Dark Raven: Genesis

Disclaimer: all Ranma1/2 characters are the property of Ramiko Takahashi, etc. all Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers super moves are the property of...shit I don't know, they just own 'em ok?! Eric "Dark Raven" Draven is my character, but the name came from the movie The Crow. I never knew that being unemployed and not going to school had its benefits. Hopefully, I'll get off my ass and finish rewriting this thing, and some others that I never put up, Such as the second and third installments of my little saga, and a little ditty I call Darkness. One can only hope

Story so far, look at part one.

While up in her room, Nabiki begins typing away on her laptop. "Wonder why he's got Kuno squirming all of a sudden.". She wasn't complaining. The money was good and another martial artist always meant more cash for her. One way or another. But usually it was someone looking for Ranma, not some weird gaijin learning at the dojo. Said gaijin was currently being put through the rounds with Genma. Genma attacks him while Soun throws water balloons filled with very hot water at him. His object is to block every shot thrown, punched, and kicked at him. He ain't doing to bad. Boiling water and a few punches to the face can make a guy very canny. After a hard days training, Eric is asked to eat with the Tendos. "Your Japanese is getting better," Nabiki states. "Thank you," says Eric. After everyone eats their food {or devours it, whatever the case may be.} Eric makes to leave. He tosses a pouch of yen to Soun and watches as Ranma is getting Malleted by Akane. He says out loud. "Why would someone of Ranma's caliber allow Akane to hit him?" Kasumi says, "Oh my, its just that Ranma and Akane like each other, but being forced together won't let their pride tell either how they feel." Eric, Ranma, and Akane blink. Eric laughs and Ranma and Akane begin to deny this statement for all their worth. Eric waves goodbye, and walks home.

When he gets there he closes the door and says, "Angel" over and over again under his breath in English. He then lets out a low guttural wail of pure grief that he's kept inside him for over a year. And then he's done. He undresses and scars are visible all over his body. The oldest ones are a year old while the others seem to have just healed. He pulls out a picture of Angel and weeps. He then tears it up and tosses the fragments out the window. He then lies in his bed {Not a mat, but a real bed} and sleeps. In the morning, he leaves early to go to school. Meanwhile, at the Tendo house, Nabiki prints up all that she's found on Eric, and puts it into a dossier and leaves for school. When Eric gets to school, he see Kuno finish reading Nabiki's findings. He shrugs and walks in as Kuno sends a glare to the heavens and says, "The insolent dog is no martial artist but a mere brawler!" He then puts it away in his gi and prepares for his upcoming battle. He then notices that Eric is buying a snack and heading to his classroom. "That fiend! No doubt he was in awe of my skill and sought to delay his beating." He begins to laugh and is sent into LEO by Ranma. "His laugh is getting almost as bad as Kodachi's." He's about to turn around and go into class himself, when he hears the familiar battle cry, " Ranma! Prepare to die!" Dodging to the side, Ryouga runs into the space that recently had Ranma in it. Turning around, he finds himself looking at the pyramids of Egypt, and blinks. "Ranma! This is all your fault!" Ranma for his part only had Ryouga out of his sight for a second. "Is it just me, or is his sense of direction getting worse?" Not getting an answer, he goes inside to join the class.

{This is getting so old.} Eric thinks. He looks over at Ranma. {Of course no one gives him any trouble for sleeping.} He starts to doodle. "Eric, is there something you find more important than my class?" Eric's face shoots straight up, and right into the breast of a grown Ms. Hinako. "{Maybe not all the Japanese women have small tits and big hips.} "No ma'am, my attention span isn't as great as Ranma's." She turns and looks at the snot bubble coming out of Ranma's nose. "You delinquent! There shouldn't be anything more important than the reproductive systems of crickets to you at this moment!" Ranma's face shoots up and he says, "Ovipositor!!" She blinks, looks at the text book, and looks at Ranma again. "That's correct Ranma, now start taking notes, or I'm going to punish you like all the other delinquents." Ranma nods. And begins to open up his folder and begins to take notes. All the while, the whole class does a big sweat drop, and Eric blinks in surprise. "That was unexpected." An eraser is thrown at him, and Ms. Hinako says, "Buckets, Hall, now." {Crap I said that out loud.} He finishes the rest of the school day out in the hall until Lunch. This time around, he decided to eat a ham and cheese sandwich. Bored with the day, he can't wait until class is over to continue his training. After another weird exercise involving tacks and throwing darts, Eric sits down and avoids everyone. He thinks to himself {I've almost have another technique, I can feel it.} and he trains harder. He leaves the Tendo dojo after another 5 hours of intense workout, and crashes at his apartment.

Typical Saturday, Ranma is being attacked by Ryouga for calling Akane uncute. After they continue devastating attacks at each other, Kasumi asks in her usually happy voice "Anyone want a cookie?" They both stop immediately and thank her for the cookies. Then the unthinkable happened. They fall face first into the ground, groaning in pain. "Oh my, I must have picked up Akane's cookies by mistake." And she leaves them to clean up the kitchen. Who says Kasumi can't be an evil bitch? In another part of town, we see Happosai stealing his silky lovelies and running like crazy, and laughing all the way. He passes by a familiar apartment complex and senses the battle aura of a training Eric. "Hmm....a gaijin with the power of chi? Most interesting." And he heads off towards his special panty hiding place... Ucchan's! Who would think of leaving female undergarments at a restaurant owned by a cross-dressing girl?

Ranma sits down and starts to talk to Ukyou, "Heard any rumors at school as to why Kuno's paying Nabiki so much yen?" Ukyou fixes another order. "There's the usual looking for your weakness, and that foreigners one as well. It must piss Kuno off that he's been beaten by a gaijin." Ranma suddenly gets splashed with water, and hears one of the few words that make him cringe "SWEETO!" Ranma's ki begins to glow red with righteous fury. A punt into LEO, and Happosai accomplishes his mission. Hide the silky darlings and get Ranma off of the trail. Ranma calms down, and changes with the application of hot water. Not having anything else to do, Ranma walks {for a change} through the park and sees Eric practicing some of the maneuvers that Genma taught him. "Hey Eric, what you up to?" Eric turns around and sees Ranma with a grin on his face. "Nothing much, wanna spar?" Ranma gets into his customary stance and says "Ready when you are." Eric says, "Do me a favor and don't go easy on me." He then does his customary flick of the wrist down, popping out his stilettos. Then the fighting begins. Ranma does a flying sidekick and knocks Eric back 5 feet. They fight hard for a few minutes. If anyone was there, they would all agree Ranma was the better fighter. "Kacchu Tenshin Armugureken!!" and Eric is pummeled about 200 times in 2 seconds. He gets up and his dark aura rises once more as he shouts out in English, "Special Dark Raven Technique, Quake {his hand is clenched with a palm strike} With, {he starts and kneels on one leg} FEAR!!!!! {and he palm strikes the ground. The chain bursts into the ground, and many more come up from the ground. They embed into tree trunks. Ranma avoided almost all of the chains, but his foot got tangled in mid leap and he is brought down to earth in a way new to him. Face first. After he broke the chain around his foot, he began to emit his own battle aura. Eric came rushing at him and Ranma performed the flying Dragon Ascension. Needless to say, Eric flew through the air with the greatest of ease, but hit the ground at an alarming speed. Miraculously, he got up. "The techniques welling up inside me, I can feel it." His dark aura glows once more and his hands begin to glow darker.

"Secret Dark Raven Technique, Rising STAR!!!!!" And he shoots out his first chi blast. The only difference it had with other patented chi blasts, is that there really did look like a star was inside the ball. And then Ranma counters with his own patented blast. And the resulting force pushed both combatants backwards. Since the fight was over, Ranma shook Eric's hand and vice versa. Ranma, barely looking any different than usual, save for a small film of dirt on his face, enjoyed the exercise. Eric on the other hand, was bathed in sweat and had several bruises, and a bloody lip. It was strange to see him smile though. "Same time next week, Soatome?" Eric said with a grin. Ranma gives him a thumbs up sign and starts to head home to spar with a Real opponent.

Sunday was very unusual. After facing another strange training session dealing with alligators and tooth picks, Eric finally asks Genma if he is aloud to spar with anyone. "Sure, if you think your ready." And Eric gives him the go ahead. He flicks his left wrist down and that stiletto blade appears. Genma begins attacking him and succeeds in punching him in the face, thus knocking him backwards. The next punch was blocked by the stiletto blade, and Eric shot a chain from his right hand that latched onto Genma's fist, and Eric deftly threw him into the wall. After sheathing his stiletto and calling back his chain, his dark aura glows around his body. His aura then starts to glow more in his hands and he shouts in English, "Dark Raven Secret Technique, Rising STAR!!!" and the blast hits Genma. Genma gets up and croaks out, "you got me by surprise this time, care for another round?" Eric nods, and gets in a defensive stance, and launches himself at Genma. Genma simply tries to flip him over his back, but is surprised when he gets flipped over instead of his student. "Learned that move on the streets. You like?"

Genma then decides to get serious. "Get ready for this." And Genma jumps into the air and connects a spinning heel kick to Eric's face. Eric makes another indention into the wall, and slowly gets up. "2 to 1, eh sir?" which causes Genma a little bit of anger. Imagine, a gaijin who thought he could ever beat a martial artist of his caliber. "Prepare to eat those words, boy." And just before his foot connected, it was grabbed and swung around, and he hit the wall. {Eric saw Ranma pull the same move, so he figured, like son, like father, and developed a counter}. "Nice sparring with you sir, I'll be leaving now." He helps Mr. Soatome up and says "Thanks for going easy on me, sir." And he leaves before Mr. Soatome can say a word. Just then, Akane and Ranma are up to there usual antics, with Ryouga throwing a punch here and a kick there to liven Ranma's life. Akane tries hit Ranma, but he ducks and she connects with the cheek of Eric.

Instead of falling unconscious like any other normal person hit by Akane, Eric simply glares at her. "You, me, the woods. Now." Are all that escapes his lips. Remembering how she nearly killed him the last time, she shrugs and follows him into the woods. Ranma and Ryouga are still at it, until they no longer hear Akane attack. Curious, the look into the woods and see that she is beaten, while Eric, starts to cleanup

himself up. Ryouga stares at Akane, he looks up at Eric. He looks down at Akane. His aura glows. In his eyes radiate anger. Eric doesn't say a word. Ryouga usually sees fear in his opponents' eyes when he is this angry. But the only thing he sees before him now, is eyes of stone. No fear, no joy, only pain. Then Ryouga attacks. He tears off a bandanna and throws it at Eric's head. Eric cuts it in half with his stiletto blade. This only serves to make Ryouga angrier. "Shi shi Hokou dan" and the energy is blasted at Eric. He cannot dodge or even defend against this move and he is hurled into a tree. But the battle does not stop their. He gets up and his dark aura rises once more as he shouts out in English, "Special Dark Raven Technique, Quake, {His hand is clenched with a palm strike} With, {He starts and kneels on one leg} FEAR!!!!! {And he palm strikes the ground. The chain bursts into the ground, and many more come up from the ground. They tear through trees, and Ryouga is entangled.

Ryouga struggles until he sees Akane's limp form. Then the rage grows and he snaps the chains. "For what you did to Akane, I'll kill you!!" and he starts to charge. Eric's aura grows blacker and it starts to flow into his hands. "Secret Dark Raven Technique, Rising, STAR!!!!!" And he lets loose his own Chi blast. Ryouga goes through the blast and rams into Eric. "You'll die for what you did to Akane." And he starts to hammer into Eric with his rock like fist. If Eric felt any pain, he showed none. His eyes kept that stone look about him. And then it happened. A stiletto blade appeared and slashed through Ryouga's bandanna, and Eric jumped out of Ryouga's grasp. "Dark Raven Secret Technique, Black Wind, Howl!!!" And he sent Ryouga head first into a tree, unconscious. Eric looks up and sees Ranma giving him a look that

could kill, if Eric wasn't already beaten up. Eric huffs, and breathes hard. "Well {huff} Soatome, Are you next?" Without a word, Ranma does his patented jump up, and come down with his fist, only when he gets up to a suitable altitude, Eric isn't there. All that's left is a note saying, "I'll meet you tomorrow after school to talk about a fight if your still that hot on thrashing me." Ryouga's bandanna cannot be found anywhere.

Eric disappears farther into the woods. "I fucked that up." was all Eric could think. "Now I gottta hit Soatome with something he hasn't seen..... and he has seen a lot. Hmmmm..... Special Dark Raven Technique, Quake {His hand is clenched with a palm strike} With, {He starts and kneels on one leg} FEAR!!!!! {And he palm strikes the ground. The chain bursts into the ground, and many more come up from the ground. They tear through trees, and latch on to them.} "Secret Dark Raven Dual Technique, Aftershock." and dark energy pours out from him and goes through the chains. It was an impressive sight. "Dark Raven Dual Technique, Rising Winds!!!" He raises his hands and two vortexes of dark wind energy fly from the ground and into the sky. "That should do it," he thinks to himself. And he heads into the apartment, and locks the door. "Until tomorrow, my friend."

Monday morning at the Tendo training hall. We can see Ranma and Genma fighting harder then either of them has in a long time. Ranma tries to be faster, stronger, and more agile then he has ever been. The results are a pummeled Genma, and a determined Ranma. While they eat, Akane keeps telling them that she is fine. "He only knocked me unconscious. I'll kill him later." But Ranma will have no part of this. "He dies for what he did to you." And with a quick blush from Ranma and Akane, and they start for school.

At Furinkan, Ranma watches a scene that he himself has gone through so many times. "So Gaijin, you dare show your face at this school? Die insolent dog!" Eric dodges his attack with great ease. {All that training at the Tendo dojo is good for something} "I'm not in the mood Tatewaki. Go away." Enraged at this insult, Kuno attacks with greater fury. "You will address me as upperclassmen, you brawler." At that remark, Eric looks at him strangely. "Brawler? I am the master of the Dark Raven techniques. What are you good at, stick boy?" And the battle truly begins. Eric flicks his left wrist down and blocks this suped up Kuno's bokken. Undeterred, Kuno pulls out a wooden dagger, and the fight takes a different turn. No one has seen Kuno with a knife before. {And why should they? I'm making that part up} And after a long, drawn out battle, Kuno is nearly victorious. Eric thinks angrily, enough of this. "Special Dark Raven Technique, Quake {His hand is clenched with a palm strike} With, {He starts to kneels on one leg} FEAR!!!!! {And he palm strikes the ground. The chain bursts into the ground, and many more come up from the ground. They tear through trees, and they embed into the trees. "Secret Dark Raven Dual Technique, Aftershock" And dark energy pours out from him and goes through the chains. The result is a rotisserie Kuno. Eric sees several papers fall out of Kuno's Hakama, and reads them. The note reads as follows.


At the age of 15 his girlfriend was killed before his eyes. In retaliation he killed the entire three hundred gang members himself. Chains were found stuck through them all in all places. He killed a 100

of them in a class room when a teacher was still inside. His battle cry at this time was "Quake with fear." He killed the last 200 at their assorted homes, hotspots, and workplaces. He was found guilty on all counts. Since he was a minor at the time, the judge sent him to a juvenile hall. Lacking any real martial arts skills at this time, everyone considered him a "show board" and they cut the insignias of all 20 of the gangs at the juvenile hall into his chest and back. He is said to be the only survivor of the bloodbath that went on

afterwards, during the riots. Every staff member, teenager, and animal were killed except him. They found him on the floor of his room, nearly beaten to death with new scars on his body. He is then said to have gone berserk and killed the 20 gangs in the L.A. district that appeared on his chest and back. He was tried in court and was guilty of all counts once again. By sheer luck, the police department got the sentence down to deportation for a time, in "the harsh Japanese environment of Nerima".

He burns the notes with dark chi, and goes to class. He can feel two sets of eyes on him, burning with anger and hatred. Not to many people can piss off a Soatome, but he did it. Around lunch time, After avoiding Ranma all day, he finally goes up to him. "So, Ranma, how's Akane?" Ranma gives him an evil look. "Ohhh....did I hurt her that bad? I thought I just knocked her unconscious....." And then all hell {And Ranma} breaks loose. He does a flurry of blows, some of which are blocked, and then he tries a kick. Mimicking the counter move he used on Genma, he grabs Ranma's foot, and slams him into a wall. After another attack, although this one connects, they both stop immediately. "You must be delinquents. Happo 50 Yen phase 2. They both jump out of harms way. "Is Nerima always this crazy?" Ranma is to busy dodging to answer. "Special Dark Raven Technique, Quake {His hand is clenched into a palm strike} With, {He starts to kneel on one leg} FEAR!!!!!" {And he palm strikes the ground} The chain bursts into the ground, and many more come up from the ground. They tear through trees, and they embed into the trees. They also wrap around the buxom form of Ms. Hinako. "Well, now what?" Ranma goes over to Hinako, and uses the five pressure points. She instantly turns back into a little girl, and Eric calls back his chains. After a hasty deal made between Ranma and Eric, {To utterly destroy the threat of the aura sucking female} they will continue the match at a later date.

After a long and harrowing day at school, Eric finally gets home, he notices a letter in English. When he opens it, the words, "I'm coming." are written in green high liter. He slowly smiles, and throws away the letter. He then says in English, "Now the fun truly begins."

The next day, Tuesday, Another American steps off at Nerima airport. He has wide length jeans, a Nirvana t-shirt, a Starter jacket with the words, "Fear This" stamped on the back. He even has a wallet with an even longer chain then Eric's. He pulls out what appears to be a bo staff with blades on each end. He has green hair and brown reddish eyes. He looks at a picture of Eric, smiles, and says in English, "Now the fun truly begins."

End part 2

Who is our new gaijin? Is he a long time rival? Was he one of the gang leaders defeated by Eric? Or is he something quite different... well? Don't just sit there thinking, look for the third part of the Dark Raven series entitled, "What Fun" After many weeks of constant laziness, I have finished revamping the second part. Here you go, enjoy.