Open House At The Hall Of Justice

Chapter 6

A Couple of Sensitive Matters

Themysciran Embassy

Wally and Donna stood in front of the teleporting mirror on the top floor of the embassy. Mala was there as well. She was acting ambassador in Diana's absence. She was answering Donna's question.

"Yes, the queen is currently at home. She has taken the next four days off from traveling and I believe she may be planning on actually coming here to visit both you and Princess Diana, but I do not know when. So I am sure she will be pleasantly surprised to see you, your Highness." She spoke respectfully to Donna but looked at Wally suspiciously. She had seen the young man in action before and he was very impressive but she couldn't imagine the queen being too happy to discover that her youngest daughter was frolicking around with the boy who could move faster than Zeus's lightning bolts. In fact, she was pretty sure she would see the young hero come limping back through the portal in the not too distant future.

Donna gave her a big smile, "Thanks, Mala!" Turning she grabbed the Flash by the hand and tugged him towards the portal. "Come on, Wally! If we hurry we can catch her before lunch!"

Mala watched the two disappear through the portal. The young, masked man had seemed very happy but extremely nervous and when he had been dragged through she had noticed a somewhat green aspect to his face. It made her chuckle out loud at the thought of such a powerful hero being so nervous and scared of meeting the queen. Perhaps he was a good match for the princess after all.

"Hello, Mala!"

Mala turned around and found herself face to face with the Princess Diana and the one called Superman. The two were holding hands. Mala rolled her eyes without meaning to. "Another happy couple to visit the queen?" she asked uncharacteristically sarcastic.

She realized too late that she was being rude when she noticed her princess and the one called Superman looking at her in confusion.

"I wish to speak to my mother and hoped that she was available at the moment." Diana explained to her, still obviously confused by her behavior and statements.

Mala smiled, she knew that most of her sisters approved of Superman for the elder princess. She wondered if the Queen did as well. If she did not then they would be walking back through the portal in minutes. "Oh, she is available. I believe that she has an important appointment just ahead of you that cannot wait, but following that, she should be free," Mala answered laughing on the inside.

"Thank you so much, Mala! We will see you soon!" Diana answered happily as she tugged on Superman's hand and pulled him through the portal.

Mala couldn't help but notice that Superman's face had seemed a little green. Mala doubled over in laughter.


Hippolyta was in her study. There was a guard posted outside the door and her general and best friend was with her looking over old documents and manuscripts. She wanted them all reorganized and she was thinking about having all of the non magical ones digitalized. On her trip she had visited several Themysciran shelters for women and she had been impressed with the speed of the computer systems but she had also been cautioned about the dangers. She was quite certain that on Themyscira there would be a way to have the digital files magically protected.

She had just started to discuss her idea with Phillipus and Menalipe when Helene, the captain of her guard, interrupted with a, "Your Highness?"

"Yes, Helene. What is it?" the queen responded, looking up from the table.

"Princess Donna is here," Helene responded. It was obvious from her face that there was more.

"That is wonderful news, Helene. I always enjoy a visit from either or both of my daughters, but something tells me there is more that I need to be told." She raised her eyebrows as she waited for Helene to continue.

Helene smiled. "Yes, your Majesty. There is more. Princess Donna wants to meet with you to speak about a sensitive matter."

Now Hippolyta was perplexed. Helene obviously knew something more, but Hippolyta had the sense that she was being mysterious and cautious about giving her too much information. She assumed on orders of the princess. She was always trying to surprise her and making her sister Amazons make promises of secrecy. Hippolyta smiled. It never stopped her from finding out the truth long before her daughter wanted her to. It was one of the perks of being a very wise and very respected queen.

"Very well, I will meet Donna in the lower garden, if you could direct her there for me." Hippolyta stood up. She was a bit worried. The "sensitive matter" portion of Helene's explanation had her motherly instincts going crazy.

"As you wish, my Queen, I shall send them right away." Helene spun on her heels and was almost out the door when she was stopped by a single word from the queen.

"Them? Who exactly is with my little Donna?" Hippolyta asked suspiciously.

"Oh, just a young man, your Highness," Helene responded quickly and was gone.

Hippolyta released her breath with a hiss. So the sensitive matter was that Donna liked a boy and most likely was bringing him to present to her for approval.

Hippolyta made her way to the door of the library and turned. Facing Phillipus and Menalipe she said, "I will return shortly."

Walking quickly, she stopped at her bedchamber and strapped her magical sword, forged by Hephaestus himself, to her side. She slipped on the sandals Hermes to increase her speed just to be on the safe side and turned to leave her room.

As she opened the door she was shocked to find Helene standing there attempting to knock on the door. As it was, she nearly knocked on the queen. Both fearless Amazons jumped back with quiet yelps at the unexpected appearance of the other. The queen recovered first.

"You startled me, Helene. What is it, now?" Hippolyta asked.

"You startled me as well, your Majesty! If it were not for my lightening fast reflexes, I might have knocked on your head instead of the door! I don't know if I could have ever forgiven myself!" started Helene, a smirk and a twinkle in her eyes.

There was just the wrong amount of jest in her voice that Hippolyta looked her sternly in the eye and, without encouraging Helene's sudden attack of clowning, repeated her question. "You had another message for me, Helene?"

Helene was instantly all business realizing that she had spoken inappropriately. "Yes, your Majesty! The princess Diana is here and would like to see you on a sensitive matter."

Queen Hippolyta looked both stunned and confused, "Diana? A sensitive matter? This is Diana and not Donna? Did you mean both or just one of them?"

"Both Princesses are here to see you on sensitive matters, your Majesty," Helene informed her very matter of fact.

"Very well, tell Diana to wait for me outside the lower garden. I will meet with her there after I have attended to Donna," the queen commanded.

Helene stood straight up, saluted her queen, spun on her heels and marched off just as she reached the corner of the hall she called back, "I will inform them to wait outside the lower gardens for you, your Majesty!" and then she was gone.

Hippolyta stopped cold. Them? Diana was with someone as well? Hippolyta didn't know what was going on but she grabbed the gauntlet of Atlas before she left her bedchamber and headed to the lower garden.

Donna and Wally sat in the lower garden waiting for the queen. Donna was extremely excited, so she was pacing. Wally was extremely nervous. He was sitting very still. Donna was in a talkative mood. Wally was uncharacteristically quiet.

"You have absolutely nothing to worry about, Wally. My mom loves you! I know she does! Anytime she's ever listed guys that she wanted to kill or hurt or castrate, you name has never come up!" Donna encouraged him.

Wally gave her a weak smile. "So I'm not on her kill and castrate list? So I guess that's good right?"

Donna continued, "Yes, that's good! Also, whenever she talks about no good cowards and men she thinks of as pigs she has never mentioned you!"

Wally nodded his head, "That's good, I guess. Your mom has never referred to me as a pig or coward."

Donna could see that Wally was slowly relaxing. "That's right, Wal. And anytime your name has ever come up in her presence I've never seen her make a mad or sour or disgusted face."

Wally was much more relaxed now. "Oh, that's really good! So what kind of face did she make? She was smiling?"

Donna thought for a moment, "No. She wasn't exactly smiling, but she most certainly wasn't making angry faces."

"How did she hear my name?" Wally asked curious. He assumed it was while interrogating Donna about the guys in the Titans.

"I can't remember. To be honest, she might not have heard me when your name came up in the conversation. I was talking kind of quietly to Diana at the time," Donna recalled.

Wally got very quiet as he stared at Donna open mouthed. Finally he found his voice as he stood up, forcing Donna to stop in front of him. "You were talking about me to Diana? What did you say?"

Donna blushed. "Well, I don't know. I guess it was about you being very sweet or something like that. I might have said something about you being really cute as well, but I can't remember."

Wally's heart stopped beating. "You seriously think that I'm sweet and cute?"

Donna thought that maybe Wally was offended at being called sweet and cute. "Well, when I said cute, I didn't mean it like teddy bear cute. I meant more like handsome or good looking, cute. And when I said sweet, I meant that you had good manners and were always a gentleman and never made any rude comments to me or said anything suggestive…"

"I really hope your mom let's me court you because I want to kiss you really bad!" Wally interrupted her.

The two stood looking at each other for a long moment. Both were smiling uncontrollably and their eyes were shining. They were brought out of their trance by a small cough. Both jumped and turned to see the queen standing next to them.

Donna noticed that her mother looked very serious and not very amused.

Wally noticed that she had her sword with her and that her hand was on the hilt.

"So, Little Donna, you are here to see me on a sensitive matter and have brought your friend the Flash to help you explain the situation?" the queen inquired with an air of impatience.

Donna smiled at her mother, "Wally has something he wants to ask you. It is sensitive because it has to do with me and him."

Wally's eyes bulged as he heard Donna's response. He hadn't expected that he would have to say much and the queen seemed rather upset. He suddenly felt unsteady on his feet. He hoped that he wouldn't vibrate through the floor from being so nervous and he hoped he didn't look sick to Donna's mother.

With an embarrassingly loud gulp he turned to face Hippolyta. He pulled back his mask and looked her in the eye smiling nervously. "Hi Mrs. Hippolyta, your Honor. I'm sorry for barging in on you like this. I hope you don't get mad at Donna. She hasn't done anything. We just came here…we, well, I would like very much to start kissing…wait! No! Dating….not dating. Courting! I would like your permission to court Donna, please, Ma'am."

Hippolyta watched amused as the young man nervously addressed her. Her anger had abated when she had seen that it was Wally with her daughter and not the other red headed boy that she could not stand. She took careful note of his poise, speech and manners. He was obviously nervous and scared. She found that amusing having seen him battle foes that she could never face and survive.

He had removed his mask to address her and looked her in the eye the whole time. His look had never been defiant. He had come to the point and attempted to defend her daughter. Her anger gone, she decided to see how honest the boy was. "Why do you wish to court my daughter, Flash?"

Wally was studying her face intently looking for some kind of hope. He had noted that her hand was not gripping the hilt of her sword. That had to be a good sign but she was wearing the gauntlet of Atlas. So there was still reason to be nervous. He looked at Donna who was just grinning happily at him. He smiled back, hoping he didn't look like an idiot and turned his attention back to the queen.

"Please feel free to call me Wally, your Majesty, ma'am. I want to court Donna because I couldn't imagine myself courting or kissing anybody else and she told me that I had to have your permission and she said she felt the same way about me and I think she's just amazing!" Wally didn't know when it happened but he suddenly didn't feel afraid any more. It was like his heart took over.

"Am I to understand that you have been kissing my daughter and taking advantage of her and now are asking for my permission to continue to do so?" Hippolyta couldn't help herself. She had to see and hear his response.

Wally's courage disappeared. He felt green again. "No! Your, Highness! I have never and would never take advantage of Donna! I want to kiss her real bad but I haven't! Honest! I want to court her for real!"

Hippolyta couldn't keep up the act. Her face softened and she smiled warmly at Wally. She stepped forward grabbed his arms and pulled the shocked young man into an embrace.

Wally for his part gave out an involuntary panicked yelp when the queen grabbed him and hugged him. He was half expecting a dagger to the gut, but the unexpected hug ended uneventfully. He found himself at arm's length from the queen and saw that she was smiling at him. He grinned weakly back.

"So, we're cool?" he squeaked.

Hippolyta laughed. "If my little Donna wishes to be with a man, then there is no other I would rather her be with. You are a courageous, courteous and kind young man. You have always shown respect to my daughters, my people and myself. You have my blessing. When the two of you have decided on a date to bind yourselves together make sure you inform me straightaway so that preparations can be made here."

Wally couldn't believe what he was hearing. She had said yes and had given him a hug! Wait! What was the last part she had said? Something about binding. He wasn't sure what that was all about. He would have to ask Donna about it later. He wondered if he should address her differently now that he was courting Donna, maybe call her mother or mom. Would she still want him to call her, her Majesty? He would have to ask Donna about that one as well.

Hippolyta motioned for Donna to come closer. She embraced her as well. "I am proud of your choice, daughter. I believe he is a good man. He is young and he has a big heart. You have always been a great judge of character. Just make sure that you remember that this is always your home, I am always your mother and no one is to ever mistreat you."

Donna smiled happily at her mom and hugged her tightly. "Thank you, mother! I knew you would love him and approve!"

Turning to Wally, Donna hugged him tightly around the neck and then peppered his cheeks with light kisses. Wally was both in heaven and in a panic. He had dreamed of kissing Donna since he had first met her and the desire had only grown as he had gotten to know her and grown closer to her. But a part of him just assumed that her mother would decapitate him without question for touching her daughter in any way. The fact that it was in front of her would just be all the more reason.

Donna stopped and let go of his neck. "There, you've been rewarded for all of those races you won." Her eyes twinkled up at him.

Wally grinned happily and nervously back. "I think your mom kinda likes me. I don't want to ruin it and walk out of here in several little pieces," he complained.

Donna giggled. "She's not gonna hurt you. I was the one doing the kissing! Let's go! I want you to take me on a picnic!"

Wally's courage was now back. He smiled at Hippolyta. "Thank you, your Majesty ma'am. Would you like to go on a picnic with us…Owww!"

Wally looked down to find Donna glaring at him as he rubbed the back of his arm vigorously. "Did you just pinch me? That hurt! What did I do?"

Donna answered for her mother. "My mother can't go. She's too busy. She'd be bored anyways. She likes to do older people stuff like read scrolls and pass laws and work on treaties, stuff like that…Owwww!"

Donna turned to find her mother glaring at her as she rubbed the back of her arm vigorously. "You pinched me! I can't believe you pinched me! What did I say? You mean you want to come on a picnic with us? If you do you'll have to bring your own scrolls, I don't have any in my apartment at the embassy…yikes!"

Donna turned to run. She had Wally by the hand and her mother was reaching for her arm once again when they found themselves facing Wonder Woman and Superman.

Hippolyta didn't finish her second pinch.

Donna let go of Wally's hand.

Hippolyta, Donna and Wally all noticed that the two were holding hands.

Wally got a huge grin on his face.

Donna blurted out a, "Finally!"

Hippolyta looked at them for a moment then smiled. There were very few men she respected more than Wally, only three to be exact, J'onn, Arthur and Kal-El. She had hoped that Diana would pick Kal-El if she was to pick anyone for a suitor, and here they were. They had the same love struck look about them that her little Donna and Wally had. She didn't need to ask if he had shown her daughter respect. She knew he was a man of honor. "Yes," she said. "You may court Diana, but I have one condition."

Diana and Kal looked at her and at each other stunned. "What is your condition, your Majesty?" Clark asked.

"That you join Donna, Wally and myself on a picnic. I am going to prepare myself. There is a beautiful meadow to the east. We will picnic there. The two of you can explain to me what plans you have for my daughters and I will tell you why I have said yes." Hippolyta turned and left the four stunned heroes in the garden.

Diana and Donna smiled. "We already know why she said yes. She loves you guys."

Kal and Wally looked at each other stunned. "Same day, huh? Man talk about great minds thinking alike!" Wally grinned.

Kal grinned back, "It's gonna be lots of fun being family."

"Yeah! Think of all the awesome races we will have at family reunions and the stories we can tell about each other! It's gonna be a blast!" Wally agreed enthusiastically.

Both heard soft coughing. Turning they found Diana and Donna looking at them expectantly.

Diana looked at Kal, "Was there not something you were dying to do?"

"Mother left us alone here for a reason. We cannot waste time. She will be back soon and we will not have a chance during the picnic," Donna added.

For a moment Kal and Wally looked at the girls somewhat confused then realization hit them simultaneously. Grinning wickedly they pulled their official fiancés in close and gave them the first of many happy kisses.

======Meanwhile Back At Wayne Manor======

Selina's eyes opened slowly. Usually she sprang to life, but she was too exhausted. She didn't want to sit up at all. She just wanted to snuggle back down into her soft warm bed and…Selina sat straight up staring at her surroundings. She was in a huge room laying in a king size bed. The mattress was firm but the pillows were extra soft. She was naked and alone.

Slowly the events of the previous evening came flooding back to her. She smiled at the memories but then frowned. She was definitely in his room but he was nowhere to be found. Just as she was wondering if it was his way of saying not interested, the bedroom door opened and Bruce walked in with tray.

She watched him suspiciously while admiring his bare, well muscled, upper torso. Bruce brought the tray to her side of the bed very quietly and set it on a little stand that seemed especially made for it. It made Selina wonder if this was some elaborate ritual he always went through to say good-bye to his flings.

She was caught off guard when he bent down and kissed her cheek and whispered a soft good morning in her ear. His lips just barely brushed her cheek and it sent shivers through her body.

"You seem a bit chilled all of a sudden, Selina," Bruce observed with a very dangerous look in his eyes and a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

Selina closed her eyes to get her conflicting emotions under control. "Are you dumping me, Bruce? Is that what this is?"

Bruce smiled and kissed her neck gently then moved down her neck to her shoulder planting small kisses and smelling her. He stopped and looked her in the eye. "I was bringing you breakfast. It's very good. If you take the cover off of the plates you'll see that there are Belgian waffles, scrambled eggs, plenty of fruit, yogurt, orange juice, toast, plenty to choose from. I figured you would be hungry when you woke up. You were quite vigorous last night. You're going to need to replenish your energy stores for today."

"Why, for the walk home?" Selina asked, staring blankly at the breakfast tray in front of her. It was quite beautiful. It looked to be made of pure silver.

"Why would you want to walk home? I thought we could spend the day together. If you need to go home I can take you and if you like I could pick you up again this evening. The early part of my evening will be free and I want to spend it with you and if you like, you could join me on patrol. It shouldn't be a long night. Most of the troublemakers are currently behind bars, locked away at Arkham or naked in my bed." Bruce was speaking quietly but his eyes were sparkling.

Selina studied him carefully. "You don't want to get rid of me?"

"I've finally caught you. Why would I want to get rid of you? Would you like to spend the day with me?" Bruce responded gently.

Selina smiled wickedly. "I have to admit that the breakfast looks very good."

"Yes, and it smells delicious as well," Bruce said as he leaned in again and kissed her neck while taking in her scent.

Selina sighed, "I like breakfast. I feel so hungry. I have a very large appetite. If I stay with you, I'll have to be fed often."

Bruce ripped the covers off of her and pushed her back onto the bed. "I was hoping that you would. I think I could help you with that. I was hoping to be able to feed you more than once a day."

Selina wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down whispering in his ear. "I like the sound of that. I think you're going to have a very happy kitty on your hands."

The wide screen television suddenly came on. It was on the news. Apparently, the news of the hour was that there was a second open house going on at the Hall of Justice. The crowd was even bigger than the day before.

Selina grinned as Bruce turned the television off. "You don't want to go have some fun with your friends?"

Bruce turned back to her with a smile. "No. I think I'm going to have my hands full today."

"That was a good answer. Now where were we?" Selina purred.

"We were just about to start our breakfast," Bruce whispered huskily as he trapped her willing mouth with his.

======Meanwhile At The Hall Of Justice======

"You know, this really turned out alright." Ted smiled as he watched several children studying his little science setups.

"Yes, it did. I have at least ten new employees! They are going to be my new commercial babes. Nothing sells a product like a bikini clad hottie unless it's several bikini clad hotties!" Booster responded enthusiastically.

Ted grinned and rolled his eyes. "So, are you busy with one of your bikini babes this afternoon?"

"Naw! They'll be showing up tomorrow for interviews and tryouts for the parts. I'll just be sitting around at home tonight unless something crazy happens, like the earth gets attacked by a race of intelligent and evil lizardmen or something. I still can't believe that Space Simba tried to conquer the earth. I thought he was a good guy from the movie. Guess you can never trust Hollywood to get all the facts right," Booster responded.

Ted laughed. "Well, if you're not busy and barring any attack by evil lizard men, would you like to hang out? We could go patrolling in the Bug for a while or just watch a movie, maybe have a workout. I already worked out this morning but I could do it again."

"Yeah! Sure! That sounds great!" Booster responded.

"Oooh! Could we come too?"

Ted and Michael turned to see Beatriz and Tora looking at them expectantly. For a moment the two were speechless. After some coughing and throat clearing Ted finally found his voice. "Um, sure. I just installed a few more seats in the bug. We could go anywhere you like!" he squeaked.

"That's great! You two are wonderful! We'll leave as soon as everybody goes home! Come on Tora. Let's go pack our bathing suits. Maybe the boys will take us to some remote tropical paradise for a swim!" The two girls disappeared into the crowd heading for their quarters to pack. Tora looked back, smiled sweetly and waved.

Ted and Michael stared after them with their mouths open. They finally were able to look at each other and then the crowd. The crowd showed no intention of leaving and the day was still young. Both groaned audibly. It was going to be a very long day.


That's it for now. Maybe one day we'll have to visit the picnic, the manor, the double date and beyond. Thank you to all who read and of course a special thank you to all who took time to review. Also thanks to Hellacre for her beta and to Wondercat for the inspiration for the story.

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