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The Last Chapter

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Chapter 12:Goodbyes

After the cops took Drina to jail the titans headed back to the Wayne mansion.

"So I see everything back to normal?"Bruce walked around the corner of the hallway to see everyone sitting around talking and laughing.

"Everything's perfect!" starfire then kissed Nightwing on the cheek and hugged raven, beast boy, and cyborg.

Then a flash of light caught the titan's attention. Tim was holding a camera as the picture protrude out the front.

"What was that for tim?" kori suspiciously walked over to Tim.

"It's for your Starfire book." Tim then handed the picture over with the titans and her all hugging.

"But that was your detective book? Isn't it filled with notes and clues?"

Alfred slowly approached the two holding out the detective book with "Star" written on the front.

"Madam Kori I believe this might be helpful."

Kori opened the book and her eyes caught something that made her heart skip a beat.

"Its pictures of us?" Tears flowed down her cheek.

"No there's more" he smiled and nodded his head for her to continue.

Inside were pictures of Tim and Kori in combat practice, at the arcade, hanging out, laughing, holidays, and many more. There was also a collection of koris photo shoots over the years.

"But I thought it was an investigation on starfire?" kori was confused about this.

"In the back there are my notes, but the reason I made this was because I knew this day would come. And I didn't want you to forget me and stuff."

"I would never"

"I know"

The next day

"Bye Tim! Bye Bruce! Bye Alfred! I will miss you guys so much!"She gave every single one of them a hug and went back to the titans with her suit cases.

"It was quite wonderful having you here madam Starfire" Alfred said.

"Thank you so much for everything!"

"See you later Star! Come visit whenever you want!" Tim proudly said.

"Will do"

Starfire began to turn around when she heard the footsteps running toward her. She whipped around and embraces Tim as he shed some tears in her arms.

"I'm going to miss you kori."

"I'm going to miss you even more Tim!" she sobbed.

"Please keep in contact Kori."

"I reassure you that I'm going to come and visit as much as possible and call you every day! I promise!" she promised Tim in their embrace.

"Good" they then ripped apart and smiled at one another.

"Oh and if some lucky girl comes into your life you're going to have to tell me ALL the details"

Tim laughed and agreed.

"Oh and if my brother ever makes you mad then I'll go over there and kick his butt." He pointed at Nightwing with his eyes while kori giggled.

"Of course"

"Bye Tim, My Stud."

"Bye Kori, My Princess"

Starfire then started to back away from Tim and was now standing next to Nightwing.

Starfire held Nightwing's hand and looked at him.

"I'm going miss it here, but I really do miss the tower. My home"

"And it misses you too"

Starfire walked with the Titans to the T-car and looked back at the mansion and sighed.

"Goodbye….Kori Ander's"

She got in the car with the rest of the Titans as they drove back to the tower.

"Hello Starfire" she whispered and snuggled into Nightwing's chest as they drove back to her old life.

I sat her in my true loves arms. And now I know

Anyone can have a happily ever after

If they truly want it

They can choose

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