It's a dogs life: chapter 1:

Meeting Hecate

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Mello's POV

I was pissed. In fact I was more than pissed, L was dead, Near was still first in line to be his successor and to make matters worse the albino twerp had the audicity to ask me if I wanted to work with him! The boy lived to infuriate me!

In fact, everything thing that went wrong in my life that sheep could be blamed for. I get my chocolate taken away, he'd tattled on me. I remained second in line, he was beating me in tests. I ended up in the streets of London looking for a pub that looked like it would sell alcohol to minors; in the pouring rain, he'd suggested that I work with HIM! Okay technically he wasn't responsible for my parents abandoning me but who knows, maybe he was!

By the time I finally found a dingy little pub that looked like it wouldn't care about my age I looked like a drowned rat. My blonde hair was plastered to my scalp, my black leather attire glimmered with thousands of water droplets and I was shivering. Full on seismic activity shivers.

I was going to order a beer but considering how fucking cold I was I think whisky would be a better idea. After all that stuff is meant to be like fire going down your throat so it might heat me up a little. I paid the barman who looked at me suspiciously before handing me the amber coloured beverage. I gave him a thankful nod and quickly walked over to the furthest seat possible before he could ask my age. I was drinking because I was in a bad mood and being arrested for underage drinking would not help my mood.

I'm not joking about my bad mood either, after all, how many fifteen year old boys wouldn't notice a hot chick, in the same room they were in, until her boobs were right in their face. That would be me, the blonde kid with a pair of boobs in his face.

After what seemed like ten minutes I managed to tear my eyes away from her boobs and meet her eyes. It was actually a lot harder than it sounds, after all, let me repeat: pair of boobs in my face!

She really was the hottest thing I'd ever seen though. Tall, long legs, ptch black hair, a great body and what had to be the biggest boobs I'd ever seen. If I was ever going to be interested in girls it was now.

"Um... Hi?" I asked uncertainly. My face started to burn and I wanted to kick myself for blushing. The woman smiled at me flirtatiously.

"Mind if I join you?"she asked in a voice with a strong hint of an accent. I couldn't quite place it and the woman sat down next to me without wating for an answer.

"The first thing I did was throw back my drink. Bad idea! My face burned with shame again as I started coughing and choking. Whisky for the record tastes like shit and burns your throat for added injury. It also doesn't do anything to heat you up. The woman chuckled.

"My name's Cate, and yours?" She asked.

"Me- Mello"I gasped. The alcohol would help me talk to her at least, but only after it stopped burning my throat...

"that's an interesting accent you've got there Mello, Russian isn't it?" My eyes widened in shock. Few people could even hear my accent let alone name it. Cate quickly ordered us both beers while I worked through my shock.

"Yeah... I can't trace your one though, where are you from?" I asked with a bit more confidence.

"It's greek, I decided that if my relatives can go on holiday then there's no reason why I can't." The woman laughed as the barman handed us the beers. My mood was starting to look up.

Hecate's POV

The boy was lying to me. His name was no more Mello then mine was Cate and I was sorely tempted to hex him for his lies and roving eyes. Yes it was a bit hypocritical but then again I was a goddess and he was just a little boy.

Yet I was curious about him. I could finally see why Ryuk had decided to go amongst the humans. They were amusing. Truth was, I was bored. Yes I had access to more powerful magick than any of my siblings but even that got tedious after a while.

Loki had been the one to convince me to go on 'holiday'. He claimed that humans were easily tricked and provided amusing results. He wasn't wrong but I couldn't stand the idea of hexing my inital target. In fact I was considering Aphrodite's comments on humans. That they were good fucks. It would certainly cure my boredom at least.

So I would flirt with him, Seduce him, have him take me to his place, fuck him and leave. He was filled with quite a bit of alcohol so I decided to skips steps one and two and go straight to the going to his place step.

Mello's POV

I don't know what I was expecting but her leaning towards me and kissing me was not it. i also wasn't expecting to suddenly lose all interest in her. Well, damn. Maybe it wasn't the bad mood earlier. At least I know for sure now that I'm gay and not bi like I'd thought earlier.

I quickly pulled away from her. "Sorry, not interested." I murmured apologetically as I stood and left the room. I caught a glimpse of her furious face and instantly felt guilty. Smooth Mello, way to tell a girl that your gay, you could have at least paid for the drinks.

The streets were empty as I started heading for a train station. Running away had been stupid, so I was going to go back, say sorry to Roger, hit Near for his suggestion and do my damnedest to beat him.

The sound of footsteps brought me out of my daydream of beating Near. I didn't pay them any heed though until a voice broke out behind me.

"MIHAEL KEEHL!" I froze and turned to Cate. I had a good buzz going but I was nowhere near drunk enough to say my real name. I gazed at the woman warily, she knew my real name and was therefore dangerous.

"Who are you?" I growled. I cursed myself for leaving my knife behind at Wammy's house. Talk about a stupid risk...

"I'm Hecate, The girl you flirted with, mooched drinks off of and left alone in a bar! You son of a bitch!" The girl shouted. A part of my mind registered that Hecate was the greek goddess of witchcraft and that no sane person would give that name to a kid. That meant only one thing. She had an Alias like me. The danger levels of the situation sky rocketed.

"How the fuck do you know who I am?"I snarled as I took a step backwards. I was so fucking screwed... If I survived this Roger would have my head.

"Oh I know a lot of things about you Mihael Keehl! You fucking, Lying DOG!" I didn't like the way she emphasised 'dog'. My instincts proved correct when the ground suddenly grew a lot closer.

Okay... Maybe it wasn't an alias...

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