Dear Reader,

This is a disclaimer here to inform you that I do indeed own nothing of Nintendo's franchises and that all portrayals of these characters are strictly of my own interpretation. With that said, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

This is a story of revenge and redemption, of sibling rivalry and betrayal, a dramatic epic to end all other epics! Well that final statement might be a little much, sorry I am getting a little too excited. Let me introduce myself, I am Ludwig Von Koopa. Yes, the very one, and no not that other one.

Now before you actually get to hear the main story, allow to me give you a little introduction to just what is going on. You might get a little lost without my help.

As you know, I was born into lavish Royalty. My beginnings were pampered and luxurious. I could sit here and talk to you all day about extravagant birthdays and other such things of the pompous persuasion. However I imagine you would probably want to knock my teeth out before it was over.

Point being, I was the King of the world –or Prince Rather, and nothing would ever bring me down. At least I thought nothing would. Not but three months after my 10th birthday father declares war upon the Mushroom Kingdom. How does he do so? Well he kidnaps their monarch and holds her for ransom of course. Unfortunately, the Mushroomers were a little more resilient than he thought. Not to mention that their newest troops, Mario and Luigi, were probably the worst thing ever to happen koopa kind since turtle shell soup. Father was begging for a scrap he couldn't quite take.

Though his various fortresses were death traps, they did their job too well and ended up being the undoing of the leader inside. Not to mention that the two, Mario and Luigi respectively, had the mysterious ability to acrobatically flip around and stomp the Terras Di Koopa army into ambiguous minion flapjacks. It was a nightmare for father, in no less than a week were Mario and Luigi quite literally at our door step.

In one final defensive, Koopa forces assembled and valiantly held the line.

However, if you want the truth, they were crushed. Two portly plumbers managed to defeat our well trained army with ease and make it to Father's stronghold. Unfortunately, Father didn't have the hindsight in the sense of looking behind himself nor the foresight to remove war-ax next to the rope holding his bridge aloft. Mario easily maneuvered his way over dad and cut the ropes asunder. With a roar of defeat Father was sent plummeting and Mario made off with the Princess. Luigi awkwardly shuffling behind them.

So that was the beginning. The rest, is history so they say. It was a long four years of fighting. Even I got some action in there. Father so dubiously bribed me into fighting in his war, my 12th birthday present was a magical scepter and my very own summer fortress located in Dinosaur land. Though we should have stopped while we still could have, before the MK got smart.

As you probably noticed, Koopas were the antagonists of these fights offensives, swinging in and stealing the Princess or something important and making off with it. The MK decided that they were going to try something of a similar nature on us. On my 14th birthday father received a less than appealing ultimatum, that if he did not surrender, the MK''s entire army would storm his castle and take him and his family out by force.

With a scoff and an evil chuckle, Father took no heed to this Ultimatum and told us to prepare the army. Unfortunately they weren't lying when they said entire army. In one terrible march many cities were leveled, many castles were crumbled, and eventually the entire army had us surrounded.

In a very "daring" move, Father jumped into his clown car and flew away. Abandoning us in the castle. With no choice but to surrender, we held our white flag high and kept our tails low. Since Father had deserted, the MK decided to simply just claim the whole country as theirs. As for me and the sibs, our morale had been crushed. Our very own father had abandoned us in the final hour and left us to die under Mushroomer hands. We surrendered right there on the spot.

Though instead of death, we had been taken prisoner and escorted all the way to the MK capital, Toad Town. When we got there I had learned a trial had been prepared for Father, but seeing as how he was not present we had to stand in his place. Lucky for dad, he would have gotten to run away anyways had he stayed. His sentence was exile from all Mushroom Kingdom territories.

Me and the sibs however, that was a different story.

Due to none of us being legal adults, we were still at an "influence-able" age. This gave the Mushroomers the bright idea was to actually influence us to follow them. To teach us to be good little koopas and to help our fellow Mushroomers rather than kill them and plunder their land. The process sounded monotonous and grueling, having to go to their damn etiquette classess and to live under Princess Peach with her as our legal guardian, not to mention we are basically prisoners.

It was a challenge I was not willing to accept. Well that was until the stakes were revealed. The Koopaling that not cleaned up their act the most, but completed the mysterious "Triple T" would be able to rule the Terras Di Koopas once more, but as an MK province. You can imagine just how quickly we forgot that we had been crushed by inferior mushroom cap wearing troglodytes and began the great power struggle.

Ah yes, with all of that out of the way, I can finally begin telling you the real story you see, er, damn look at the time. You know what I'm beat and I've got a long day of behaving to do tomorrow, so no buts, I'm going to sleep.

Goodnight you impatient audience you.