Asuka's Secret

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WARNING: Yuri ("lesbian") and Futa (girl with…extras) and I think the term OOC (Out Of Character?) applies to Asuka and Rei (don't think I kept them completely in character, besides it is highly unlikely one of them has...extra's, and equally unlikely that they would go yuri on each other).

Once again, don't like, don't read. Not old enough to read, but are going to anyway? Well, that's your choice.

And I do apologize for letting my perveted, insane part of my personality out the bag (it is a necessary evil, I'm afraid. He promised me god-like writing powers in return).

Curiosity in the Showers

All the girls at Tokyo-3 municipal high school in class A where getting out of their phys ed clothes that smelt of sweat at the amount of exertion they had been put through, well, all except one, the "great" Asuka Langley Soryu, who only changed when all the other girls had left.

When approached about this behaviour, Asuka would lash out at the girl with the person in question being a closet lesbian hoping to get off on her perfect body. Naturally, after seeing what the question caused everyone simply avoided asking, deciding that it was most likely something to do with the girl's oversized ego.

One girl, however, wished to know why the usually quick to show off Asuka was not so quick to show off her "perfect" body, which she always flaunted when she was clothed. That girl; was Rei Ayanami, who was curious by nature, but made sure that her curiosity remained secret.

She had been having strange feelings whenever she thought of Asuka, after her first meeting with the red-head, sure, her words had hurt, but she couldn't stop the unidentifiable feelings she had for the German. She had thought of asking Ritsuko or the Commander, but after hearing and seeing the reaction from the German when Miko asked an innocent question, decided against it.

But still, the feelings persisted. One night Rei awoke from her first dream, she had dreamt about her and the German becoming one (which was odd, since Rei thought only those of the opposite sex could become one), and she noticed that when she looked down on her nude body (she did not have any clothes for sleeping in, only school uniforms and her plug suit), she noticed that she had wet her bed.

Oddly, it did not smell of urine. But, that did not matter, she had had her first dream…ever, and it was of the German, in all the books she had read that meant that she…cared about the red-haired girl.

Now she was going to hide away and see what Asuka's secret was, why she always hid away when the need to change in front of others was necessary.

Rei hid herself in the out-of-order stall in the changing room, which was opposite the showers and she waited.

She heard the class representative urge Asuka to hurry and change, so as not to be late for class, which Asuka replied that she would only be missing the same boring lecture.

'Stupid hentai-old man' Asuka said, removing her sweaty, smelly clothes and putting a towel around her ample breasts. She walked into the shower stall, turning the tap and using her hand to test the water.

When she found that it was satisfactory, she removed the towel from her person, exposing her delicious looking ass to Rei, whose eyes widened slightly at the sight.

Rei could not break her gaze from the way Asuka's long, beautiful legs carried her, much to her dismay, her view was all too soon interrupted by the shower door.

Rei felt a strange feeling in her panties, she looked down and, in a very un-ladylike manner lifted her skirt and saw that she had wet herself. Her face held a very small look of a grimace, but then she found that her lower lips were very sensitive to touch at the moment, her hand glided softly and this simple action sent pleasure rushing through her body, pleasure she had never experienced before.

She stopped her self-experimentation when she heard some moans coming from Asuka in the shower, luckily, the door was glass, although it was misted up, Rei could see just enough to know that Asuka was pleasuring herself. Perhaps all this time she just enjoyed the pleasure of touching herself after a good workout, Rei thought, deciding she would do the same from now on. Actually, she thought she would start right now.

She pulled her underwear down to her ankles, and cautiously placed a hand on her glistening pussy. She let a soft moan escape her lips at the feel of her fingers on the sensitive flesh, slowly rubbing herself a bit faster, feeling the strange feeling grow more and more pleasurable the faster she rubbed. Then her mind remembered the sex Ed she had to learn during school, a man inserted his sex organ into a woman's, perhaps her fingers would suffice?

She slipped in a finger, groaning at the pleasure it gave her, and slipping another finger in. She pumped herself harder and harder, leaning back against the back of the toilet. She cried out when her first orgasm washed over her, filling her with immeasurable pleasure and ecstasy. She lay there, panting, slowly removing her fingers from her soft, lower lips and saw the same fluid that had been present after her dream of Asuka.

Speaking of her fellow pilot, Asuka quickly stopped pleasuring herself when she heard someone else moaning in the background. Her face blushed, beet-red, and she quickly turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around herself, hoping it would hide her…imperfection, as she called it.

She found that the moans where coming from the out-of-order toilet, sneaking a peep through the bottom, she was astonished to see that it was Rei, the emotionless doll was busy jerking herself off in a stall and acting very…unlike herself. She was moaning whorishly and her face was pink and eyes closed as she pleasured herself.

Asuka couldn't believe her eyes, how on Earth could wondergirl be so…hot. Asuka tried to shake that thought from her mind, reasoning it was only her imperfection that was gunning for a supple, young girl, with a very tight looking…Asuka pinched herself. Now was not the time to think about wondergirl like that, even though every time she pleased herself, Rei was always there, in her mind, when she climaxed, doing some very naughty things with her.

Rei took a deep breath, slowly recovering from the powerful sensations she had just experienced. She pulled her panties back to where they should be, cleaned her hand with some paper and then suddenly remembered why she had been in the stall in the first place.

Rei's shoulders slumped slightly as she saw that the shower was empty, meaning Asuka had already left. At least she finally figured out the feelings she had for the red-head, it was obviously lust; the sight of the second's bare bottom had set Rei off.

With an almost audible sigh, Rei opened the stall door and came face to face with a smirking Asuka.

Rei felt her cheeks warming up slightly, remembering the graphic, dirty thoughts she had just had about the German girl, 'hello pilot Soryu'

'So, wondergirl, what were you doing in there?' Asuka asked innocently.

'I was…urinating' Rei answered in monotone, her eyes taking in Asuka's curvy body, currently her gaze was at her ample breasts.

'Really? Didn't sound like that, sounded more like someone was jerking off' Asuka said with a cruel smile.

'Jerking off?' Rei repeated, not quite understanding, although she did have an idea. Perhaps Asuka had caught her actions, and "jerking off" was slang for pleasuring oneself, right now she could feel herself getting wet and excited by the mere thought of having been caught.

'Masturbating, fingering your self. What you were just doing, I will admit I'm surprised that you would actually do that to yourself, who were you thinking about, baka Shinji?' Asuka asked, still smirking, not noticing Rei's travelling eyes.

'No, I was thinking about you' the words left Rei's mouth quickly and she was soon horrified that she had said that out loud. All those years of replying bluntly to people had made her not so great at keeping personal secrets (unless she had been ordered to).

'…me?' Asuka was stunned, to say the least. Rei just admitted to jerking off with her in mind, this revelation made Asuka blush with embarrassment, and excitement.

'Do you have something underneath your towel, pilot Soryu?' Rei asked, when she noticed something pushing the towel outwards. She also hoped it would change the subject.

'N-no, now…tell me why you jerked off while thinking about me!' Asuka said, crossing her arms over her chest, her face going as red as her plug suit.

'Forgive me, but I am afraid that my body is lusting for you' Rei explained, with a small hint of shame on her face.

'Really? Well, even lesbians have to admit that I have a great body, I suppose' Asuka announced with pride, 'which part of me do you like best?'

'I…started to "jerk off" when I noticed your uncovered form walking into the shower, your bottoms shape…set me off. I couldn't help myself, I have been having this strange feeling about you since we first met…please, forgive me' the albino girl pleaded.

'You…have been thinking about…me?' Asuka asked. The way in which Rei had spoken held emotion and it sounded like this was more than just jerking off to her body…could Rei actually…no, it was only because of her perfect body, well, the perfect body Rei thought she had.

'I…yes, my mind has always wondered to you and it is not always about your body, sometimes I just…want to be…near…you' Rei said, looking slightly downcast.

Asuka looked thoughtful for a moment; then she seemed to come to a decision.

'If…there was something…disgusting…about me, would you still think about me like that?' Asuka asked quietly.

'There is nothing disgusting about you. You have perfect skin, long red hair, a wonderful shape and you…are proud of yourself, nothing could replace you or make you seem disgusting' Rei said, her voice held traces of emotions in it, which was noticeable to Asuka.

'You…don't think I'm replaceable?'

'No, but I am afraid I am nothing, I am not as important as you…' she said, feeling…sadness, grow in her.

Asuka stopped and stared at Rei with eyes that held minute amounts of moisture, '…you…shouldn't say that. If I share a secret with you, then you will be special, you will be the only one I have ever told'

'You would…do that for me?' Rei asked looking at the red-head with hope in her crimson eyes.

Asuka gave Rei a nod as an answer, and then slowly let her towel fall off her body. Rei's eyes traced the German girl's petite frame, her impressive breasts with her brown nipples that stood at attention, trailing down past her flat stomach and belly button, then reaching her…what was that doing there?

Rei looked curiously at the most unlikely sight. Asuka had everything a girl could have (or want), but also had a penis where her clitoris would be.

'That is strange' Rei said aloud.

'Look, if you don't like me anymore I get it, just don't tell anyone, okay?' Asuka huffed, thinking Rei was disturbed by the sight of her penis.

'May I…touch it?' Rei asked, hoping that Asuka would not let her anger overwhelm her.

'You…don't mind?' Asuka asked, blinking in disbelief, then letting a smile make its way onto her face, 'always knew you were weird wondergirl, but I guess that's why I like you'

'So may I?' Rei asked, her face a bit pink from Asuka admitting that she liked her.

'First you have to do something for me' Asuka began, still beaming, but also had a naughty smirk on her face, 'undress.'

'That is acceptable' Rei complied with the request, removing her skirt, then her top and lastly her underwear, leaving both girls stark naked in front of each other, both with blushes.

'Not so bad wondergirl…' commented Asuka, licking her lips with anticipation, while her eyes took in Rei's body. Her pale skin was free of any imperfections and her breasts, whilst not as big as hers, were still a nice size and Rei had wonderful curves, also her natural colour was blue as it turned out she had a small patch of hair growing just above her wet pussy.

Rei knelt down and stared at Asuka's, rather large soldier, who stood at full attention.

'You can touch it, just be gentle' Asuka said, egging the albino girl on. She hoped she would finally be getting some action, having an erect penis almost everyday in school was becoming incredibly tiring, especially in the tight plug suit.

Rei touched it softly, and stroked, causing Asuka to moan and tell Rei to keep it up. Rei answered the red-head, by slowly increasing the speed of her hand, clenching the throbbing organ tightly, but not too tightly.

'Oh, yeah Rei, that's it…' moaned the German.

Rei continued to stroke it; Asuka shut her eyes tight as her body felt like exploding from pleasure.

'R-Rei…can you, ah, suck it?' Asuka asked.

Rei looked at her with confusion showing a bit more prominently on her face, which made Asuka giggle at her look, 'I promise to please you, if you do'

'Very well' Rei replied.

Moving her head to Asuka's throbbing erection, she slowly opened her mouth and let the foreign object enter. It had a strange taste, but it was not completely unpleasant. Rei then slowly bobbed her head up and down, sucking on Asuka's cock and being careful to not let her teeth hurt the German girl.

Asuka groaned in pleasure, using her hands to hold Rei's head, feeling the soft strands of her blue hair, guiding the albino girl to suck at the most pleasing pace.

Soon Asuka couldn't hold on any longer and screamed, 'ugh…I'm c-cumming!'

Asuka's penis jerked in Rei's mouth, her eyes shot open wide when her mouth was filled with a warm, thick liquid.

Rei gagged and coughed, pulling herself away from the penis; that shot its remaining load onto her face and chest. Rei stared at the still hard cock in astonishment.

'Uh…w…wow; wondergirl…' Asuka panted; her hair all over the place as her orgasm was still making her body giddy.

'Was it pleasurable?' Rei asked, still looking with curiosity at the thick, white liquid running down her chest.

'Hell, yeah, I don't think I have ever cum that much…you're really good with your mouth you know' Asuka praised Rei, who blushed slightly at the compliment, 'let's clean you up.'

Asuka helped Rei to her feet and both entered the shower stall. Turning on the water, Asuka grabbed a bar of soap and lathed her hands with it, then she began to rub Rei's body clean, paying special attention to the blue-haired albino's breasts, fondling them and squeezing her mounds, making Rei moan in delight at the touch.

After Rei had been cleaned of her seed, Asuka moved her mouth to suck on Rei's right breast using her left hand for Rei's other breast. The albino leant back against the cool wall, moaning, the red-head still sucking on her hard nipple, she placed a hand on Asuka's long, red hair, caressing it and taking in the smell of strawberries.

Soon, Asuka decided that Rei's breasts had had enough attention and planted kisses on her way down to Rei's lower lips, which was already dripping from its own excitement. When she reached the dripping vagina, she stopped her lips just before her face was touching the pink lips. Rei wanted to cry out in protest against waiting.

Asuka, without warning, hungrily attacked Rei's pussy, causing the usually quiet albino to gasp, rather loudly from the sensation of a tongue invading her private area.

'Oh, pilot Soryu…I…ah' Rei could not manage to get a full sentence out the pleasure made her forget what she was going to say anyway.

Stopping her devouring of the blue-haired girls nether region, Asuka said, 'Call me Asuka, Rei or else you aren't getting any' Asuka crossed her arms, appearing to be angry at Rei while she squatted and glared at the albino.

'Please, I am sorry pilo…Asuka' Rei said with meaning.

'Good' Asuka replied; then continued to eat out the albino girl.

After a few more moments of Asuka's tongue moving inside her, Rei climaxed, spraying Asuka's face with her own love juice. The albino girl sank down onto the floor of the shower, the water still running over their naked bodies. Asuka sat down next to her and slowly placed her head on Rei's shoulder, letting a content sigh escape her lips.

'That was…most pleasurable Asuka, thank you' Rei said, still breathing a bit heavily from the aftermath.

'I owed you one, besides this is nothing compared to what else we can do' Asuka said with a grin, locking eyes with the albino.

'You wish to insert your penis into me, am I correct?' Rei said bluntly.

'Way to kill the mood, wondergirl' Asuka said, her grin fading somewhat at the blunt way Rei described it.

'I apologize; I do not know how to properly express myself…would you…teach me?' Rei asked quietly.

'Sure, Rei, I'll teach you a bunch of things. Just remember, this will have to stay our little secret, no one else can know' Asuka said seriously, looking at the albino girl intensely.

'Of course, I would like to continue our…relationship' Rei agreed with a small blush.

'Have I told how cute you are when you blush?' Asuka said with a giggle.

'No…' Rei said; feeling elated by the compliment and letting a smile grace her features.

Rei looked down and noticed Asuka's erection had not died down yet, 'Do you still require pleasing?'

'Huh? Oh, well, it takes forever for the damn prick to stay down, no matter how many times I whack off…' she said looking accusingly at the little soldier, who still stood at full attention.

'Would you like me to suck it again?'

'Can we…would you be willing to…let me take you?' Asuka asked, feeling uncomfortable at the question she wanted Rei to answer with a "yes".

'You want to become one with me?' Rei asked.

'If by that you mean f_ck you, then yes' she said.

'…I would…like that' Rei said, letting a warm smile appear.

'Are you sure, 'cos it could hurt if you aren't…y'know ready or don't want to' Asuka said, not wanting to hurt the only person that cared about her.

'It will not deter me' Rei said, offering reassurance.

'Well, alright'

Asuka stopped the water and both girls walked out the shower, Asuka slipping her hand into Rei's, as she led her to the lockers.

'Grab some towels and put them on the bench' Asuka ordered Rei, who gathered the only two towels that were available and then placed them neatly on the bench.

'Good, now I need you to lie down and spread your legs'

Obediently, Rei did as she was told and looked, pleadingly, at the red-head, 'I am ready Asuka'

Asuka gulped a bit, but steeled herself, moving forward and placing her hands on Rei's hips, her erection rubbing against the dripping hole.

'Are you sure about this Rei?' Asuka asked, not sure if this was the right thing to do.

'I am Asuka' Rei said.

'Well, here I come…' announced the German, sliding her erection into Rei's tight hole.

'Ugh, you're really…t-tight Rei…' said Asuka, relishing the feel of Rei's tight inner walls, that were well lubricated from the foreplay, closing in around her cock, squeezing it and generally making her close to climaxing without any movement from her side.

Rei gave a small hiss as Asuka broke her barrier, clutching the red-heads arms and feeling a tear roll down her cheek.

'Do you need me to…slow down?' Asuka asked, still having trouble restraining herself from ramming into Rei and not stopping.

'N-no, I…am f-fine' Rei said through gritted teeth, the pain was intense, but it was slowly being replaced by pleasure.

'Are you alright?' asked Asuka, still concerned about the albino after she had seen her reaction to losing her virginity.

'It is becoming…pleasurable you may…continue' Rei said.

'Okay' Asuka started to pump herself in and out of Rei's pussy, first at a slow pace, but she was soon moving fast and hard, causing both to moan in pleasure.

'Oh, f_ck yes, Rei. Mein Gott, you're tight!' screamed Asuka, her cock ramming into Rei.

'Please, Asuka move…faster' said Rei between pants, feeling her pleasure building.

'Ahh, oh yes! F_ck, yes' Asuka cried out whorishly, Rei's walls were beginning to tighten around her cock which made her feel incredible.

'Uh, A-Asuka!' cried Rei, feeling herself being pushed over the brink, bucking her hips.

Suddenly, Rei moaned out loud, her pussy crushing Asuka's throbbing cock while it leaked its juices in gallons. This crushing sensation sent Asuka over the edge too, her eyes rolled back into her head as she achieved her own orgasm, her cock filling Rei's pussy to the brim with her seed.

Both of the girls were spent, Asuka collapsed on top of Rei, and both breathed raggedly and heavily.

'That was…satisfying' Rei said, unable to come up with a better word to describe what had just happened.

'Was that…really just…it…for y-you?' panted Asuka, asking the blue-haired girl sarcastically, knowing that she just could not describe it properly.

'I…do not…know…how to…' Rei began, but was unable to finish as Asuka had crushed her lips on Rei's own, this caused Rei to feel a warm buzz of emotion, making her melt into the kiss and attempting to follow the German girl's movements. Eventually both stopped, too soon for their liking, as they both still required air to live.

'Sorry, but…I…just needed to…show you how…I…f-feel' Asuka said, blushing and still in need of air.

'I…love you to…Asuka' Rei said with a smile.

Both girls embraced each other warmly, not willing to let the other go.


Okay, I just wrote a lemon story. Involving a Yuri / futa. I then posted it on fanfiction…damn. Oh, well point is I did it, and you all had the misfortune of reading it. Sorry about that, but I needed to get my mind clear of it and…yeah, y'know, god-like writing powers are worth a little lemon...that is 4000 friggin' words long. Well, for those of you who did enjoy it, it is good to know I am not the only weird person out there. For those of you who enjoyed it a bit more…happy to be of service.

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