The Secret Files of the Marauders

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1: I Solemnly Swear to Live on The Marauders' Legend

Harry was studying up for the Auror's test that evening, but, then, he heard a screech from the windows of his apartment. He looked up and saw a hooting owl outside, scratching the glass to get his attention. Harry walked up to the window and opened it, letting the bird rest on his table. He took the piece of paper from its beak and unfolded it to read.

I solemnly swear to live on the Marauders' legacy.

Harry's eyebrows rose. What does that mean? He looked back at the owl, but it was already gone, flying back to its master. But who was its master? Who sent him this? The only clue he had was of the word "Marauders" in the letter, but all of them were gone, and he knew of no one who was also a part of it.

Deciding not to dwell on it, Harry put the paper in his pocket and went back to his books.

The next day, Harry prepared himself for the day, and has lost his extra pair of glasses. With the kind of job he's applying for, a second pair is necessary. Or, in his case, his sixth.

He started looking through his drawers, and finally found them in the fourth drawer he looked. There, along with the glasses, was a piece of abandoned parchment. He put the glasses in his pocket and picked up the parchment, taking his time to observe it. Then, something in his mind clicked. Harry took out his wand and pointed at the piece of parchment.

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

Ink swirled around the surface, and letters started forming in formal cursive writing.

Messers Moony, Padfoot, Wormtail, and Prongs are proud to present:

The Marauders' Map

Intricate designs formed into rooms and grounds. Footprints were colored in, along with names of different Hogwarts residents. Harry smiled. How could he have forgotten about the Marauders' Map? This thing has been very helpful in his life, only to be lost a few months ago. He really should take better care of his things.

Then, something else went into his mind. He ran to his laundry and pulled out paper from a pocket. He ran back to the map and pointed his wand at it again.

"I solemnly swear to live on the Marauders' legacy."

The drawing faded, and words returned to the page.

Messers Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are proud to present:

The Secret Files of the Marauders

More words appeared on the parchment.

Messer Padfoot would like to bid fellow Marauder welcome to their memories.

Messer Moony hopes that nothing in here would bring bad judgment to any of them.

Messer Prongs thinks Messer Moony is ridiculous and that no Marauder would be as judging as he says.

Messer Wormtail wishes fellow Marauder enjoyment with the secret files and hopes he writes his own as well.

Harry's eyebrows furrowed. Judging? What does he mean by that? Then, the words disappear and different ones begin to show. Harry would've read on, but then he remembered the Auror training he might be late for, so he closed the map ("Mischief Managed") and hid it away, hoping to take a better look when he returns.

"Oh, Merlin, my back aches so much."

"Be thankful it's not your neck, Ron."

Harry and Ron together head back to Harry's apartment, their bodies covered with aches and bruises. Ron immediately reaches for the couch and sit down.

"I reckon anymore will do the trick." He responded to Harry's comment. Then, he closed his eyes. "I'm so bloody tired."

"Not yet, Ron. There's something I have to show you." Harry then took a piece of parchment out of a certain drawer and showed it to his friend.

"What is this, mate?" Ron asked him.

"Watch this." He took out his wand and pointed it at the parchment.

"I solemnly swear to live on the Marauders' legacy."

Ron's eyes grew at the swirling ink and showing words. "'The Secret Files of The Marauders'? Where did you get this?"

"This is the Marauders' Map, Ron. Apparently, it also shows other things as well." Then his eyebrows furrowed. "I wonder what they mean about 'files', though."

"Then read it! Come on!" Harry obeyed and started.

Messer Padfoot would like to begin the tale.

The Marauders' first day was a sunny one. The Blacks just left Sirius on the station, not wanting to see their son any longer than necessary. The boy didn't mind, though. He felt the same way.

Ron and Harry stared at each other.

"Bloody hell, is it telling about the Marauders when they were in Hogwarts?" Ron asked, bewildered.

"I think it is." Harry murmured, staring at the parchment again.

"Well, then read on! I want to hear how brilliant they really are!"

The boy looked around the station, only to spot James Potter with his parents, bidding him farewell. He grinned and ran towards him, eager to start the term with his friend.

"James! How are ya?" He greeted once his parents left.

"Sirius! Nice to see your bloody face again!" He greeted back. They gave a quick (and very manly) hug and grinned at each other.

"We should get on immediately. Better get a free compartment." They took their trunks and marched in the train, both helping each other get their trunks in.

The compartments were, in fact, already full when they entered, so they decided to use one that came with a sandy-haired boy with his nose stuck in his book. Sirius and James immediately plunged into conversation, until they decided to let the unknown boy join in.

"What's your favorite Quidditch team?" They were ignored. The boy stayed focused on his book.

Sirius cleared his throat. "Hey, what's your favorite?" Still, no sound came from his lips. They were still ignored, but they refuse to give up.

"Excuse me, we're talking to you." James said, a little louder than usual. The boy's eyebrow quirked in irritation and, finally, looked up.

"Excuse me, isn't it clear that I'm reading?" He asked, but not as polite as the words sound.

"Yes, but we were wondering if you'd like to join our conver-"

"But I was reading, wasn't I? Isn't it rude to disturb me when I am doing something?"

"Yes, but-"

"And isn't it clear that when I didn't answer your first question, I didn't want to partake in your ridiculous conversation?"


"Then it just shows that both of you are rude, idiotic pigs with nothing else to do but disturb other people's peace." He closed his book, and Sirius saw the words "Property of Remus J. Lupin" in black ink across the spine.

Remus gave one last glare at them and left the compartment, leaving both boys in shock.

"What a spoil sport." Sirius commented.

Both boys gave a gasp.

"That was Lupin? As a kid?" Ron asked, expressing his shock.

"But Professor Lupin's a nice guy, even as a teacher!" Harry protested.

"I know. I just can't imagine him as an evil little git." Ron confessed.

"Maybe he changed through Hogwarts." Harry suggested. "It could happen."

The train soon arrived at Hogwarts, and they met a giant man named Hagrid who brought them to the boats. First years use boats when going to Hogwarts, you see, and the rest of the years use carriages. When they got off, they met a woman named Professor McGonagall, whom Sirius dubbed Professor Minnie for the next seven years. She led us to the Great Hall, where a hat sat on a stool. Professor Minnie brought out a scroll and read a name. A nervous looking person walked up to the hat, and he was motioned to sit and put on the hat. A few minutes passed by, and the hat opened its mouth to yell "Hufflepuff"!

More students were called out, some of them, Sirius recognized from the train.Remus Lupinwas called up after three students, ("Gryffindor!") thenSeverus Snape("Slytherin!") and his girlfriend, Lily Evans ("Gryffindor!"). Soon, James was called up as well and was sorted into Gryffindor, and then it was Sirius turn.

As he sat down, the hat fell over his eyes, and he couldn't see anything. A voice then came in his mind, which shocked the bloody hell out of him.

A Black, eh? You seem different, though. A young rebellious child with a courageous heart will fit well in Gryffindor, but you also have dark tendencies. You are also very intelligent, a good Ravenclaw trait. Which one should I put you in, though? Mm, this is very difficult, indeed.

Sirius' eyebrows furrowed beneath the hat. Was the thing implying he was bipolar?

No, boy, you're just very difficult, but I have already chosen. You may tend to be a reckless, cold-hearted person, but you are also extremely loyal and brave. You are nothing like your family at all, so you shall be...


Gryffindor cheered from their table, James being the loudest. Others had their jaws dropped and Professor Minnie looked confused, but, nonetheless let Sirius join his housemates. The boy proudly walked to his table, sitting down next to his friend. He could feel Remus and Lily's glares at him, but they were just ignored. Sirius was too busy thinking about the interesting Howler that'll be coming the next day.

Harry decided to end it there and close the map. Ron protested a bit, but gave in as well. They bid each other goodnight and separated to their own bedrooms, pondering about what they had just seen.