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Chapter 5: Let's use the backdoor…

So far, for the past week Rei and Asuka were getting along happily in their relationship. Rei had slept over at the Katsuragi household all week, as Asuka always managed to get a convenient event to take place that would get Rei to say that it would be more productive to stay again. Asuka would then "grudgingly" agree and Shinji would not put up an argument as he realised that, 1: Asuka would kill him, 2: Rei seemed to be more open and attentive than before, and 3: Asuka would kill him.

Misato didn't really mind, as teasing Shinji got a lot easier. She usually remarked that she had heard cries and screams of passion emanating out of Asuka's bedroom during the night and asked Shinji what he thought about it. Being the mild-mannered, introverted young boy he was Shinji reacted with a beet red face and a stammer, making Misato roar with laughter.

Misato didn't really notice that she had actually hit the nail on the head (she was too wasted by that time of the night to actually be able to be awake and her the love making), as the two girls made passionate love almost twice a night. The two enjoyed the time they spent together, and grew closer and closer, becoming more comfortable and accustomed to each other.

Asuka had several stressful problems that were mostly the near discoveries of her relationship with the albino; the first time was when Misato returned home on the first night, after the Germans non-consensual consumption of her own bodily fluid. At that time, Misato was thankfully drunk and passed out on the kitchen table. It turned out to be an easy fix, as the Major had given herself a head injury and had "apparently" fallen asleep while reading a dirty magazine that she had "purchased" while she had been drunk.

Another time was when Asuka finally took Rei to the mall, the redhead had given Rei some clothes to try on and had decided to show her how the best combinations. Being in a small dressing room and one of them being undressed led to an obvious outcome. The two enjoyed a brief encounter started by their hormones, before a knock was heard and someone asked if they were alright or if they needed help with anything. The German snapped something about periods sucking and the person left hastily, not wanting to know the details.

Right now, the two had finished a synch test and had just entered the changing rooms to get out of their plug suits and wash away the LCL. Both had been surprised by incredible scores on their tests, but at the moment, a shower was all that really mattered and some alone time.

The German redhead took some time to gaze at her girlfriends' curvaceous body; that was greatly accentuated by the white plug suit, 'Mm, Rei. Do you know how sexy that makes you look?'

'I don't know, perhaps you wish to use more physical communication to describe to me how appealing it is to you' Rei replied with a smile.

Asuka rolled her eyes, Rei was still having some trouble with getting her phrases a bit less…formal, but she was getting there, 'Well….'

The redhead moved closer, her hands moving towards the albinos bust, '…your boobs are nicely on display' her hands travelled onto the mounds, stroking them tenderly.

She pulled Rei into a hug and her hands trailed down the albinos back, '…and your ass is really sexy when you walk in this tight suit.' Her hands squeezed the albinos perfectly shaped behind, eliciting an uncharacteristic squeak of delight from the blue haired teen.

Rei blushed and wrapped her arms around the redhead, she was moving in for a kiss, but a finger on her lips stopped her.

'Do you see anything you like?' Asuka asked, waiting for Rei's compliments on her sexy body.

'…no, I do not.' Rei replied, hiding a small smirk.

'EXCUSE ME!' Asuka yelled, her eyes flashing with anger.

'I would have to remove the plug suit to see if your body is satisfactory' Rei said, unfazed by the redheads aggression.

Asuka looked surprised, but soon smiled. Rei was getting better, it seemed, 'well then, I guess you'll have to get a good, long look then, hmm?'

Rei depressurized the redheads suit, and slowly removed the plug suit from Asuka's body so that it fell down, revealing everything that the German had to offer. This included the erect member; that seemed to leap out at the sight of the sexy albino and stand ready.

'I see that you have an interesting pair of breasts and I believe that, you too, have a "sexy ass"' Rei said, smiling at Asuka as she grabbed the redheads own backside in the same manner hers had been grabbed.

'I'm having a problem with someone standing up all the time; wanna help me get it down?' Asuka suggested.

'I may be able to alleviate your problem' Rei said, beginning to depressurize her suit by moving her hand to the button.

'Can you do it with the suit on?' Asuka asked; her hand stopping Rei's from pressing the button.

Rei smiled and nodded, 'If you wish…'

The blue haired albino got down on her knees and gripped Asuka's member in her gloved hand. She began to pump slowly, flicking her tongue across the head when an idea struck her. While Asuka moaned from the pleasure of having her erection stroked, Rei moved her other hand a little lower and found Asuka's other site of pleasure.

'ARRGH! R-Rei!' Asuka cried out in pain, Rei had just inserted two fingers into her other sex; the same sex that had been incredibly sensitive ever since she obtained her penis, 'GET OUT!'

Quickly removing her fingers from Asuka's primary sex, Rei began to apologize, 'I-I'm sorry, I did not know that it was painful.'

'Ugh…' Asuka grunted, gritting her teeth and trying to keep tears of agonising pain from appearing, 'I-it's…just…I guess I sh-should have told you…'

'I did not wish to harm you Asuka, please forgive me' Rei asked, looking into the blue eyes of the German while she hugged the redhead.

'I'm fine, wondergirl' Asuka said, trying to keep the pain out of her voice.

'You do not need to hide your pain from me. I am not concerned of your pride, only your well-being' Rei said, stroking her girlfriends' hair.

Asuka laid her head on Rei's shoulder, the pain leaving her as she thought about Rei's words. Did the albino really mean that? Could Asuka really just drop the façade of being so tough and sure of herself?

'Ahem, I'm…let's take a shower. We stink of LCL' Asuka said, prying herself from Rei's embrace.

'Very well' Rei said, following the German girl into the same stall after she had removed her plug suit.

The two helped each other clean themselves, giggling in delight as they paid more attention to certain areas. They helped rub shampoo into the others hair and soon found themselves staring into each others eyes. They inched closer until their lips met and they made out for awhile, until they had to spit out the shampoo that had run down into their mouths. Both decided to finish the cleaning session properly, before continuing their explorations of the others mouth.

The two rinsed their hair of the unsavoury tasting shampoo and resumed their explorations after turning off the shower and exiting the stall.

'Mm…' Rei moaned as they released each other, 'Asuka?'

'Yeah?' Asuka replied, stroking Rei's cheeks.

'Do you wish to experiment?' the albino asked, hoping Asuka would agree to the suggestion she had in mind.

'Experiment? Mm, that sounds naughty, Rei; would this be something you learnt from a certain magazine?' Asuka asked, licking her lips in anticipation of another of Rei's suggestions. The albino always seemed to have a very satisfying position to attempt every so often.

'Would you like to try entering me…in my other entrance?' Rei asked. She seemed hesitant to ask this as a blush was apparent.

'Y-you mean…in your ass?' Asuka asked, shocked by the suggestion. The German bit her lower lip, she was unsure of how to answer that. She did want to try it, but she also wasn't so sure about the whole…healthiness of the act.

'Yes, it said it can be incredibly pleasing, for both' Rei explained.

Asuka frowned as she tried to come to a decision on whether she should or shouldn't.

'I…it must be a mutual decision, therefore the choice is up to you' Rei added.

'Um…w-well, I…I'm not sure Rei. I don't know if it's really safe for you 'cos you could get hurt' Asuka tried to explain.

'It can be made safe with an adequate lubricant, this should suffice' Rei said pointing to the shower soap.

'I…well…yeah, ok' Asuka said, hoping this wouldn't have any long term repercussions.

Rei had the hint of a mischievous smirk as she obtained a large amount of liquid soap in her hands, '…thank you Asuka.'

'Ooh, ah, n-no problem Rei' Asuka said, as the albino made sure that Asuka's hard erection was well lubricated. The albino put the remaining soap near her entrance and bent down to give Asuka the best position for this type of penetration.

Asuka bit her lip again as she looked down at Rei's ass, that seemed to be begging for some attention, the German was still unsure of this.

'Do you not wish to perform this?' Rei asked, when she noticed the lack of action.

'J-just…getting ready' Asuka said, she didn't want to appear afraid of a little anal love.

The redhead moved towards Rei's exposed ass, grabbing the sides of the albino's hips and positioning herself. She gulped and slowly pushed forward, entering Rei's forbidden hole.

'Ahh!' Rei gasped, it was more…unusual than she had first expected.

'S-should I stop?' Asuka asked, thinking that this might be a good idea. Rei's ass felt tighter than her pussy.

'N-no, the book said that you should move at a slower pace to avoid damage' Rei explained, moving her hand to her swollen clit to give it the attention it was craving.

'Okay' the German did as Rei had said; thrusting into the blue heads ass at a slow pace. Rei was busy rubbing her clit and fingering herself as her ass soon felt pleasure overcoming the pain.

Asuka soon began to move faster and faster, taking Rei from behind was awesome. The albino felt this way too, as her fingering got faster and faster.

Rei began to start mumbling something unintelligible, as the double pleasure became overpowering, soon she was screaming whatever it was she had mumbled. Asuka quickened her pace, the tightness and Rei's cries of passion making her even more excited. Rei screamed Asuka's name at an abnormal volume (for her) as her sex sprayed her love juice and she felt her front collapse, but her backside was held up by the redhead who was still thrusting into her anus.

'G-Gott REI!' the German cried eventually, her erection jerking inside of Rei's backdoor as it leaked and shot insane amounts of her seed. Asuka panted as she tugged on Rei's stomach, and she slowly pulled out, leaving a trail of white semen dripping.

'Ah, ah, I-I think that…that we should do, ah, that one more often' Asuka said in between catching her breath. Both girls now lay down on the floor, completely spent.

'I, ah, do not think I, ah, could handle that in short periods of time' Rei was barely able to say, the multiple orgasm was…interesting and incredibly overwhelming.

'Mmph, that's okay…it'll be worth the wait' Asuka said, hugging the albino tightly from behind, 'we'd better get cleaned up again, Hikari invited us to her house remember?'

'I…can we stay here for a short while? I need some more time to recuperate' Rei explained.

'I don't mind, wondergirl' Asuka said lovingly, hugging her girlfriend a little tighter and giving her a soft kiss on the cheek. She didn't mind being able to hold her wondergirl a little longer.

-Chapter 5: end-

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