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Chapter one: The Troubles of being a Substitute Teacher!~

"Class, today we have a special guest," Ms. Cosmos chirped with her normal pretty smile.

Lil' Light who, of course, was listening to every word that she said with the uppermost interest, tilted his head in a questioning way.

Firion, who was trying to get his beloved stuffed rose back from the hands of the troublemakers Zidane and Bartz, lessened his grip, effectively sending the two tumbling backwards from the force.

Cecil, who was having a staring contest with his best friend, Kain; blinked.

Terra, who was playing cowgirls and Indians with Tifa stopped and got lassoed by and equal shocked Tifa.

Squall, who was trying to take a nap now that the to idiots left him alone, woke up with a start.

Yuna and Tidus, who were playing house dropped their play-dough dinner on the ground.

Luneth, who was listening to Vaan as he read him a story, turn around to see what was going on.

Xion, Lighting, Roxas, and Cloud, who were all trying to play duck-duck-goose, stopped; making Cloud accidentally smack Lighting's head in the process.

All of them were doing different things, but when they heard such an announcement from their beloved Mama Cosmos, all of their thoughts were the same:"Huh?" Some even voiced this thought aloud.

"Someone special will be coming today," Cosmos said again.

"Wahy?" Lil' Zidane asked, this has never happened before, it's was just too shocking to understand! It was like Light smiling or Cloud having straight hair or even worse-

Squall being friendly.

It just didn't happen!

"Well, I have to go out for a while and even though I trust all of you completely, I can not leave you here for a whole afternoon by yourselves. So, I have asked a very special person to watch over my very special class!" Ms. Cosmos explained.

"Why do you have to go mama, why can't we go with you?" Luneth asked while reaching out for her, mama Cosmos picked him up while looking at everyone else.

"It's something that only a grown up would like to do, it would be too boring for you little ones." She said sadly.

"We don't care if it's boring, we just want to be with you mama!" Lil' Bartz cried as everyone else nodded their heads in agreement. Play time wouldn't be fun, learning wouldn't be interesting, and snack time wouldn't be delicious if Mama wasn't there with them!

"I would care, little ones," Miss Cosmos said sadly. She didn't like to be separated from her children and if she could, she would take them with her in a heart beat. But alas, sometimes life didn't work out the way you wanted it to. She just hoped that they wouldn't be too sad while she was gone, she hope that he would be able to keep her precious class happy while she was away. But until then, she would try to squeeze in as much time as she could spend on her children.

"Don't worry, I will only be gone for the afternoon, we still have the rest of the morning to play." As she said this, all of the kids swarmed around her like bees to honey.

"Let's play hide n' go seek mama!" Zidane and Bartz demanded.

"No! Cowgirls and Indians mama!" Terra and Tifa said.


"Staring contest!"


"Interstellaer galactic conquest!(1)" Roxas blushed as everyone looked at him like he just grew a second head.

"Um, I mean duck-duck-goose?" Roxas squeaked while hiding behind Cloud.

"Why don't we just do all of them?" Lighting asked sarcastically.

"YEAH! Interstellaer-pirate-house-cowgirl-staring-duck n' go seek!(2)" Zidane said excitedly while everyone else voiced their approval as well, Lighting did a face palm at having come up with the stupid idea in the first place.

"Alright then, Interstellar-pirate-house-cowgirl-staring-duck- and go seek it is then; after that I'll read you a story and then it'll be snack time!" the beautiful preschool teacher declared as the chibi's danced around her excitedly. It seemed that everything was okay at the moment for the pre-schoolers' as the information of their teacher's departure was soon, completely forgotten in their usual daily hype.

That is until they woke up from nap-time to find someone else that was defiantly not their beloved mama Cosmos...

Sawada Tsunayoshi was currently in quite the pickle here as he stared at the tiny faces of the resting pre-schoolers with a looked that can on be described as 'oh crap'.

Why did it have to be him who had to watch over the little kids while his old preschool teacher went to the doctor's for a check up! ? It's not like he was the best when it came to child care, in fact, he was probably the worst at it when compared to the others that she must of had in mind. So why did she have to pick him, Dame-Tsuna, out of all the other much more reliable people?


"Tsunayoshi-kun has always been a good, honest boy; I know that I can trust you with them. They aren't much trouble at all really, there are a couple of rowdy ones, but the others tend to keep them in line pretty well. They are really good children so Tsunayoshi-kun, you should have absolutely no trouble at all!" the lovely preschool teacher assured the nervous teen quietly as she sneaked around gathering the things that she would need, trying not to wake her slumbering students.

"Hiee~ Why did you chose me for this ! ? I'm no good at anything, let alone at this!" Tsuna wailed softly while gripping his hair nervously.

"Nonsense, Tsunayoshi-kun has always had the ability to be good at everything he tries his best in. Well, maybe not math, but everything else shouldn't be so hard. You should have more faith in your abilities, Tsunayoshi-kun, a little faith can go a long way," The beautiful preschool teacher chided softly.


"No buts, I have always believed that you would do great things one day Tsunayoshi-kun. Ever since you were in my class yourself, I knew that someday you would be able to do anything you wanted. I believe that that someday is today, consider this as a testament of my continued belief." She said with a smile that would probably win over Hibari Kyouya himself, Tsuna just gulped as he looked at the faces of the sleeping children one more time.



And that's how he ended up here waiting (but silently wishing they wouldn't while he was here) for the kids he was in charge of to wake up from their nap. From what Ms. Cosmos said, they should be asleep for at least an hour; so that left the future mob boss at least thirty more minutes to prepare himself.

"Mmmhh~" Tsuna froze at the sound that one of the kids was currently making, he slowly turned towards the culprit to see a tiny white haired girl wiggle around on her mat, trying to get comfortable. He slowly started to back away but it was too late, the girl had already cracked open her eyes.

"Mama Cosmos, I'm thirsty~" Cecil yawned while rubbing the sleep from his eyes, when he received no reply he stopped his rubbing and looked around.

"Mama Cosmos?" Cecil questioned as he looked around the spacious room until his eyes landed on a person that he had never met before. Light violet met soft brown as the two stared at each other, not saying a word.

"Um, Ms. Cosmos isn't here right now, but I'll go get you a glass of water little girl." Tsuna offered while slowly relaxing from his tense posture, maybe Ms. Cosmos was right, maybe this wasn't as hard as he-

"B-but! I'm a boy!" The boy that dame-Tsuna had thought was girl cried, his violet eyes getting bigger and glassier as tears started to pool into them.

"Hiiieee I-I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to!" Tsuna apologized loudly, just a bit too loudly in fact, as the other pre-schoolers started to wake up as well.

Kain was the first to wake up- the first thing his eyes saw was a stranger and a crying Cecil, his mind quickly came up with an answer as to what happened.

This man had kidnapped their mama and was about to do the same to Cecil! Well this person wouldn't get away with it, or his name was Kain Highwind!

"Leave my friend alone and return Mama Cosmos you fiend!" A small blond child demanded as he started to charge towards our poor Mafiso.

"HHHHHIIIEEE!" Tsuna shrieked, he didn't know what to do! He couldn't defend himself, these were actual kids! Not like Reborn and the other Arcobaleno!

As our hopeless substitute panicked, the other children were becoming aware of what was going on. Lil' Light sprung into action as he gave the kids a plan.

"Terra, Yuna, Tifa, Xion: Go cheer Cecil up. Men plus Lighting: Let's help Kain!"

"Right!" They all chorused together, the girls minus Lighting rushed over to the still crying Cecil while the boys plus our tomboyish Lighting surrounded the witless stranger.

"It's okay Cecil!"

"Yeah you don't need to cry!"

"Let's go get ice cream after this!"

"We won't let that scary looking man hurt you anymore!" The girls said, Cecil rubbed his eyes in a attempt to dry them while his sniffling gradually started to stop.

"T-thank you," he said as he started to calm down, wiping the rest of his remaining out of existence.

"No problem!"

"We're just glad that you're okay!"

"We need to stick together now more than ever!"

"That's right we still need to get mama back!" Cecil bobbed his head in agreement as they got up to join their fellow pre-schoolers in getting this stranger to talk about what he did with their mama!

It goes without saying that Ms. Cosmos's pre-schoolers completely forgot what she said this morning about the special guest as they surrounded the future Vongola Decimo with the intent to take him down. Kain's group started kicking at Tsuna's shins while the the girls and Cecil started to bite him. Poor Tsuna could do little to stop this from happening.

He desperately wished that someone would help him, or at least get the kids off of him! He'd take anyone's help at this moment! Kyoko-chan, Haru, his mama, (They were all so good at taking care of kids!) Gokudera-kun, or Yamamoto-kun; even Onii-san or Hibari-san or Mukuro would be welcome right now!

...Well, maybe Hibari-san wouldn't be a good choice-

He'd scare the poor kids (but mostly him) to death!

Onii-san wouldn't be too good either-

He's just too, extreme, for a group of small children to handle.

Tsuna shuttered at the thought of leaving Mukuro with a bunch of small impressionable kids for even a second...

What was he thinking! ? Mukuro would probably mentally scar them or recruit them for his quest in creating World War III or some other horrible thing!

While Tsuna was pondering on his most, unique, guardians, the Cosmos kids were getting pretty tired of beating on this strange man. They didn't get to finish their nap time after all, who could blame them for being tired? But they wouldn't, couldn't, stop until this man told them were their beloved teacher/mama was! Who knows what kinds of bad things were happening to her!

"Light we need to do something else, this isn't working!" Cloud grunted as he delivered another kick to the stranger's knee. Light looked around, as if something would magically pop out and give him an idea of what to do next. And suddenly it did as his eyes landed on a box full of ribbons that mama kept for art and crafts. You could almost see the light bulb flash above his head as he told the other what to do next.

"Boys, tackle him to the ground; girls, go grab the box of ribbons on mama's desk!" He commanded quickly.

Bartz and Zidane started to grab at Tsuna's arms and tried to pull down him down while Squall, Cloud, and Lighting started sifting their weight on he legs, leaving it up to Light and Firion to finish him off with a tackle to the ground. It didn't take the children long to make Tsuna come crashing down to the floor and to add further insult to injury, the kids kept him down pretty well with little to no problems.

Reborn would have beat him to a pulp if he saw this. Tsuna- who was able to take down people like Rokudo Mukuro, Xanxus and Byakuran- was being taken down himself by a bunch of little tots! However, he didn't get to sulk about his shameful defeat for long as the girls had started to surround him ominously.

"Tie him up," another silver haired boy, that Tsuna could only assume was the leader of the chibis, commanded. As the kids started to surround him with strange, almost demonic, grins, Tsuna started to wonder if he did something to deserve this.

First he became a mob boss against his will by an evil sadistic baby hitman, then strange people start coming out of nowhere just to beat him up for being said mob boss, (that he didn't even want to be in the first place!) and now almost every kid he comes across is either a trained assassin or just plain messed up in the head!

When the kids finished tying up and securing their prisoner, the little silver head leader stepped forward.

"Alright you, talk. What did you do with mama Cosmos?" He demanded calmly and with a stunning amount of self-confidence. Tsuna was surprised to see that such a young boy could be so-commanding. This kid was a lot like Reborn, but at the same time, completely different. Tsuna had never seen a small child's eyes so, calculative, sharp, and just plain unemotional before.

He didn't have a strand of doubt anywhere, this boy was a natural born leader.

"Fess up! What do you want with our mama! ?" One of the girls, the long brown haired one, said. Now, Tsuna was still a dame and all, but even he wasn't that slow as to not understand what was really going on(Thank goodness for hyper intuition!).

These kids had somehow came up with the idea that he took Ms. Cosmos away form them and that he was some sort of bad guy.

"You've got it wrong! I didn't do anything to Ms. Cosmos! I'm just hear to-!"

"Lair!" A blond haired boy interrupted him, "tell us the truth!"

"I am!' Tsuna insisted, "if you just let me finish-!"

"It's no good Light, he won't talk," a brown headed boy with piercing blue eyes muttered. The boy known to Tsuna as Light nodded, he approached Tsuna to look at him face-to-face.

"Very well then, if you won't tell us what you did with mama- then, we'll make you tell us." The silver haired leader said while looking at Tsuna straight in the eyes, almost like he was peering into his very soul. Tsuna couldn't hold back the shiver that crawled up his spine as icy blue eyes looked at him as if he was nothing more than dirt.

"Let's play dress up," he said, almost offhandedly. The girls then started to flutter around the room, collecting things that Tsuna assumed were for playing 'dress up'. When they returned, Tsuna paled at what he saw in their hands.

"Were going to make you look real pretty~!" the brown haired girl from before crooned while pulling lip stick from it's tube. Tsuna tried backing away but the boys held him in place.

"Wait! What are you doing with that-that's not suppose to go there!- Wait! Please stop! HHHHHIIIIEEEEEE!"

Tsuna now wished that Mukuro or Hibari-san were here, he'd be scared of course, but at least it would have been better than this.

Mukuro wouldn't need to do any mind warping with these kids.

Ms. Cosmos eventually returned; she could only go so long without seeing her class, for she was truly a devoted teacher after all. However when she got back she couldn't quite describe what she saw-

It looked like her class was still sleeping, which was strange because they were usually so lively this time of day, yet she could tell that they had woken up before judging by how they were positioned.

Cecil, Kain, Cloud, and Squall were in a circle leaning on each other.

Lighting, Tifa, Yuna, Tidus, and Xion were all cuddled up by the stuffed animals.

Vaan, Luneth, Roxas, Bartz, and Zidane were under a desk.

And finally Light and Firion were propped up in front of a chair while wooden swords laid across their laps. What surprised our favorite teacher even more was the girl in the chair that Light and Firion looked like they were guarding.

Where had Tsunayoshi-kun gone to? Did he have to leave? Who was this girl? Ms. Cosmos frowned in disapproval. She had asked Tsunayoshi-kun to watch her class and he left her children with strange lady? It didn't matter if he trusted this girl enough to leave them with her, the fact was that he left a complete stranger to watch her class! Besides, this girl looked like a screw lose!

She had thick blush and eye shadow on, which she probably didn't need, this girl looked like she had a natural beauty to her. Her dress didn't compliment her figure at all either, it was too frilly and the dark forest green with orange stood out too much on her fair skin. Though the dress probably would have looked good on her if it was just orange...

Ms. C frowned again, she would have to have a talk with Tsunayoshi-kun's mother about this. Ms. Cosmos tip-toed quietly over to the girl, carefully moving pass Light as she did so, and tapped on her shoulder. The girl woke up with a jolt and looked around wildly, when her eyes met Ms. Cosmos, they doubled in size.

"Ms. Cosmos! Thank goodness, I'm saved at last!" Came a familiar voice. Ms. Cosmos looked more closely at the 'girl' only to discover that the 'girl' wasn't a girl at all but instead Tsunayoshi-kun!

"Tsunayoshi-kun! Why on earth are you dressed like that? !" The pre-school teacher asked a little too loudly as the children started to wake up again. This time it was Roxas who woke up first, as he saw Ms. Cosmos, he immediately shot up and rushed to her.

"Mama you're okay! I missed you!" He cried as he hugged her leg, she patted his head fondly.

"Yes, I'm fine, I missed you as well. But could you tell me why Tsunayoshi-kun is all tied up and dressed like a girl please?" Before he could answer her the rest of the children noticed her presence and rushed to her as well.


"Yay! We saved you!"

"I told you dressing him up like a girl would work!"

"No Light did!"

"Welcome back mama!"

They all said, giving her a hug and a couple of kisses. Ms. Cosmos beamed, she was glad that her class missed her like she had missed them-

The only thing that troubled her was Tsunayoshi-kun sudden choice of style...

"I missed you all so much that I couldn't take the rest of the day off, so I came back as soon as my appointment was over! But, I still want to know why Tsunayoshi-kun is all tied up and in a dress. Could someone please tell me what you all did today?" The Chibi's looked around nervously, mama Cosmos would be so upset if they told her the truth, and they couldn't lie to her either-

"We were playing dungeon rescue and I offered to be the princess! We must have all fallen asleep after the first couple of rounds." Tsunayoshi said sheepishly, hopping that Ms. Cosmos would buy it.

Sure, he could have just told on them, but when seeing them and how they were with Ms. Cosmos, it sort of reminded him of when he was in this class and how bad it felt when he or anyone else disappointed her. For it was not just only the person at fault who paid the price, but all of them. No one could escape the guilt of an upset Ms. Cosmos, she was meant to be happy, not sad!

Besides, he didn't want her (or anyone else for that matter) to find out that he got taken down by a bunch of pre-schoolers.

Ms. Cosmos stared at Tsuna intensely, looking for any sign that would alert her of a lie. After a couple more seconds she beamed brightly, finding nothing out of place with his explanation.

"Well, I'm glad that you all had fun with Tsunayoshi-kun today! And to reward you all for being so good for him I've gotten ice cream!" She said as she clasped her hands together in delight. "Wait here for a second while I make a phone call~!" She chirped happily as she left them alone once more.

"...Why did you help us?" Light asked quietly while the others looked expectantly at Tsuna.

"E-eh? Well, you all love Ms. Cosmos, and she would have been really sad if she found out the truth- I don't want her to be sad either! So I just-" he was cut off again but this time it was for a much more pleasant reason.

"Thank you Tsunayoshi-sensei!" The class chorused as they bowed to him gratefully. Tsuna blushed in embarrassment, he wasn't use to this sort of thing; who would ever thank Dame-Tsuna for anything right? Yet Tsuna couldn't help but smile softly as a fuzzy warm feeling settled in his stomach.

They really weren't bad kids...

"Alright let's have some ice cream!" Ms. Cosmos came back in with a bag full of ice cream. The children cheered excitedly and quickly started to get ready.

"Come eat ice cream at our table sensei!" Bartz and Zidane demanded as they grabbed both of Tsuna's hands hailing him to their spot.

"No! Come eat with us Tsunayoshi-sensei!" Tifa, Xion, and Terra begged as they started to tug on his clothes.

"No us!"

"How about us sensei?"

"Sensei over here!"

Ms. Cosmos smiled fondly at the sight of all of her students surrounding Tsunayoshi-kun, it seems that they've grown quite attached to him in the short time that they've known him.

All in all it was a good day for Dissidia academy's pre-school branch and for the Vongola Decimo.

It was a far from a normal day, but a welcomed change in his usual hectic daily life as the future Mafia boss of the biggest Mafia family in the world. No Hibari-san trying to 'bite him to death', none of Gokudera-kun's bombs going off around him, no onii-san to yell "TO THE EXTREME!" and hurting his ears, none of Mukuro's sexual harassment, and most importantly-

No Reborn for anything!

He honestly wouldn't mind watching these kids again if they didn't try to tie him up again, plus he had a feeling that this wouldn't be the last time Ms. Cosmos would call on him.

Sawada Tsunayoshi smiled to himself as he walked home.

Completely forgetting that he was still in a dress until he ran into Yamamoto on the way home. Of course Yamamoto just laughed good-naturedly and pegged it as one of Tsuna's crazy mafia games, so it was all good.

"Hmph, You've got a long way to go Dame-Tsuna," a particular baby-hitman said as he pulled out a picture of Tsuna in a dress. Reborn smirked, when would Dame-Tsuna learn?

There was NOTHING he could get away with that Reborn wouldn't find out about.

He was the best Hitman that Vongola ever had and the strongest Acrobaleno after all.

Besides, these pictures would make great tools in helping Reborn in tutoring (torturing) his useless student.

A shadow was cast over his eyes by his fedora as he smirked one last time before disappearing into the night.

Reborn couldn't wait.

~Old meets new: Tsuna adaption ~

It's been a while since Tsuna met the Dissidia Chibis, and despite their rough start, they were getting pretty use to each other. However, there was one thing was bothering a certain purple eyed boy. It wasn't something about Tsuna, but more of who was following him...

"Who are you?"

Cecil asked one day to a rather strange man who had been following Tsuna-sensei for quite some time. The man kept his back to the boy, whether if it was because the man was ignoring him or simply did not hear him, Cecil couldn't tell. This man seemed to ignore everything around him except Tsuna-sensei, all he seemed to want to do was watch Tsuna-sensei, it was really starting to get Cecil worried.

Was this man a stalker or something? He was so creepy looking! What made it worse was how this man was dressed, who wears a cape and a pin-striped suit in the middle of summer? Even worse than that he had this weird flame on top of his head and just sat there like it was normal!

This man was defiantly a stalker if not some sort of!- what did Squall call it again? wrapist, rakeist, rapist? Yeah, this man was a rapist!

"Rapist!" Cecil yelled as he tried to bite the mans leg off, he wouldn't let this rapist man get anywhere near Tsuna-sensei! He tried to grab the man's pant leg but he went right threw it, hitting the wall that the man was hiding behind.

"Ita!" Cecil wailed, willing himself with all of his might not to cry, he had to be brave! It was then that the strange man turned to the little boy, a surprised and slightly startled, looked came across his face. It looked like the man wanted to say something but he stop himself, choosing to observe the child's actions instead. Bright orange hues stared curiously as Cecil got up, teary eyed but still determined!

"Leave Tsuna-sensei alone you-you GHOST RAPIST!" The man blinked owlishly, eyeing the boy a bit more before slowly pointing at himself in question.

"Yes, you!" Cecil huffed, the man continued to look curiously at Cecil, his orange eyes taking in every detail they could. Cecil couldn't help but wiggle at the attention he was receiving from the man. The man was probably what Cecil's big brother called a 'sexual predator,' or maybe it was 'a molester'? Perhaps it was both, yeah that's it!

"Don't you know it's not nice to stare, you sexual molester-predator man! ?" Cecil demanded, looking as serious as possible. Finally, the man made a sound, which sounded like a snort, which then became a small chuckle, which later turn into a full out laugh.

"Hey!" Cecil balked, why was this man laughing of all things, he should be afraid!

"Forgive me young one, I did not intend to mislead you, I was merely observing." The strange man said softly, amusement dancing in his orange eyes. Cecil puffed up, this man must think he was pretty dumb, like he'd believe that!

"Then why do you always sneak around and watch sensei like that?" The strange man blinked again, he seemed to think on his reply carefully. If he thought he could get away with a good excuse he was wrong, he wouldn't get the best of Cecil!

"I merely wish to see the Decimo's action when faced with the unknown, its vital that he adapt to the situation no matter what it is, I merely wish to see if he can do such." That didn't make the slightest sense to Cecil, who was the 'Decimo'? Did he mean sensei? Just who was this man and what was he to sensei?

"Ah, it seems your break is over young one, you must get back before your friends worry." The man said, getting up from his crouching position, "I'd offer you a hand but I'm afraid that is impossible," he laughed as he waved his hand threw the brick wall to emphasize his point.

"Hey wait, don't go yet, you didn't tell me your name!" The strange man smiled charmingly at the young boy as he began to fade away.

"Very well, I can't deny the request of a pretty young lady now can I? My name is Giotto, I hope we may meet again, Bella ragazza." And with that the man faded away, leaving only Cecil in his wake.

"I'm not..." Cecil trailed off just as the others came towards him.

"There you are Cecil, you had us worried for a bit!" Firion exclaimed as the other boys followed suit.

"Yeah, don't run off like that!"

"I thought Tsuna-sensei was going to have a heart attack!"

"Where did you go that was so important?"

"I'm not..." Cecil said again, catching the others attention.

"You're not what?" Firion asked.

"I'm not... A GIRL!" He cried as he burst out into tears, the next time he saw that creepy man he'd make sure that he wouldn't be mistaken as a girl ever again!

Aw, I just love Giotto! He really seems like a true prince sometimes!~ Oh, by the way bella Ragazza means 'pretty girl' in Italian.

Poor Cecil, he will be forever mistaken as a girl by the Vongola guys! XD

(1)- I've actually played this game before with my cousins, it's like capture the flag, only with people. You have two teams, the Invaders and the Defenders, the goal is to capture the leader of the opposing team, you can take prisoners from the other team (IE- take them out of the game so they can't help their team) and the only way to free them is to have their leader rescue them (IE- tag them back in) but if the leader is captured then it's over.

(2)- I'm not sure what the rules of this game would be... Any ideas? XD

NOTICE: I am taking request on this series! I am taking request for the Vongola boys, I won't do girls (except Chrome, I may do so if asked to!) mainly because I want this to be challenging, the girls are just to use to handling kids so it wouldn't be hard for them. However, I am open to do some Varia and Millefiore upon request! So just drop by you request and I shall complete it with my dying will! I would also like to know which Dissidia Chibis you want to see more of so please include that within your request!

Ciao, my lovelies~!