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Cavallone Dino, Mob boss of the Chiavarone Famiglia stared at the building known as Dissidia Gakuen with a look of awe and yet at the same time nervousness. This school reminded him of his school days as a kid, it didn't look quite the same, but it was similar to the big and expensive Mafia school that Dino attended. Dino could practically see his younger self running from bullies and hit-men alike, failing miserably at every subject except lunch and having to survive the daily torture/training that was Reborn and his spartan training sessions all over again...

Needles to say it was pretty the worst and most emotionally scaring time of his life, a time he never wished to revisit ever.

Not that he didn't have times like that before Reborn, it just wasn't at such a grand scale. Dino could recall many times when he thought that the world just didn't like him, like it was actively trying to do him in even! As for those other times- well, that's a story for another day. Right now is the time to explain why Dino was here in the first place, it all started when his adorable student, Kyouya...

Dino was heading back to his hotel after chatting with Reborn for a bit, he wanted to know what Tsuna was up to since he hadn't saw much, if any, sight of the boy for a while now. Reborn wouldn't say much, only that Tsuna was in some sort of personal jam that currently made him more busy than ever. Which would explain why he was never at home anymore, no matter what time of day Dino stopped by, his cute little brother was always off somewhere else, it was starting to make Dino worry.

However, he knew whatever Tsuna was up to couldn't be too dangerous, since Reborn willingly let him go without tagging along or sending one of his friends with him. Dino understood this, but there was a sort of uneasy feeling that still lingered with him; even though Tsuna is still a kid, he is also a future Mafia boss for one of the most influential mob families in all of Italy, he shouldn't be running around alone, out in the open like this. It's not Dino didn't trust Reborn's judgment but-

* Ring, Ring, Buuuzzzz! *

The sound of Dino's phone broke threw his thought's, causing him to jump a bit and quickly pull out his phone only to fling it to the ground and have it skid onto the road.

'Of all of the times to not have one of my men with me!' Dino complained as he clumsily went to get his phone. He picked it up and tried to answered it quickly, only to be interrupted by a blaring horn.

"GET OFF THE ROAD YA JERK!" A man screamed as he honked his horn at Dino, followed by other drivers who got caught up in a traffic jam unintentionally caused by a certain bronco...

"SORRY!" Dino yelled as he quickly ran back to the sidewalk. He quickly tried to answer the phone but he was too late, it had stopped ringing and now the missed call sign glared back at him.

1 missed call;

Caller- Hibari Kyouya.

All of the color drained from his face as the name stared back at him, threateningly and menacingly, promising pain and suffering and a slow agonizing death not even fit for a dog.

He had missed a call, from Kyouya of all people!

He might as well kiss his butt goodbye now.

If there is anything Dino knew about Hibari Kyouya, its' that he never liked waiting and he definitely didn't like being ignored when he bothered to speak at all.

When Hibari Kyouya had something to say, you listened.

Dino took a deep breath to calm himself before he unleashed heck and hit the call-back button. The dial tone seemed louder then before to the bronco, adding to his growing nervousness. Finally the sound of someone picking up the line was heard, yet all that was heard afterward was silence. Dino took a leap of faith and spoke first, knowing that the person on the other end would not speak until he was sure it was Dino. For there were times when his subordinates would pick up his phone in case he was busy or too far away to answer it.

"K-Kyouya? A-Ar-Are you there?" Dino voice shook and shot up an octave higher than normal, making him sound like a boy going threw puberty. The person on the other end of the line still said nothing, but Dino could just feel the blood lust in the heavy and icy silence.

"U-Um, was there something you needed?" He tired again.

"...I'll bite you to death stupid horse." Dino gulped at the tone of Kyouya's voice, he sounded pissed off, which really didn't sound any different from his regular way of speaking; however to people like Dino, who were quite 'fluent' in the langue known as Hibari Kyouyanese (1), knew better than that. Dino could tell from the slightest of hints what Kyouya wanted to convey and currently that was-

'I'll kill you for wasting my time.'

Dino had a feeling that he should go home pretty soon, preferably before Kyouya found him and he ended up on the news: "Foreign man fished out of Namimori river this morning, no suspect as of yet.."

"Bronco." Dino jumped when Kyouya spoke again, this time sounding more calm than before. This was surprising, Kyouya almost never calmed down on his own.

"Y-Yes Kyouya?" Dino cursed himself for sounding so shaky, here he was cowering over a boy who was five years his junior!

Well, to be fair, Kyouya could make men twice his age cry out for their mommies, he was that scary.

"I have something for you to do for me," he started out. This was new, Kyouya never 'asked' anyone for a favor before, least of all Dino. This could mean one of two things-

One- Kyouya needed something done and couldn't be bothered to do it himself.


Two- a problem occurred that couldn't be solved by the swing of his mighty tonfa and Kyouya was leaving up to Dino to take care of.

Neither of these seemed like they would end happily for Dino, but he couldn't just tell Kyouya no...

That would just be begging for Kyouya to bite him to death.

"What do you want me to do?" Whatever it is, it couldn't be too bad right? It couldn't possibly involve danger in any way if Kyouya was 'asking' for help like this.

"Go to Dissida Gakuen and watch over the baby herbivores in Miss Cosmos' class for the day."










Dino was pretty sure his brain just broke.

Did Kyouya...Seriously ask him to look after children that weren't from Nami-chuu? !

Truly this was as good a sign as any to prove that the world was ending. All the signs were there, Hibari Kyouya was concerned about people that had nothing to do with the order of Namimori or it's school, and for once Reborn wasn't planning something potentially life threatening or emotionally scarring.

Plus there was that guy on the bus that did seem to pay an awful lot of attention to Dino's head (2)-

Dino wondered how Kyouya would handle an army of Zombies disrupting the peace of Namimori, he also wondered what would happened if Kyouya got bit...


"Oh right, I'll do it, just leave it to me Kyouya!" Dino squeaked, shook out of his imagination of a Zombie Kyouya really biting everyone to death.

All life on earth would cease to exist in mere minutes, and that would only be if Kyouya took his time.

"Good," Hibari allowed, ending their conversation abruptly by hanging up without so much as a 'goodbye'. Dino was use to this, he didn't expect Kyouya to sit by idly and chit-chat when there were surely some herbivores to bite and work to be done.

Though it would have been nice if he did at least warn Dino he was going to hang up first...

Dino sighed as he pocketed his phone and began to make his way to Dissidia. It couldn't be too hard of a task, Dino was good with kids and it was bound to be a lot less harder than running a mafia, they were kids, not gangsters. Dino smiled, he wondered what kind of kids he would be watching, they probably couldn't be too old, going by how Kyouya referred to them as babies. He hopped they would be cute, the way children were suppose to be, nothing at all like Reborn and the other Aracobelanos'.

Dino was starting to like the idea of babysitting the children of Dissidia academy even more by every step he took-

"Wait, where is Dissidia anyway? !"

"So you are Tsunayoshi-kun older brother? I wasn't aware that Nana-chan had any other children, especially an older one!" Miss Cosmos exclaimed, this boy looked nothing like Nana or Imeitsu, but then again Tsunayoshi-kun didn't look like his father either...(3)

"Haha, I'm sort of Tsuna's adopted older brother!" After much frustration and direction asking, Dino finally made it to Dissidia; it was a pretty decent school for a place like Namimori, it had buildings for pre-school all the way up to high school. Dino secretly thought it might even be better than Namimori, but he didn't dare think it out loud for fear of Kyouya somehow finding out and biting him to death.

How would he ever find out? Well, because he was Hibari Kyouya, that alone was more than enough of a reason.

"Dino-san? Dino-san?"

"Huh?" Dino sputtered stupidly, Miss Cosmos gave him a look of a reproachful mother, having the same effect on the bronco as Dino bowed his head sheepishly and apologized.

"I was asking if you could stay until school lets out, I have an important meeting to attend to that will take all day." The pre-school goddess repeated softly.

"Sure, I'll stay as long as you need me to! I am filling in for my baby brother so I'll do my best!" Dino beamed, he would let Tsuna show him up, if he could watch a bunch of kids for a couple of hours then so could Dino!

"I'm glad to hear that," Miss Cosmos smiled, warming up to the charming boy, he was a lot like Tsunayoshi-kun when he smiled like that.

"Well then, I better get going soon, but I should introduce the children to you- Class please gather around!" The chibis' started to gather around their Mama and the new stranger with quickly, wondering who this man was and what happened to their beloved substitute.

"This is Dino-san, he will be watching you all today~" Miss Cosmos said as the Children all looked at the Italian native with suspicious eyes.

"I thought Tsuna-sensei was going to be with us today." Zidane huffed, a little disappointed that sensei wasn't coming, he promised that he would get Squall to play with him and Bartz today!

"Something came up and sensei had to go to school today." Light spoke up, he had been strangely quiet since he came to school -well- quieter than he normally was, it was starting to worry everyone actually...(4)

"Aw, no way! Sensei been going to school too much recently!" Tidus whined with a couple of others quietly agreeing with him. They understood that sensei had other obligations but they really did miss him when he had to go to school instead of be with them.

"Now, now Tsunayoshi-kun will coming with us to the aquarium next week so please be patient. Until then, we have Dino-san, who is Tsunayoshi-kun's older brother, here to keep you company." This caught some of the chibi's attention, as they looked at Dino more closely, some even got close to him and started poking him in various places.

"Hey! Hey now, cut that out! Aha, hahaha, I'm ticklish there!" Dino squirmed as the children started to poke him more frequently now, smiling gleefully as Dino giggled flopped about.

"He really is like Tsuna-sensei!" Yuna smiled.

"He doesn't make those girly screams though..." Lighting muttered.

"Maybe we just need to keep poking him until he pees himself!" Bartz said as he started to poke more profusely.

"Wait no, please don't!" Dino cried as he tried to fend off the tiny hands from tickling him, he really would wet himself if this continued.

"Well, have fun, I'll see you tomorrow then children, please be good for Dino-san!" Miss Cosmos smiled as she gathered her things and left.

"Bye-bye!" The children chorused as they waved to their beloved teacher. As soon she was out of side they turned their complete attention to their substitute 'sensei'. Dino sweated a little bit under their gazes, he felt like a guilty man being interrogated by the police. He knew just from the looks that these kids were giving him that he wouldn't be able to compare to Tsuna. These kids really seemed to like his baby brother, maybe even adore him!

But Dino still wanted these kids to like him, even if it was only a little bit.

"Are you really sensei's onii-san?" Firion asked as he circled around Dino curiously. Dino relaxed a little, these kids were just that-kids, they weren't like Reborn or the other Arcobelano. He need to remember that not all children were super power Mafioso.

"Yes, Tsuna is my adorable baby brother! I'm here to fill in for him while he goes to school, he's kinda slow and he needs all the time he can get to catch up on his school work!" Dino smiled, recalling his days in school when he was Tsuna's age.

Completely missing the glares that the chibis' directed at him.

"Sensei isn't adorable and he isn't stupid!" Xion huffed, already not liking this man, he was looking down on sensei! That more than enough of a reason to not like someone, anyone that didn't like sensei wasn't a good person as far as she was concerned.

The smile from Dino's face fell, now noticing the chilly feeling the children were giving off. He quickly went over what he said in his head to see where he went wrong.

"Ah! I didn't mean it like that!" he back pedaled, trying to appease the upset children somehow.

"Then what did you mean then?" Squall demanded as came closer to the idiot that was their teacher for the day, he didn't know why but for some reason this man reminded him of that man(5) in almost every single way-

and he didn't like it one bit.

Dino look at the boy who had spoken, he had brown hair and light blue eyes that were as cold as ice. He was frowning at Dino and looking at him with a look of mild disgust.

A lot like how Kyouya looked at him...

"What's you name kid?" Dino asked, the boy looked him suspiciously, his light blue eyes forming slits.

"None of your business." the boy snapped irritably already turning away, he just wanted to get threw this day so he could go home and have some peace and quiet for once.

Dino could only smile fondly at that proud retreating back.

Xion frowned at the man, regarding him with a look of apprehension, she didn't like how he was eyeing her cousin...

As the day went on Dino got to know the Dissidia chibis a little more-

He knew that Zidane and Bartz like to play pranks,

he knew that Cecil was indeed a boy(6),

he knew that the girls like to play dress far more than he ever wanted to ever again,

and he knew that Squall Leonhart was a kindred spirit to Hibari Kyouya in almost every way.

The boy preferred to be on his own for most of the time and got rather annoyed when people got to close or too noisy. Dino half-expected the boy to 'kamikorosu' Zidane when he kept bugging Squall to play with them, but all the brown haired boy did was whack him on the head and told him to get lost. Zidane didn't seem too upset, but he did grumble a little bit afterwards.

The boy was exactly like Kyouya, only less violent and more moody.

Dino felt obligated to bring this boy out his shell, it was his solemn duty as the tutor of an anti-social carnivore. He couldn't bare the thought of this child living the isolated life that Kyouya does, if he could stop this kid from going down the destructive carnivore of doom path, then he could leave this school proudly knowing he might have saved the human race from a lot less biting.

The world truly would be doomed if there was another Hibari Kyouya roaming around...

That strange guy that was filling in for Miss Cosmos was starting to get on Squall's nerves.

What was his problem anyways? Always following him and trying to get him more involved with the others, that alone didn't bother Squall all that much, Miss Cosmos and Tsunayoshi-sensei did that all the time, it was the all questions that bugged him. Asking him things like if he was happy being all by himself all the time and if he wanted to play with the others more, what a stupid thing to ask, of course he liked being alone, he wouldn't be if he wasn't. He preferred to be alone, it was troublesome for him to form bonds, they would someday grow apart from each other anyway so why bother in the first place?

Everyone was bound to go their separate ways, forming bonds that would some day grow to hurt was something Squall didn't want to experience, not again.(7)

"Hey there you are Squall! Why don't you come here and sit with the rest of us?" The idiot man said cheerfully, Squall sneered slightly as he reluctantly went over and sat with the rest. He may not have liked this man but he was still an adult and he was in charge of them, he had to listen to him.

Even if he didn't want to.

"What are we gonna do now Dino-san?" Cecil asked excitedly.

"Well, we've got a little time before nap time, so what do you want to do?" The sub-substitute asked, the kids all huddled together to think.

"Hm, how about tag?"

"Nah, we play that almost everyday, let's play dungeon adventure!"

"I want to play house, this time I get to be the wife!"

"...Roxas-kun, you're a boy you can't be the wife." Dino explained nervously, hoping he wouldn't have to explain why.

"Oh, did you want to be the wife too Dino-san?" Roxas asked thoughtfully, it should be okay to have more than one person playing wife, you just had to have another husband!

"Wha-! No, I'm a boy too-!"

"It's fine, boys can be wives too! Tsu-sensei was the wife once, so it's fine!" Tifa assured him, as she and the other's began to gathering things to play house with.

"My little bro!?" Dino gasped, imagining a rather creepy-looking Tsuna wearing too much make-up, such as cherry red lip stick that made his lips look like a blow-fish attacked it, and blue eye liner that made it look like he got punched in the face too many times, finishing off with mascara that would put a raccoon to shame. He looked like he belonged in a horror movie more than anything else!

"Dinner's ready daaringu~"Dino shuttered at the hideous image. He didn't think he could take it if he had to see Tsuna, who was going to be the Don of the biggest family in all of Italy, in a dress that looked like it belong in the fifties.(8)

"Okay Dino-san, you need to put on a dress and wear some make-up!" Tifa declared as she started to pull out items from the dress up closet. Dino shuttered in horror at the over-sized dresses that looked like trash bags and the make-up that looked suspiciously like it had come from a clown.

"Okay get over here so we can make you look pretty!" The brunette devil demanded, Dino scurried away from the girl as he as he could, clutching the book he had been reading tightly to his chest.

"Why do I have to have a dress and make-up? !" He shrieked, he didn't think he'd be able to look his men in the eyes ever again if he looked like an ugly drag queen...

"Because you need to look pretty for your husband! If wives don't look good, their husband's leave them for their sisters!" Tifa huffed, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"That isn't true! A good husband wouldn't leave his wife just because she looks bad!" Dino argued.

"Yeah they do! I see all the time on TV! The husband leaves his wife for her step-sister that actually turns out to be his real sister that he thought died in a car crash but she actually lived on and had amnesia and didn't remember him until she was almost murdered by the wife's lover Raoul, the pool boy!"

"You watch too much soap operas! Besides I don't even have a husband!" Dino yelled, trying to find a way out of this horrible situation as fast as he could.

"Hey that's right, we need husbands first!" Roxas said, already in a pink polka-dot dress that actually looked good on him.

The chibis, minus Roxas, gathered around in a circle with serious looks on their faces, Yuna and Tidus stood in the middle, both being seasoned veterans in house playing. By the way they acted it looked like they were having some sort of sacred ritual and were about to ask for a sacrifice!

"Okay, who wants to be Roxas' husband?" Tidus asked solemnly, it was deadly quiet among the children until one of them stepped forwards, earning a couple of gasps.

"I'll do it," Cloud said quietly. Tidus looked Cloud over with the utmost delicacy, as if he were trying to judge a work of art.

"There goes a brave man," Bartz breathed, with Zidane nodding in agreement. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Tidus grinned, giving him the thumbs up.

"Okay, you can be Roxas' husband!" There was a sigh of relief as Cloud went over to join his 'wife'.

"Now we need someone to be Dino-san's husband!" Yuna cheered, the atmosphere went back to being tense and heavy as the chibis looked at one another.

"It can't be Light, he was Tsuna-sensei's husband last time!"(9) Tifa said.

"Firi-nii can't either, he was mama's." Yuna noted, all the chibis looked at each other, trying to figure out who it should be.

"I know, Squall's never been the husband before!" Zidane piped in, pushing the brunette in the middle of the circle.

"Why me?" The boy grumbled in displeasure, looking in disgust at the blond bronco. He'd rather eat nails and Zidane's gym socks than be that guy's husband.

"Yeah, let Squall do it!" Bartz agreed, soon almost everyone was nodding in approval, Tidus and Yuna shared a look before agreeing.

"Okay, then Squall's Dino's husband!" Said boy grunted before slowly making his way towards his, wife, trying to keep as much distance as possible from him. Dino could only smile in sympathy, even though he really didn't want to be someone's wife, he was glad that Squall would be actively participating. The boy could use more social interaction.

In a way, it made the clown make up and dress a little bit more tolerable. As almost all of the chibis began to pick out parts for themselves, be it illegitimate children, cheating sisters or homicidal pool boys, one chibi did not do any of this.

Xion stood apart from the rest, glaring at the fake-sub, first he replaced Tsu-sensei and now he was trying to take Squall away from her?

Not if she had anything to say about it. She would make that fake wish he never set foot here, or her name wasn't Xion Leonhart!

She wasn't gonna allow that guy to hurt her cousin no matter what!

(You all knew this was coming! XD)

Omake: Chibi-chimea, The Young and The Useless

"But Shinsuke-sama! Haven't I made you happy? What does she have that I don't? I love you and I promise to always love you!" Tsuna cried in a high-pitch girl voice. Light, Aka: Shinsuke, glared down at his wife with disgust clearly showing threw his paper monocle.

"You say you love me, but I saw you with him Tetsuko! You've been seeing him behind my back this whole time have you? Has our whole marriage been nothing more than a game to you? Were you just faking it every time you said you loved me? Answer me!" Tetsuko sobbed as 'her' husband walked away, 'she' clutched onto his coat sleeve.

"I made a mistake! It was a moment of weakness, it won't happen again I promise! Just please don't leave me for Nee-sama! I promise to be faithful to only you, we can be happy together, I just know it!"

"It's too late for that Tetsuko, I love Saiyuri now. Maybe I've always loved her, she's so gentle, she almost reminds me of Kana..." Shinsuke trailed off softly, Tetsuko cried in anguish, flinging 'her' ring-pop wedding ring and throwing it to the ground.

"You've never let go of Kana's memory, even when we first met, it was always about her! You can never truly love anyone but her can you? Nee-sama and I will always be second best won't we? !"

"It's not like that and you know it," Shinsuke said firmly. He looked back at his wife and stroked 'her' cheek softly.

"You and I will only destroy each other Tetsuko. For the sake of our son, Ryosuke, we need to fix ourselves and make ourselves worthy as parents. A part of me will always love you, our son was a child made out of love once after all, he is the link that will bind us together forever."

"Ryosuke was never your son, he is mine!"

"Raoul!" Tetsuko gasped. Cecil, Aka: Raoul, emerged, rubbing his thick handle-bar mustache dramatically. Shinsuke glared hatefully at his most trusted pool boy, they had been friends since childhood, ever since Shinsuke had the dream of making his fortune selling designer tooth brushes!

"How could you do this to me Raoul? ! I treated you and loved you like a brother!" Raoul laughed hatefully, throwing his dinosaur pool floatie to the ground.

"Our relationship was never that sweet! You only used me to get ahead, you even stole my water-powered tooth brush idea! This should be my fortune, not yours, just as Tetsuko should also be mine!" Shinsuke gasped, throwing off his bowler hat in despair.

"Raoul, I never knew you felt that way, if only I had known-!"

"You want to know something else? It was me who killed Kanna in that freak lawn chair accident! I threw her in the way as the lawn chair folded back up!" Raoul laughed manically.

"You monster!" Shinsuke roared as he charged at Raoul, wanting nothing more than to fold him up just like Kanna did all those years ago.

"Have at thee weakling!" Raoul declared as he pulled out a revolver, plastic of course, and shot at Shinsuke, making a banging sound effect. Shinsuke froze as he clutched his heart, slowly sinking to the ground dying.

"NNNOOOOOO!" Tetsuko screamed as 'she' rushed over to her fallen husband, who made little chocking sounds.

"Tell my family, that I am content..." Shinsuke whispered as he died. Tetsuko sobbed as 'she' clutched his body while Raoul looked on with pity, placing a hand on 'her' shoulder.

Miss Cosmos and the rest of the chibis could only stare in anticipation at what would happen next. Miss Cosmos wiped her eyes with a tissue as she continued to watch the story unfold.

This was much better than some boring old adult soap opera.

NO, I'm not secretly shipping my favorite forbidden-love couple, TsunaXLight! It just turned out that way, I swear!

1-Totally a legit langue! Though one I have yet to master... D':

2-Dino believes in the Zombie Apocalypse, well at least in this story he does!

3- Tsuna takes after Nana in almost every aspect, I can't find a trace of Iemitsu anywhere on that boy!

4- This starts were chapter three left off!

5- Come on, we all know who I'm talking about here! -wink,wink-

6- One of these days the Mifa Dons will get it right, the ball is in your court now Emma!

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8-Irony, thy name is Tsuna

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