ichigo-san uses!" Shinku exclaimed in awe, but Eclaire brought him back down to earth.

"Yes. It's a powerful tool, but be careful. Master class warriors and knights wearing heavy armor can deflect or outright nullify them. But, most importantly..." She said, pausing.

"It tires us out. I get it." He replied.

"So be careful when using it."

"Yeah! I will!" He grinned, like a child would when they get a new toy to play with.

Ichigo saw his enthusiasm and couldn't help but give a sad chuckle. "He really reminds me of Naruto...Kami rest his soul..."

Suddenly, an emerald green blast of energy came screaming at them, but Eclaire was able to intercept it in time. She was struggling with it but managed to deflect it while beign knocked over atop of Shinku.

"Damn...What was that?" Ichigo muttered, trying to see through the dust that was kicked up, seeing a person there.

"I came here expecting the fight of my life, but this...This is disappointing. You're all merely henchmen for that Dog Princess." The young woman commented with a scoff. He got a good look at her as Eclaire clarified who that was with a gasp.

"Princess Leonmichelle!" She exclaimed.

"A Princess? From their side?" Shinku asked, but was cut off by the young woman wagging a finger at them.

"It troubles me to be called a mere Princess." She said, crossing her arms under her considerable bust.

"I am Leonmichelle Galette des Rois, King of the Galette Lion Knight Kingdom, as well as the Knight of the King of Beasts! Call me Your Majesty, you insolent curs!" She yelled, flaring up her Seal behind her from her mount for effect.

"Not too modest, is she?" Ichigo commented dryly as he continued to heal his wound.

"Now...Please allow me to advance." She said as she spurred her mount toward the front lines.

Eclaire tried stand up, but Shinku was still holding on to her, trying to get up at the same time. As he tried to push her off, he felt...something odd on her chest. He squeezed again to be sure

"You're a girl?" He said as a look of total shock overcame her.

Ichigo sighed in disgust where he sat.

"Man...Just plain clueless..." He groaned as his palm met his face.

'He thought I was a BOY?' She thought as she shook herself out of it to say something, but all that came to mind was...

"YOU PERVERT!" She bellowed, sending him airborn with a powerful punch to the face.

"Oh! An internal conflict, perhaps?" Framboise commented.

"Is this new Hero actually quite stupid to not notice something like that?" Violle added as they cut back to the Princess's advance on the fort.

Leo was currently mounted and negotiating one of the obstacles while being shot at by archers. She stopped, summoning her weapon and spun it rapidly in front of her, using it as a shield. After she deflected the arrows, she then threw it like a boomerang, taking out the archers in one fell swoop. She then advanced onward to the next area, the slippery ground and suspention bridge area. Inside, several soldiers were trying to climb out, but the Biscotti soldiers were dragging them back down and keeping them from advancing.

"Run through it!" She urged her mount, who squawked in response and poured of the speed in they attempted to vault the area, but was forgetting one thing.

"FAT CHANCE!" Shinku and Eclaire bellowed as they pelted for the ramp to the bridge and vaulted up to clash with the princess...Only to fail when she saw them coming and lept from her Cellkull and let the collide. She then summoned her axe and fired a blast at them to keep them off balance. The Cellkull landed at the opposide end and tossed a shield to her before she landed, ready for combat.

Shinku and Eclaire landed in a rather comprimising position with him on top and almost face first into her chest.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Did your mom drop you on your head or something? Why can't you be more like that other guy, Ichi-whatever?" Eclaire berated him.

"Hey! Ichigo-aniki is like this super cool ninja and I'm just a middle school student! What do you expect?" He shot back.

As the two bickered, Princess Leo was ready to launch them into the next Kingdom, her aura flaring brightly behind her. She then slammed her axe into the ground, her seal forming around it.


Pillars of flame erupted around her, taking out chunks of the ground and making them rain down, further eliminating more soldiers from both sides. The pair lept out of the smoke and debris and landed beyond the destruction.

"Seal spells can be that powerful?" Shinku asked in awe.

"Princess Leo is on an etirely different level! If you don't want to get beaten, escape for now!" Eclaire yelled, the two of them beating a hasty retreat as more flames began to chase them.

'Oh no, you don't...' She thought as she gathered even more power to channel it all into one of her most powerful attacks.


Ichigo saw the explosion from where he was trying to recover and grit his teeth.

"That chick's playing a little too rough...I'd better go put a stop to it." He grimaced as he stood up. He wasn't 100%, but it would get him through the rest of the battle, along with the chakra he managed to recover. His recovery rate was similar to Naruto's in the fact that they could be fully spent, but after a short break, they'd be ready for action again.

However, his forward progress was halted by a one of Leo's top generals, Godwin himself. The Lion-like man was easily his height with a powerful build and equally itimidating axe with a large steel ball at the end of it.

"Ahh...You must be one of the two heroes that Princess Millhiore summoned. I am Godwin Dorure, a General of the Galette Knights and you must be Ichigo Uzumaki! I saw you fight and I have to say that I am impressed with your strength and skill! I would like to take you on myself, then I can say that I defeated a hero on my own!" The large man roared with a hearty laugh as he swung his large ball around and flung it at the wounded Jounin.

Luckily, Godwin had never dealt with anyone as fast and as quick on their feet as a shinobi, so Ichigo was easily able to evade his strike. The cycle of wind up, strike, and recovery took little more that a few seconds for the powerful Lion-man, but a few seconds is an eternity when fighting a ninja, especially a Jounin and former ANBU Captain. He was able to draw his Holy Balde and strike back in half a heartbeat, his consecutive strikes putting the massive man on the defensive.

"Outta the way! I need to reach the kids and see if they're alright!" Ichigo yelled, starting to get angry.

Godwin was also a highly experienced soldier and warrior, so he was able to at least put into a stalemate and lock him up slightly.

"Ha! This was an excellent fight! I have never been pushed so hard in battle before now and you really are a powerful opponent! Leo-hime must have finished those two by now and this fight must end now. I win!" He said in a booming voice as he tried to bear down with all of his strength, but again, he underestimated the power and craftiness of the shinobi and it was going to cost him dearly. He had a flashback of Sasuke's gloating over the bodies of his two wives, still fresh in his mind, and...

He snapped.

Ichigo's hand snaked to his reserve blade, the Chakra Fang, and unsheathed it with lightning speed, bringing it up to Godwin's throat.

"I don't think so. Put the weapon down with your head on or off. NOW!" He ordered at the top of his lungs, his mismatched eyes burning with barely restrained rage.

Godwin had never dealt with an opponent that had been so enraged plus he had a razor sharp blade touching his throat, so he quickly dropped his weapon and stepped away. The rest of the Galette troops edged in to attack, but Godwin halted them.

"He...defeated me fairly. He was the better warrior this time and you all wouldn't stand a chance." Godwin ordered his men to stand down, seeing Ichigo's rage fade away and resheathe his swords.

"Hang in there, kids...I'm on my way." The blond shinobi said as he turned his back to the and vanished in a column of water.

"Amazing! Simply astonishing! General Godwin has been defeated and his forces are withdrawing from the battle! Hero Ichigo fought like a man possessed, trying to reach and assist his comrades with inspiring conviction, and now he simply disappeared in a column of water that appeared from nowhere! He really is a mystery, but one thing is certain...He is truly a force to be reckoned with!" Framboise exclaimed.

"Indeed...He is a truly formidable enemy. He managed to match Godwin blow for blow after being tired and injured, then he managed to force him to surrender with a second, hidden blade. He kept his secondary weapon hidden until he needed it and surprized his opponent with it to end the fight quickly." Bernard commented on his tactics.

"That's true, but he seemed to have snapped down there. He was trying to reach his comrades to help them but Godwin stood in his way. The way he quickly and efficiently took him down shows that he has a fierce loyalty to his comrades and is willing to do what ever it takes to protect them. An admirable trait." Violle added on his character appraisingly.

"Indeed. Now, we come back to the battle involving the team of Countess Martinozzi and Hero Shinku, versus Princess Leonmichelle!" Framboise announced, turning back to the fight.

Back in Filliano Castle, Millhi watched the fight with bated breath. Godwin was widely and rightly feared on the battlefield, but Ichigo took him on while wounded without the slightest bit of fear, reacting with the kind of courage she grew up believeing a hero should have. She was even more elated when he seized victory over the feared General of the Lions, but what worried her was how Ichigo snapped suddenly. She couldn't really blame him for it after she heard from Shinku what he'd been through. She felt honored that he was willing to fight his heart out and lay down his life to protect them from the fate that befell his people.

'Now...I hope Shinku and Eclaire are still okay...' She murmured as she strained her eyes for any sign of her other hero and guard captain.

The dust was settling as Leo surveyed the damage she caused. The area they were in was now a giant crater, littered with furballs from both Biscotti and from Galette as she looked up to the announcers screen.

"Hey, Framboise! Did the Hero and Droopy Ears die or what?" She asked.

"Oh, right! Now let me see here..." He said, looking around for any traces of the two.

High above them, Shinku and Eclaire had used the explosive force to lift them high above the battlefield and out of harm's way, but they were now plummeting back down to the ground.

"We'll never be beaten that easily!" Eclaire shouted.

"Hey...Isn't this too high up?" Shinku exclaimed as the announcer coaught sight of them.

"There they are! They've managed to escape the blast, but at this rate, they are highly vulnerable to Her Majesty's attacks!" Framboise reported, Leo's grin becoming feral as she eagerly awaited their return to the ground.

"I don't want to share the credit with you, but she will kick both our butts if we don't face her together!" The droopy eared girl proposed.

"Are you saying we should work together?" He asked in bewilderment.

"Yes! Now, let's do this." She said as she spun in mid-air and used a bicycle kick to launch him down at the waiting Princess, who looked like a hungry lioness in her den.

"Crazy girl!" He shouted at her as he careened down toward the waiting young woman.

The two met with clashed weapons and a brilliant burst of power, but she repelled him and he flipped away. Before she could chamber another blow, Eclaire landed right behind her, her twin short swords poised to strike. The two dashed in from opposite directions and she managed to catch the blows, but her weapon suffered for it. Now weaponless, the two crossed again, striking true this time, just as Ichigo arrived at the battlefield to see her go down, her armor shattered and leaving behind a rather revealing ensemble.

"Good job, you two. Just goes to show you what you can do when you're not arguing." He smirked.

"I really underestimated you two, the midget and the Droopy Ears there." She sighed and continued.

"I can continue like this...But it would be way too much fanservice if I did, so I concede." She declared as she struck a pose, trying to look sexy and succeeding if the slight bloody noses on the furballs and Shinku were any indicator.

"Eh?" Was all Shiku could say as fireworks began to launch in celebration of their victory.

"Unbelieveable! Princess Leo has been defeated! Biscotti has managed to pull victory from the jaws of defeat and now they get an Enemy Leader Defeat Bonus times 2! 700 points will now be added to Biscotti's score and the spoils of this battle are the claim to this location!" Framboise announced, taking a look at the scoreboard

"This may not mean the end of the war, but the point differential here is devastating! It is now impossible for Galette to pull off a victory and have been routed!" He added.

In Filliano Castle, Millhi and her close friend and chief researcher, Riccota Elmar, celebrated their first victory in a long time.

Down at the battlesite, a full camera crew had assembled to take the statements of the fighters. Leo had the mic first.

"Hero, even though you received help from Droopy Ears here, I compliment you for landing a solid hit on me! However, don't get cocky! I won't let this happen again in the future!" She declared to him as she turned to the other hero, an appraising look in her eye.

"At first I thought you didn't look like much, but you fought that battle maniac Godwin head on while injured and tired and you still beat him! That was nothing short of impressive and I can't wait to fight you sometime." She said to Ichigo her voice becoming sly at the last part.

"Thanks...I guess." He deadpanned as she tossed the mic to Shinku.

"Thank you, Prince..." He began to say until she stiffened with indignation, along with her tail, and spun around.

"Your Majesty!" She corrected him.

"Your Majesty!" He repeated.

"Good boy!" She said with a satisfied grin.

"Although the battle with Your Majesty was scary, it was really fun!" He said. As he finished what he had to say, she motioned over to Eclaire with her tail, so he tossed her the fic. But as he did it, so spoke to the camera teams.

"Close up on Droopy Ears! You'll get some good footage." She whispered to them.

Sure enough, just as she caught the mic...Her clothes suddenly ripped to shreds! She just stood there mortified for a moment before reality dawned on her as to how this happened. While they were fighting Leo, he accidentally clipped her with his staff, resulting in her current wardrobe malfunction.

The announcer replayed the footage for the world to see.

"Hero Shinku hit Lady Eclaire by mistake! It went past her armor and shredded her clothing!" Framboise exclaimed, trying not to laugh as the camera teams got as many close-ups as they could manage.

"Ugh..." Ichigo groaned as he slapped his forehead.

"Oh my..." Millhi chuckled nerviously as Riccota had a good laugh.

Princess Leo was nearly laughing her head off as she turned to the heroes.

"I'll be back and next time, I'll be sure to invade you thouroghly, too!" She declared, but turned to the elder hero.

"Next time, I want to fight you...Personally." She nearly cooed at him, his eyes rolling slightly. He may have put off the deaths of everyone that he cared about for now, but he was still grieving. This was no time for a rebound, especially with a girl the same age as his youngest brother.

"Fine. The next time, find me and we'll have that fight." He sighed.

"It's a date." She winked as she skipped away merrily, making the eyes of her people nearly bug out at her strange behaivior. But then again...She was a bit off kilter for a girl in the first place.

"The...Princess issues a direct challenge to the elder Hero for the next battle and exits...gracefully, I guess. Still, that is a battle I can't wait to see!" The enthusiastic announcer commented, turning to his co-hosts.

"This gives us something to look forward to for the next invasion!" He added.

"It really does, but this war isn't over yet." Bernard replied.

"That's right. Dear warriors on the battlefield, good job today and we'll have ourselves another good fight next time!" Violle said cheerfully, all of the still active soldiers still on the field cheerly loudly.

Back with the others, Eclaire was busy trying to cover her chest while chasing Shinku around, trying to clobber him for exposing her.

"You Idiot! Moron! Jerk!" She screeched at him as he continued to back pedal and dodge.

"I said I'm sorry! I didn't do that on purpose..Ah, damn!" He yelped as he ducked another close call.

"This hero...While strong and amazing...He may be a bit dumb after all. As for Lady Eclaire, thanks for the wonderful shots!" Framboise said.

"Shut up!" She yelled at the camera as she continued to chase her quarry.

"Had Galette won this battle, the Galette liquor festival would have been held here..." He announced, making Ichigo's jaw drop.

"Aw man! I coulda used a good drink!" He whined.

"Since Biscotti won, the rights for the victory event go to them." Bernard added.

"Princess Millhiore of Filliano Castle...Is the event this time what we have been expecting?" Framboise inquired.

"Yes! We, of the Filliano Music Hall, shall be holding a music and singing event." Millhi announced happily.

"The preparations for the concert are complete, Princess!" Riccota reported, making the Biscotti soldiers cheer madly.

"So...The Princess sings too?" Shinku asked his fellow hero, making the mistake of stopping to ask and getting stomped by Eclaire

"What's that supposed to mean? Princess Millhiore is a world renowned vocalist!" She informed the pair.

"Easy there...We aren't from here, rememeber? How were we supposed to know?" Ichigo asked.

"I...I'm sorry." She apologized as a new bundle of clothes plopped on her head.

"That's better." Rolan said, coming up from behind.

"Good work out there, guys. I never expected you to fight and defeat Godwin injured and exhausted as you were." Rolan congradulated as he summoned a pair of medics to see to his wound and he actually allowed them to work on him. They peeled his vest and shirt off of him and checked on the wound, which had opened up again during his fight.

"How did you get this awful wound? I thought the Flonya power was supposed to protect us?" A female medic asked as she bandaged his wound.

" this elsewhere. Before I came to your world, I was already wounded." He said quietly, his face hazed with untold pain.

"Really? What happened?" Eclaire asked intently, but her brother stopped her.

"Now, now, Eclaire...It looks like a sensitive subject and we should respect that." Rolan chided her lightly as he saw Shinku's downcast expression.

"You know, don't you?" He asked the boy, who nodded solemnly, looking at Ichigo.

"Go ahead...I doesn't matter now. You helped me give them a proper burial, so you have my permission and gratitude." He told the boy as he left with the medics to their tent so they could work on him better.

"Before I was brought here, we went to his world on accident. I don't really know what happened, but it looked like a massive war broke out and we got there just as it finished. Th-there were...bodies everywhere and he was the only one still alive, trying to bury his loved ones. Friends...Family, His wife...They all died." Shinku explained the words dying in his throat. What he saw there would stay with him for the rest of his life, scarring him slightly and was a grim reminder of what real war looked like.

Rolan's head was swimming from the reality that Shinku described while Eclaire hadn't taken it quite so well. She was shaking like a leaf and pale upon learning what happened to her rescuer. He was gravely injured and possibly traumatized, but still stuck his neck out for them and saved her.

'He...was married and his wife was killed? No...' She thought as she began to tear up.

Just was they were finished talking about it, Ichigo came out of the medical tent and back over to them.

"So...What's this I hear about our cutie of a princess being a singer? I'd like to hear her sing sometime." He asked. They knew he was trying to put it out of his mind, so they went along with it.

"While conducting meetings and during exchanges with various foregin countries, our princess would take her band with her to sing around the world." Rolan explained.

"I see.." Shinku replied.

"However, with the numerous battles as of late, this has had to stop. We haven't even heard her sing for some time now." He finished, Eclaire poking out from behind him as she finished dressing again.

"You'll understand once she sings." Eclaire said as she walked up to Ichigo, her head low.

"H-here...Your coat. Thank you for letting me use it." She said as she fidgeted slightly. He simply patted her head, oddly making her feel better.

"It's alright." He replied.

"Since you two have performed such distingushed services, you may enjoy the concert from special VIP seats." Rolan informed them.

Shinku was happy to hear that, but he paused for a second.

"That's great and all...But I'd like to return home to visit my family, or at least contact them." Shinku told them.

"What?" The Martinozzi siblings said in unison.


Back in the castle, Millhi and Rico were walking through one of the thouroghfares of the castle and chatting about the coming festivities.

"Thanks to our heroes, we should be able to attain victory!" Rico said happily.

"That's right...But will they stay and listen to my concert? Shinku has family back where he is from and I don't know if Ichigo will come. He's...had a lot to deal with and he might want to rest." Millhi replied. Rico was going to ask what he'd been through, but left it at that. She just thought that the princess forgot for a moment.

"Any hero that gets summoned...Cannot return to their world. That is precisely why the Summoning isn't done very often. Don't tell me you didn't know that, princess?" Rico informed her, but the nervious expression and sweating told the genius girl otherwise.

"There has to be some way to send him back home!" She replied, laughing nerviously, making Rico exasperated.

"I'm telling you...There is none!" She exclaimed.


Back with the heroes, the siblings were hesitant to give Shinku the sad news.

"A summoned hero cannot return to their world nor can they communicate with it." Rolan explained.

"Those are the rules of the summoning." Eclaire added.

"Ha, ha! That's pretty funny!" Shinku laughed at what he hoped was just a joke.

"No. I assure you that I wasn't joking." Rolan replied.

At the same time, somehow, the princess and Shinku both exclaimed.



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