"OK GO!" Eli shouted to Adam once he hit the record button on his camera

Adam pushed off the ground as hard as he could to get him to his maximum speed, he ignored his nerves as he got closer to the ramp that he and Eli made earlier

He speed up to the ramp and in no time he was flying in the air, here he decided to flick his board with his foot cause his skateboard to do a kick flip which he landed with no problem

"Dude that was sick!" Eli shouted in excitement as Adam circled back towards him

"did you get that?" Adam asked as he got off his board

"hell yeah bro" Eli replied as he watched the film he shot

Adam let out a small chuckle "haha good cause I am not doing that again, that ramp is to unstable"

Eli smirked "I wouldn't blame you"

Adam brought his sleeve to his forehead to wipe off the sweat. It was starting to get really hot

"ewww that's gross Adam" Adam recognized that voice admittedly, Fiona's

Adam and Eli both turned around towards her house

"how long have you been there?" Adam asked

She was standing on her balcony while holding a glass bottle of Pepsi

She shrugged "Awhile" she answered simply

"haha stalking us much" Eli chimed in.

This brought a smirk to her face "ha you wish Goth boy" she joked , they all laughed

"so how did you like my kick flip?" Adam asked while puting his hands in his pockets

"I give it a 10" she replied, Adam just smiled

"hey well were going out to eat with Claire in a few, wish to join?" Eli asked

"who's driving?" she asked with a smile

Adam raised his hand up

She took a sip out of her soda "ok ill go just let me put my shoes on" she said while retreating back into her house

Eli looked over at Adam who was smiling

"why are you smiling?" Eli asked even though he knew the answer, he had his I LOVE YOU face on

"uhh its nothing" he lied "so where we going to eat?" adam asked to change topic

Eli shrugged "I don't know, sizzler?" he suggested

"ok sounds good, call Claire and tell her" Adam replied

Eli nodded as he pulled out his phone

Adam started walking towards Fiona's house as she came out

"hey" he said lamely "were going to sizzlers. Is that ok?"

"to be honest I don't really care were we go, im just starving" she said not really thinking anything of her words

Adam noticed that she never really seemed to eat, every time he saw her she was always hungry, it wasn't healthy but he didn't want to question her

"uhh ok" he replied, but all he could think about was if there was something wrong

he without realizing reached for her hand

"uhhh adam what are you doing?" she asked looking at there hands that were togather

he quickly droped it once he realied what he did

"sorry" he said looking down

Eli started walking towards them

"are you riding with us" Adam asked tring to break the akward moment

"nah im going to pick Claire up in Morty" he answered "besides I prefer driving then being drove" he pointed out

"ok" Adam replied

he looked over at fiona "lets go" he said as they started walking towards his car.

he took out his keys from his pockets and hit the unlocked botton

Adam got a 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago blue convertible for his 16th birthday last year and of course just like any other guy,.. He loved it

They quickly hoped in and put their seat belts on. Adam reached for his sunglass he kept under his seat

"here" he said handing over his sound pair over to Fiona

"thanks" she replied as she put them on, he thought she looked cute with them on

"do they look good?" she asked

"yes" he said alittle to fast, "uhh i mean yeah you look great" he corrected himself

Fiona laughed making adam turn alittle red,

"hey Eli, ill beat you there!" Adam shouted as he turned on his engine

He quickly put his car into gear and sped down the road with skillet playing on his speakers

Adam took on last glance at Fiona before focusing on the road

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