Hehe! Hikaru and Kaoru's birthday! This means... YAOI TIME! :P

Hikaru POV

So it's Kaoru and Is' birthday today, and the rest of the host club thought it'd be a good idea to have a party.

"Happy birthday Hikaru and Kaoru!" People were rushing around us saying how much they spent on their presents. Like we really care though.. Hunny brought out a giant cake with strawberries all over it, and icing too. Each crazy incest loving fangirl came and sat with us while we ate cake. We were doing the normal, "It was just so cute when it happened," script. Then Kaoru went off his lines.

"Hey Hikaru, you have some icing right here." he said licking the icing off my cheek, ever so close to my lips.

"Thanks Kaoru." I say... Slightly blushing. Why am I blushing? This is a normal hormonal thing right? I mean, he is my brother. Incest is wrong, a sin. I take more and more bites of my cake, following along with whatever story Kaoru decided to tell the girls. Watching him talk and laugh was intoxicating, almost like I couldn't get enough.

"Hi~Ka~ru!" Kaoru sings.

"Yes my dear little Kao-chan?" I say placing my hand on his cheek.

"You have some icing right here." he says, shoving his tongue down my throat. Shocked by this my eyes were staring at him. Then, as he swirled and nipped my bottom lip, I started to calm into it. Kissing his back, rubbing his auburn locks, through my fingers. The taste of strawberries and icing intertwining. Each fangirl had pulled out their phones and started to record this. I didnt care. I pulled myself on top of him, kissing him and not letting him breath.

"OK! Girls thank you for coming Host Club activities are over for today." Kyouya says interrupting the moment.

Each girl gets up and leaves, ever so reluctantly. Then the motor begins.

"HOHOHOHOHOHO!" Renge's cackle is heard from below. "Incestuous love! True! Who would've imagined?" she says, then Kyouya attempts to kick her out while she babbles on about how amazing that this love exists.

"So. It isn't an act." Haruhi says, walking away. Tamaki chasing after her saying some nonsense about how brothers shouldn't act this way.

"Hikaru... You can get off of me now." Kaoru says to me, sweetly, blushing. His smile is too damn cute.

"But what if I don't want to?" I ask playing with his tie.

"Hikaru~ it's embarrassing."

"But you brought it all on yourself Kaoru. If you want to be fair, you should let me have my turn, my dear Kao-chan." I say, unbuttoning his shirt.