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Chapter 1: new member

The titans were doing their normal things… raven reading her book and drinking her herbal tea, beast boy playing on the game station and cyborg beating him at the game, and of course robin training in the gym.

Once it hit 9:00 robin enter the main room searching for the one titan that was missing from the picture.

"Has anyone seen star?" robin's voice questioned his fellow teammates. Raven taking her head out of her book looked up at her teammate robin suddenly suspicious by the missing team mate.

"Did you check the roof? She's probably out there-"raven was cut off by a very worried robin

"Of course raven I check her room, I check the roof, I even called her communicator but she never answered." That caught beast boys and cyborgs attention.

"Whoa dude what do you mean you can't find her?" beasty boy stood up and walked over to robin and raven who were standing behind the couch.

"I mean I can't find her… I've look everywhere in the tower, but-"robin trailed off and was staring at the window.

"Yo robin! Earth to robin" cyborg waved his hand in front of robin which suddenly made robin smirk. Raven notice this and look out the window, suddenly her mind filled with relief. "Found her" she said out loud for BB and Cy to hear. They also turned and gave a sigh of relief

Starfire was waving to her friends from the window, flying with bags in her arms and a big grin on her face. Starfire flew up to the roof and entered through there and walked toward the command room.

Once she entered the room Starfire immediately greeted her friends "hello dear friends!" Starfire exclaimed

Robin the first one out of the of the once worried now relieved team to go to Starfire and ask her the question they were all waiting for "hey star… where, uh were you?" robin asking since he was the one that was more curious than any of the other titans. Starfire seeing the curiosity in her team mates faces made her quickly explain.

"Oh friends did you not see the note I have left on my door?"

Cyborg knowing this was a good time to dish robin out said "well robin was looking for you so I'm guessing he didn't see it"

Robin glared at cyborg. Cyborg laughed inside and so did beast boy.

"I guess I didn't see it" robin replied hand rubbing the back of his neck slightly embarrassed

"Oh that is alright! I was pondering around the mall of shopping to get everyone something because I felt so happy this morning!"

"Aren't you always" raven commented not meaning for it to be heard.

"Why yes friend raven! Here I was searching for that book you have been telling me about and how much you wanted it, soooo" Starfire reached inside a purple bag and grabbed out a book named "evermore" by Alyson noel. Raven couldn't mask her emotions and a smiled appeared on her face.

"Thanks star! Thank you thank you!" Starfire handed her the book and gave raven one of her famous bone crushing huge. "You are welcomed raven!" Starfire finally letting go of raven and turned to cyborg.

"Friend cyborg I could not find the perfect car you have been requesting because of the great damage your 'baby' had to undergo on the last mission" cyborg looked sad due to the flash back of the T-car being blown up.

"But I did bring you some cupcakes instead!" cyborg looked at the bag she was holding. "World's best cupcakes" was cyborg favorite cupcake place. Cyborg takes the bag that star offered and said "thanks star!"

"You are welcomed too cyborg"

Star turned to beast boy and held out a bag that said "game stop". That's all star need to do to get a reaction from beast boy.

"DUDE STAR YOUR AMAZING!" beast boy said jumping up and down with pure excitement.

Starfire giggled and finally turned to robin

"And friend robin I have looked everywhere for this item and I hope it gives you joy" Starfire handed a green bag to robin and robin took it and opened it slowly to find ….

"STAR WEAR DID YOU FIND THIS? THERES ONLY A FEW OUT THERE HOW DID YOU-"robin was cut off when beast boy and cyborg tacked him to see what the mysterious item was.

Starfire was giggling while the boys fumble for the bag

"Give it guys!"Robin yelled

Beast boy managed to get the bag and open it. "Dude what is it?"

Robin snatched it out of beast boys hands "It's a tool that can fix some of my gadgets okay?"Robin got up and helped Cy and bb get up too. Robin brushed himself off and turned toward Starfire.

"Thanks star I really need this" with that star gave the whole team a group hug.

"Oh I am very grateful for my glorious friends!"

"Star. Cant. Breathe" they all said at once.

"Opps" with that Starfire let go of her friends and they all tried to catch there breathes.

Raven questioning starfires unusually shopping spree asked "Starfire is everything alright?"

"Well of course friend raven. Why wouldn't I?" Starfire confusion didn't over take her for long once she noticed the worried expression pasted on ravens face. She quickly smiled to raven "oh, I was just-"

"Friend raven do not worry much about me I am the okay" Starfire place a hand on ravens shoulder making raven think "maybe she is alright I mean I can't sense anything negative coming from Starfire"

Raven smiled a weak smile "if you need to talk, I'm here. Okay?" raven feeling the need to tell star this just in case. "Thanks raven I appreciate your concern" Starfire smiled and walked toward her room.

Starfire's P.O.V

"I hope I did not make raven worried in anyway. I did not wish to make my teammates frighten by my disappearance." I thought

I walked up to my door and found the note I left on the ground upside down. For some odd reason this made me feel happy. I open my door and step inside. I had not bought anything for myself because I did not need anything else but my dear friends.

"hmmm…" I sat on my bed day dreaming about the way robin looked at me once I showed up in the window. I love the way he looks at me, I love the way he made me feel.

Your only friends nothing more nothing less, deal with it


Deal with it

That voice scolded me while I was day dreaming

I finally snapped out of it once the alarm went on


Once star entered the main room she saw everyone next to the computer.

"What is it robin?"Robin stood up and answered Starfire's question. "Bank robbery down town. Titans move out."

Robin got on his r-cycle, raven levitated cyborg with her power, beast boy took form of a hawk, and Starfire flew.

Once they got to the crime scene there was an explosion that knocked cyborg and raven over and forced beast boy to fall right on top of raven.

"Sorry". Beast boy blushed a little which made raven blush also.

Starfire flying above and robin just arriving on his r-cycle stop right next to the other team members.

"What happened ?" robin asked

"Explosion coming from the bank" the team gets in there ready stances. "TITANS G-"

There was a girl standing in front of the team. The girl step toward the criminal. "Stop" the girl simply told the robber. The robber stopped right then and turned toward the strange girl.

"Drop the money, and let robin cuff you" once the mysterious girl commanded the criminal to do what she said, the titans were shocked to find that he listened and walked toward robin with his hands in the air.

"Wow dude what did you do?" beast boy said astonished

"Simple. I used my powers" after she said that she collapsed on the floor. Luckily for her robin caught her, this made Starfire flicker with jealousy. "Thanks. I need to sit down." Robin let her down so she could sit and do what she needed to. After the girl regained her strength robin offered his hand to help her up. She gladly took it and smiled toward Starfire. "strange" Starfire thought.

"Hi my name is Drina. I bet you all are wondering what just happened so ill explain. I have the power to control a person's emotion or actions, but it takes a LOT of energy so that why I collapsed"

Raven nodded. "that's so cool!" beast boy exclaims. "Those are pretty powerful powers you have there." Raven commented. "They could be pretty useful in combat" added cyborg. "So Drina you think you can keep up with being a titan?"Robin questioned Drina. She was about ravens height, shoulder length brown hair, and hazel eyes.

"If you're asking me if I wanna be on the team then the answer is YES!"

Starfire flew over to the new titan and gave her a great big killer hug.

"Get off me you twit" drina hissed silently in starfire's ear making Starfire the only one that could hear it.

She immediately let go of drina and replied "Greetings to the team".

What drina said shocked Starfire. "I believe I heard wrong… I hope" star thought to herself.

"So I guess were done here. Titans head back to the tower." Robin turned staring at his fellow team mates. "oh and drina Starfire can fly you back to the tower" robin told drina when he was getting on his r-cycle. "uhh I don't think that's a good idea robin, I'm, um,… scared of heights" drina fumbled out the words.

"then you can ride with-" before robin could say anything else drina stepped in. "okay ill ride with you robin."

starfire felt a pang of sadness , thinking that the new team mate didn't like her. "Star!" starfire failed to notice that she was falling instead of flying. She quickly thought of sillkie and she began to fly again. Raven hovering next to star felt a negative force coming from starfire. "are you sure your okay star" raven asked for the second time that day. "Yes friend raven I am the okay" starfire posted the fakes smile on her face. The rest of the titans (except for drina) looked at starfire not believing her one bit.

After one minute of exchanged glances starfire broke the silence "shall we not go home yet or shall we start heading that way?" the team agreed and head back to the tower.

Ravens P.O.V

'Something's definitely bothering starfire but I can tell what'. I flew a few feet away from starfire.

'is it Drina? can't be starfire likes everyone, but she did get jealous when robin held her….but then again starfire did act weird after she gave drina a short hug'

The possibilities that star is jealous of drina is a small chance, so why can't I tell what's upsetting her.

When I finally approached the towers roof it was only me and starfire.

"Hey star"

"hello raven." now's my chance.

"so what do you think of drina?"

There was a long pause before I heard anything come from starfire.

"I am very joyes for a team member such as drina" I watch as starfire slowly enter the tower.

'I'm sure I'm worried about nothing' I walked toward the door and walked over to my room. "maybe I could ask robin to check on her"

I open my door and walked inside. I really need to meditate.

5 minute later

"I can't focus!" I yelled. After that I heard a knock on my door. 'darn it raven look someone heard you'

"uhhh im okay don't worry" I tried to tell who ever was concerned, but I was caught off guard when I heard beast boys voice. "raven I need to talk to you." I slid my door open just enough so beast boy could step in. "so what's up with star?" a question that I was still wondering.

"for the first time I have no clue" I told beast boy.

" well something's up because I know we all saw her almost fall today " well no duh beast boy but at least it was kinda nice having beast boy on the same page as me for once.

"I think we should drop it or starfire's going to get annoyed" it was true, we should probably leave her alone

"fine" was all he said as he disappear out the door.


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