Sorry i haven't written or published anything for a while I sort of hit a writers block however this came to me the other day.

You broke my heart, destroyed my dreams

Crushed it all under armies booted feet

He picked me up when you shoved me down.

He gave her a weapon made of scrap

A broken thing made sharp like the girl.

Her Mind wanders, the words now disjointed. "No" she yells, "must bring them back." Slowly she crawls her mind back into her body; returns to her writing, aware of the presence of the one who her yells awoke drawing near.

He listens and watches as she speaks and dances

Her hope for the future contained in the glances.

Protector and guardian is the beast

Bearing his claws at those who aim to defeat.

Her beast and love, her sanity disguised

As the Verse's most wanted man alive.

"River," his voice a rumble of a hellhounds growl, "You need sleep." She glances up from the cheap paper she has scavenged and marked with a piece of her drawing charcoal. "The girl is fine she simply needed to leave a message for their child. Have less sharp thoughts." And with a grace that belied her pregnant state, stood and headed past him back to their rooms. Glancing down at the paper, Riddick read the words of his mate. Then with a snort, returned it to the table and left the room, closing the door of the dark nursery behind him.