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Chapter 1 - Laurent

The clearing hadn't changed. A small patch of magic where the sun shined down and the wild flowers still bloomed. My heart cracked at the thought of young love that had broken the rules and flourished in this very spot. Was it just a short time ago? It seemed like both yesterday and another lifetime ago.

The outside world ceased to exist and it was as if I was on the outside staring in. Edward was laying on his back, his Beautifully sculpted face twinkling in the sunlight and he was laughing. I tried to reach out but he couldn't see me and my heart was beating so loudly in my ears that I couldn't hear if my voice

Was calling out to him….

A growl nearby startled me out of my illusion and when I turned, there at the edge of the clearing in the trees stood a wolf. He was huge, bigger than any wolf I had ever seen before. His coat was a reddish brown with a softer color on the under tone on his legs and tail. I found myself staring into his large black eyes when he let out a long piercing howl. Shuddering from the sound, I quickly covered my ears and stumbled forward a few steps before sinking to my knees. The forest quickly absorbed the sound and the wolf and then it was still again, almost as if he was never there.

I don't know how long I sat there before I finally stood up and that's when I realized I wasn't alone, someone was in the clearing with me. I turned back and there, across the clearing, stood Laurent.

"Bella, How nice to see you." He crooned in a velvety voice.

I stared in shock.

"Wh-wh-what are you doing here?" I stammered

He was instantly a foot in front of me and smiled "Why I've come to visit the Cullens."

"They aren't here." I said weakly

"Really?" Laurent questioned as he reached out and touched my cheek.

It was then that I noticed how black his eyes were. I flinched and took a step back.

"They're out hunting." I lied.

Laurent laughed softly and the sound crawled across my skin.

He shook his head at me "Uh uh Bella, I don't think so."

It was then that I realized how much danger I had gotten into. I had to remain brave.

I forced myself to remain steady and look directly at Laurent

"They'll be back tonight. How about I tell them that you stopped by?"

Laurent laughed "Bella, My darling innocent Bella. Do you really think I am stupid

Enough to think the entire family went out hunting together and left you, their pet human,


"I can take care of myself." I stated angrily.

"Yes I can see that. All alone in the woods where any creature can come along and

Hurt you." Laurent purred.

Before I could reply he grabbed my wrist and turned it over to expose my forearm.

He ran his finger lightly up and down my arm.

"James was wrong. You are a delicacy worth waiting for. He didn't have the patience of his lover." He mused.

"Victoria?" I squeaked

Laurent smiled "Yes. I am here as a favor to her. She would be greatly pleased to know you are no longer under the protection of the Cullen family."

I shuddered

"Her plan was an eye for an eye. Her lover was killed for you so she planned to kill you to exact revenge on Edward." He explained

"Was?" I asked

"Do not worry my innocent Bella. I will make it quick." He whispered before lifting my wrist and quickly making a thin razor-like cut from my wrist to my forearm.

I watched numbly as my blood began to flow down my arm and drip onto the ground. Laurent took a deep breath. Everything started to get blurry and I heard an explosion.

Laurent quickly let go of my arm and looked around wildly. "No! It cannot be!" He yelled. He stared at me hard for a second before disappearing into the woods.

The ground started shaking and rumbling and I fell forward. My whole body was burning and shaking. I looked up to see five wolves, including the one I had seen earlier, crossing the clearing. I closed my eyes and hoped they would kill me quickly. They rumbled past me, growling and barking.

Again, I was alone in the clearing. The shaking and burning had not dissipated with their departure. My brain struggled to realize what was happening. I looked down at my arm to find the bleeding had stopped and the slit where Laurent's teeth had cut was shimmery and still wet….

No! No! He hadn't bitten me! What's happening to me? I struggled to stand but suddenly a bright light exploded behind my eyes and my blood was on fire. I collapsed and curled into a ball when I heard Jacob's voice.

"Bella! No! Bella!" He cried as he slid into the ground next to me and cradled me against his chest.

"Jacob." I whimpered before the world exploded into darkness… pain and darkness.

I briefly woke up screaming as Jacob lifted me into his arms.

"Jacob. You can't do this. She has to be destroyed. You'll kill us all." I heard Sam exclaim angrily.

"Do it. Kill me." I ground out in between bursts of lava exploding through me. The pain was so excruciating that only death would relieve it. I didn't hear Jacob's response as I blacked out again.

I opened my eyes and I was laying in the clearing and it was dark, thousands of stars shined overhead. Each star seemed to wink like the burning needles that were piercing into my skin. I couldn't remember what happened. Where was Jacob? Is Charlie looking for me?

I felt a rustling next to me. "You never forget the pain of turning." Edward whispered softly as he gently caressed my face. His cold hand eased the burning slightly. I stared at him, memorizing every detail of his beauty but soon the darkness came and I was alone.

I was alone for a while and tried to count each needle as it burned into my skin.

"They explained it to me, and still I begged them to kill me." A soft voice told me. Rosalie stood before me like an angel. Her blonde hair falling in waves around her face and a white dress shimmering down to her knees. Her eyes were hard and crimson red "Begging and screaming will do you no good. Death would be a relief to this existence." She tossed her hair over her shoulder and then she was gone.

"It won't be so bad for you." I heard next. The cool hand that soothed me this time was Alice.

Her eyes looked so sad and I wanted to tell her everything is okay but I couldn't speak.

"I don't remember what happened to me, but I promise it won't be so bad for you." She whispered before fading away.

I began counting the seconds and then the minutes. I had gotten to over 1,000 when I heard someone laughing. Emmett smiled at me "Suck it up Kid. Welcome to the family."

Time ceased to exist as they each wound their way through my mind and then left. I don't know how long they stayed or if they were real or just memories but the fact that they were there was enough.

Chapter 2 - Waking Up

I woke up in the clearing and the sun was shining brightly and the flowers were tickling the skin on my arms. I sat up and looked around and then down at my arm. I sighed with relief. It was all just a bad dream. My arm had no cut and my skin did not shimmer in the light. I stood up and brushed myself off, I needed to get home before Charlie realized that I had been gone overnight.

It was then that I realized something was wrong. The forest was quiet… too quiet. There were no creatures stirring, the trees were perfectly still and the air was hot and dry. Like the calm before The storm….

Suddenly as though the universe had read my thoughts, The sun exploded into a bright yellow and orange ball of fire. The forest burst into flames and the wind danced across the flames making a vortex of fire around me. I couldn't breathe and my skin was starting to melt and I knew that the end had come. I didn't fight it and eventually I couldn't breathe and I found myself on the ground choking for air when he walked out of the flames and into the clearing.


The sight of him did not cause me to feel the relief of being rescued, but rather the acceptance of death.

He walked slowly towards me and I stopped fighting the inevitable and let the darkness creep in around the edges of my conscious. Love is not selfish and vain like death and when Edward reached down and pulled me to my feet I knew the love I had for him would hold the vanity of death away until the end. His hands felt like ice against my burning flesh.

"I have and always will love you. Never forget." He whispered before he gently kissed me.

His breath was icy and the kiss poured icy air into my lungs and brought relief from the burning. Soon the relief changed to agony. The outside of my body was still burning but Edward's kiss was turning my insides to ice and the mixture was excruciating. I tried to pull away but I was no match for his strength.

He finally let me go and brushed my cheek gently "It will be over soon." He said quietly and Disappeared.

I waited for the darkness to come, for the end, my heart sped up until it was beating as fast as the blades of a helicopter. The iciness that Edward had breathed into me and the burning lava collided spilling blood out of my eyes until they were crimson. I tasted my own blood as it ran out of my Mouth and down my chin.

Then my heart came to a screeching halt…. and I died.