Hi this is my first story so I hope its OK, Constructive criticism is welcome but don't flame. So this is my take on what would happen if Riddick and River met, before Pitch Black but after Miranda, and it basically tells us the beginning of Riddicks out law days and the reason behind it. In this version River is 19 and Riddick is 25.

They stood there in the trees. Watching. Waiting. This as one of the few planets which hadn't needed to be terra formed, it's already lush jungle was perfect, for the soil contained the perfect amount of minerals for mining and farming, its oceans were like lakes and the water didn't need to be filtered. The only thing that was wrong with the planet was the native beasts. Hellhounds and other panther like animals were frequently spotted, causing all settlement to build fences and post guards. The operatives had been informed by Command that this was their main base now, especially since the destruction of 'Haven.' However they could not discern any logical reason for the movement from backwater desert planets to this middle ring jungle world. Having previously only choosing to use dry arid planets, this sudden move puzzled Command and left them wondering if this was the Subjects doing.

"There she is," Came the voice over the radio, "River. M. Tam." There was a grunt of Affirmation from the man hidden in the trees to his right. "Where are the rest of them?" came the question from the Captain, "has anyone got an eye on the rest of the crew?" Silence was his only answer. The team itself consisted of five men, each having undergone a rigorous training method, that had weeded them out from their comrades, then put in a room with other recruits, they were forced to fight as they slowly added more men to the room, those that were left standing after four hours, were permitted to create a team. Originally there was only four; however they had been forced to accept one extra from a different training program, but not after being made to watch a film of his fight. In a room where over 50 men were being tested, after one hour only one stood.

Richard. B. Riddick.

At the young age of 25, he had massacred the rest of the men in the room, forming no alliances and offering no mercy. After undergoing an intensive psych analysis, he had been deemed worthy of entering onto a team, and been promptly assigned to this one. Now here they were, five full grown men hiding out in the trees waiting for their target to wander away from the group so she could be subdued and then the rest of her companions killed off, before she, herself, is sent back to command. Suddenly Rivers head snapped around, her gaze zeroing in on the men's position, and she began to run, disappearing into the brush under his position, the Captain, frantically began searching the ground under him, having been warned of what she was capable of. Hearing a noise behind him he had a glimpse of dark brown hair and his vision went black.

Allowing the body of the captain River turned to where she could hear the faintest thought of another mind, tuning in, she realised that it was just Jayne, and immediately withdrew. Having been forced to endure living inside there whenever they were in the black, she did not particularly want to continue the experience, just as she was about to turn, she felt the bite of cold steel at her throat and felt the warmth of a body behind her. Freezing in shock, she looks for the signature of the mind and feels...nothing; it is like the mind does not exist. In a moment of curiosity, River turns to face the man, the blade following the movement of her body, finally able to see him, she is shocked at her instant rush of heat that she feels, reaching up, she softly touches the goggles that cover his eyes., they sit there for a moment, gazing at each other, before he abruptly turns, vanishing the blade into the inside of his clothing. Walking along the branch on which they were seated, he glances back and rumbles out in a voice so deep it sends a shiver of...what? Pleasure?...down rivers spine. "Waterfall, 3 clicks east, tonight." And with that he disappeared into the gloom of the surrounding jungle.

Sensing the thoughts of Jayne nearing, River quickly swung down, almost landing on top of him, "Gorram it girl, watch what your doin' don't need you to be going all fā kuáng(Crazy) out here and getting lost." And with that he turned and headed back for the ship, leaving River to giggle, and with one last parting look, follow him back towards the Mother.


The hum of the ship was quiet and only Serenity herself, saw the small figure slip out the ventilation shafts that had been left open to allow clean air onto the ship. After a scan to ensure that the ships occupants were sleeping, and wouldn't be awakening soon, River slipped into the gloom of the trees that surrounded the ships placement, quickly skirting the makeshift settlement that had been erected, and dodging the guards that patrolled the perimeter. River made her way east, and shortly arrived at her destination, the waterfall was as magnificent in moonlight as it was in the day, and there standing in the shadows of the cliff was the man from the tree that day. Stepping into the slight clearing at the edge of the water, just past the basin where the water fell, she stopped, as he to, stepped from the shadows and made his way over to her. Looking up at his face, she got her first glimpse of his eyes. Mercurial. Shining like, "stars." she breathed, and reaching out her hand she traced his face, pulling a rumbling growl form in his chest. Leaning down he moved her hair out of the way and placed a gentle kiss on the pulse point of her neck, before biting down, then laving the bite with his tong. Removing the sting and starting a fire deep in Rivers belly. Between rough, yet gentle kisses, she managed to gasp out one word, "Name?" and with another growl replied, "Riddick." After that all thought ceased.

When River awoke an hour before dawn she was alone, with only a hand crafted shiv lying on the ground beside her and a native flower the colour of blood wrapped around the handle. With a content smile, River dressed and picking up the shiv and flower returned to the ship, already aware of the spark of life that rested under her heart. The promise in the flower would be fulfilled, and the honing of the blade would be complete. Riddick, her God of Death, her Hades.