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Harry was ever so sorry to Draco. He should have never broken up with him. So, Harry decided to serenade Draco in the great hall by singing "Baby" by Justin Bieber to him at dinner, to apologize.

So, that night, Harry wore his best dress robes to dinner, to impress Draco into liking him again. With Peeves as a back-up singer and Nearly Headless Nick dancing, Harry thought, I'm sure to get my honey back!

"We hope you all enjoy this nice holiday feast," Dumbledore had been saying, "It took a great deal of hard work to prepare this fine meal and I-"

" Professor?" asked Harry, "I'd like to say something please, if it's not to much trouble?"

"Of course Harry, take the stage."

"Thank you," said Harry. "I have some entertainment for you guys. Ever heard of Justin Bieber?" Dead silence. "OoooKay..., well this song goes out to my honey, Draco Malfoy!" Everyone gasped. "One, two, one, two, three! And I was like baby baby baby oooh, baby baby baby baby ooh, baby baby baby ooh, thought you'd always be mine mine."

Now peeves did hi part, "Luda! When I was 13, I had my 1st love no body can compare to my baby and can't ever come above, she had me going crazy oh I was starstruck she woke me up daily don't need no starbucks she made my heart pound I skip a beat when I see her on da street and at school on the playground but I really want to see her on the weekends she got me going crazy she was so amazing now my heart is breaking and I just keep on saying baby baby baby ooh baby baby baby ooh baby baby baby ooh thought you'd always be mine mine."

Again, dead silence. Then, Draco ran out out of the room. Harry followed.

" Draco, baby, what's wrong? Didn't you like my song?"

" No, I loved your song baby." said Draco. " I just can't have people thinking Im gay, ok? Come on, let's go make out in the dark forest." And so they did.