Open House At The Hall Of Justice

What Kind Of Games Should We Have?

It was all over the news and everyone was invited.

That meant, of course, that the Hall of Justice would be filled with strangers, families, kids, women of all ages, trying to catch the eye of any number of male heroes, and numerous men, young and old, getting as much of an eyeful as possible of the lovely ladies of the Justice League.

It was the Justice Leagues one year anniversary so a celebration was in order. There would have been a large crowd regardless of the occasion, but to add to the excitement and fame of the event was the fact that the Justice League had just thwarted an invasion by an army of Lion men.

Yes, having seen the League defeat an army of walking a talking lions had really put the JLA's popularity through the roof.

Not surprisingly it was the Flash, Booster and Blue Beetle that had suggested an open house. They had actually suggested it on live television thus making it harder to back down from.

It wasn't that security would be a problem, not with Thangarian and Kryptonian technology, Superman's senses, J'onn's telepathy, Hal's ring and Batman's bat lie detector. No one was worried about vandalism or even villains getting close. It was just that now everyone had to put their private affairs on hold because Wally, Booster and Ted ran and then shut their mouth's about five minutes before their brains caught up with their words.

Once their brains did, the first word out of each of their mouths was, "crap!"

The three of them knew they were in for a lecture. What really surprised them was that several of the League members thought their idea a good one. The ones that did not like the idea or outright hated it were promised that security would be tight and that the public would only be given a tour of the outside of the Hall and of the main room inside. No one would be taken to the satellite or to any other rooms.

Batman didn't care. He was not going to be there. Other than the League members there were very few who knew he actually existed. He planned on keeping it that way.

Some of the League members pouted when they heard he wouldn't be there. Wally voiced the hopes of most of the group. "But, Bats! You can't back out like that and leave me hanging! We were gonna offer people rides in the batjet! Shoot! I wanted to ride in the batjet! It wouldn't be everybody! Just the individuals that won certain games and maybe acquired enough tokens, you know, like they do at some of those kid's party restaurants!"

Hal, Ollie, Booster, Ted, Dinah, Zatanna, Donna and Kara all tried to convince him to do it.

J'onn, Diana, Kal, Kator and Shayera, Arthur and Mera, John and Vixen, Scott and Big Barda and Captain Atom all understood Batman's reasons and said nothing.

Robin understood as well and was understandably aghast at the idea. "Holy sudden revelations, Batman! Our secret would be out!"

So the League continued with its preparations for the open house without the option of offering anyone a ride in the mysterious and sleek batjet.

This of course got the rest of the group brain storming for ideas and games. There were many.

Ted suggested they have some kind of science project for the kids to do.

Booster thought it would be cool to have a bikini modeling contest for ladies between the ages of eighteen and twenty one. The first, second and third place winners would get their picture taken with him and show up in one of his commercials.

Wally wanted to have a race. The winner would get to kiss Donna. When he produced his rough sketch of the signup sheet for the races it was noted that Wally's name showed up on each list.

Hal thought that maybe he should offer the winners of the bikini modeling contest a trip to space and back, still in their bikini's naturally, with him. It would, of course be quite safe. They would be enveloped in a green energy bubble at all times and he would never leave their side.

Ollie thought maybe he could give the winners private bow lessons.

Shayera asked Hal and Booster why the women in the contest had to be between eighteen and twenty one. The two thought about it for a minute and both agreed that the age range was too narrow. Being understanding and of generous minds they extended the range from eighteen to twenty three without complaint.

They league ladies just rolled their eyes. Shayera mumbled something about hitting them with her mace but Hal and Booster didn't hear her.

Donna saw Diana and Kal glancing at one another. She noted that sometimes, they smiled warmly, others, they blushed. It gave her an idea. "Hey, why don't we have a contest. Sort of like a mini athletic tournament for the ladies. Superman flies the winner around the world."

All of the ladies became visibly excited at the suggestion. Donna watched her sister's eyes sparkle with anticipation for a moment and then she was back in control. She laughed inside, "I knew it!" she thought.

Superman coughed to get everyone's attention. "We've been deciding prizes for young women but what about children. I thought Ted's idea was good. I could work up some sort of experiments for them to perform as well. I also think we could do something for each of the children. Maybe I could bring Krypto with me that day. He behaves himself around kid's fine. I'm sure it'll be a day they'll never forget."

The guys were all speechless.

Finally Hal and Wally found their voices. "Wow, Supes! I never thought of that! It's a great idea! The kids will love it!" they said it simultaneously.

Dinah leaned over towards Diana and Shayera and asked, "Why does that not surprise me in the least?" The three of them burst out laughing.

Booster solved the dilemma for himself, Ollie, Wally and Hal. "That is a great idea, Supes. Why don't we have competitions and games for the kids and competitions and games for the ladies?"

Dinah looked at Donna and winked, "So the ladies still get flown around by Superman if they win the tournament?"

"Absolutely!" Donna responded before anyone else could butt in.

"I also think that there should be a grand prize drawing for kids and adults. The person that is drawn gets to pick what he or she wants to do or get as a prize." Dinah added.

"Perfect! We can use my hat for the drawing!" Zatanna pitched in.

"Yes, it's a good idea and we can all participate as well," Mari added.

"Of course!" the ladies were unanimous on that point.

"I'll leave my hat here tonight. We can all put our names in it right now or over the next week as long as it's before the day of the open house. When everyone shows up we'll let them drop their names in here as well. Maybe we should have two or three drawings?" Zatanna offered.

There were no disagreements there either.


Selina Kyle grinned and sat back from her desk in her apartment. Robin hadn't noticed the bug she'd placed on his cape earlier that day. She had wanted to find out where Batman lived so that she could give him a special surprise. She was getting tired of their brief flirtatious meetings and the quick pecks she had given him had left her wanting a little more. The last meeting had cemented her resolve. Batman had just grabbed her and kissed her fierce and long; Selina meant to have more of the same.

Thus, the reason for the bug on Robin. If she couldn't convince Batman to break down and let her in she was quite sure she could get him to come after her. All she had to do was get her hands on the hat with all the names then she would get to choose what she wanted.

Selina smiled wickedly. She knew she had already won.