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Chapter 3 - Life After Death

When I opened my eyes I was immediately confused. Heaven was the inside of Jacob's barn, and Jacob was with me. I turned my head slightly and realized the barn was completely empty except for the cot that I was laying

On, a container of fluid, and the chair that Jacob was half sitting in. He was half laying in the cot next to me and his breathing was even and soft. He smelled like a deep musky, earthy cologne.

I didn't want to wake him so I lay there counting each of his eye lashes and memorizing the smell and texture of his skin. I didn't know how or why he had ended up with me but the selfish part of me was happy. He was always the sun and the warmth that filled me and I couldn't ask for anyone else that I would rather die with. I gently took his hand and ran my fingers over his. When he opened his eyes they were red and swollen and he looked exhausted.

"I'm sorry" I whispered

He sat up and stretched and looked away.

"Jacob. I'm sorry. I would never want anything to happen to you. I didn't want to die when I went into the clearing and I'm sorry that you're with me." I said quickly

Jacob's eyes widened, he took my hand "Bella, I'm not dead." He asked, his voice still raspy from sleep.

"She should be dead." I heard an angry voice exclaim.

In the blink of an eye I literally flew across the room and stood in a fighting stance with my back in the corner.

Jacob still sat next to the cot. At the entrance to the barn Sam Uley stood behind Billy holding onto the handles of Billy's wheelchair. All three of them stared at me with wide eyes and jaws hanging open. Billy recovered first

"Let us not rush to judgment. Let me have a look at her."

Sam pushed Billy's wheelchair over until Billy was sitting next to Jacob at the side of the cot. He then

Returned to close the barn door and stand inside next to the door.

"Bella, You are in no danger here. Please come sit" Billy asked

I crossed over and sat on the cot.

He took my hand "What do you remember?" He asked quietly.

I told him everything from the moment I arrived in the clearing until I woke up in the barn with Jacob by

My side.

"Well now, that's quite a journey you've had." Billy remarked.

"Yes well I am dead." I replied tartly.

Sam snorted and Jacob sighed.

"What's going on?" I asked them.

"Jacob, I think you should wait outside." Billy told him. When Jacob opened his mouth to protest Jacob held up his hand again. "Sam will be here and I think you being here will make it harder."

Jacob looked at me for a second and then got up and left.

"Bella, I will explain everything to you. It may be distressing and overwhelming but I promise you are safe here. Let me tell you everything I know before you ask any questions."

I nodded apprehensively.

"You did see Laurent in the clearing and He did cut your arm. By the time Jacob arrived you have already

Started to turn. Despite the protest of his friends he brought you back here. I had them strip the barn,

Get a cot, blankets, ice, and blood." He explained

I felt a shudder run through my body.

"For the past three days Jacob has stayed by your Side. Covering you in blankets when you were freezing, rubbing you with ice when you burning, and most importantly getting you to swallow as much blood as he could."

My jaw dropped open.

"However, you are not dead. You are not like any vampire our kind has ever encountered."

He took my hand "Your skin is cool to touch, but not icy." He put my hand on my chest and I could feel my heart beating "Your heart still beats but a little faster than normal."

He put his hand out and Sam handed him a flat square object. He turned back to me "And lastly,

Your skin does not shimmer in the light, but rather has a glow to it." He handed me the object and

When I took it I realized it was a mirror.

I gingerly held the mirror up in front of myself and gasped as the sight. My eyes were crimson red

And Billy was right, my skin was a little more pale but did not sparkle in the light but rather had a

Slight glow to it.

I looked back at Billy "How? What am I?" I whispered

Bill stared at me "That my friend, is the million dollar question."

"But how do you know about…." I couldn't bring myself to finish the question

Billy laughed "Jacob did not tell you the legend?"

I vaguely remembered the story Jacob had told me that day so long ago at the beach.

"When I was a boy my father told me the legend of the Quileute tribe. Many many moons ago the

Tribe Chiefs would leave their bodies and wander as spirits. They would communicate with nature

And each other telepathically. Then one day an enemy appeared and threatened the very

Existence of the tribe. They were called "The Cold Ones."

The chiefs needed to protect their tribe and left their bodies behind and melded their spirit into the

body of an animal, the wolf. Wolves have a keen sense of smell and knew when the cold ones were

near. They also have teeth and claws sharp enough to penetrate the skin and flesh of the cold ones.

The chiefs also found that in their animal form they Could still hear each other's thoughts and

communicate and this proved useful in thwarting their enemy."

"The wolves in the clearing." I whispered

Billy nodded and continued "A group of the cold ones settled not far from here. The Quileute

Chiefs were not happy but agreed to speak with the leader. The leader claimed his family fed from

The blood of animals and not humans. A treaty was formed and both groups agreed to stay on

Their own land. The cold ones would not bite any humans and the Quileute would not tell the

Humans of the Cold One's existence. The two groups have kept to the rules of the treaty."

He gave me a few minutes to digest this information before asking "Bella, What did the Cullens

tell you about turning?"

I reached back in my mind to remember what each of them had said. "It is excruciatingly

Painful. It's as if your body is frozen in time, your heart stops and you don't age. You

Don't need food anymore, just blood."

Billy nodded "Did Carlisle tried to ease the pain of turning with each of them?"

I nodded "He gave Emmett morphine but it didn't help the pain or change the process."

"Okay and once they were turned were they give human or animal blood?"

"It varied. I think the only one who has never tasted human blood is Esme." I told him.

"And what about you Bella? Now that you are changed, do you want human blood?" Bill asked


The thought of blood made my pulse race quicker and made my mouth feel dry. I fought it back.

"I don't want to kill anyone." I said, horrified at the thought.

Billy nodded "Watching you change was fascinating, painful but fascinating. Although I'd imagine

For Jacob it was brutal."

I raised an eyebrow at him.

"You alternated between screaming for Edward to help you, and Jacob to make it stop. For three days Jacob stayed by your side and we got you to swallow as much human blood as we could." Billy explained.

"Where did you get human blood?" I asked

Billy chuckled "Local Morgue drains the body of blood before beginning the embalming process. They

Never noticed a few containers went missing."

I nodded absently "Billy."

"Yes Bella?"

"I'm afraid" I whispered "I always thought when I turned that the Cullen's would be here to help me.

They're gone and I have no idea what to do or how to live this…. Existence."

Billy nodded "You're stronger then you think. You'll get through this just fine and maybe we'll all learn something in the process."

He picked up the container of fluid and handed it to me. "Drink this. There is a lot for you to learn

And I'm sure things will be overwhelming for a while but you'll get through it."

I opened the container and the smell of blood assailed my senses immediately. Instinct took over and

I drank long and hard until the container was empty. I looked up to see Sam glaring at me. The hatred in

His eyes shocked me and made the hair on my neck stand up. He stared at me for a moment before

Slamming open the door and stomping outside.

"I'm sorry." I said, quietly, to Billy.

"Don't be sorry for following your instincts. They will always guide you." Billy replied

I nodded and stood to look out the window. The forest loomed ahead and I had the urge

To run through the trees and feel the wind in my hair.

"Let's go out and get Jacob."

I nodded and rolled Billy outside.

Sam, Jacob, Embry and Paul stood by the house where Jacob had parked my truck and his

VW Rabbit. They were arguing about something.

"Calm Down Paul. You need to look at the big picture and what good can come of this." Jacob


Sam nodded "We need to look at all the aspects of this before making a decision."

Embry cleared his throat and they all stopped talking immediately and turned to stare at

Billy and I.

"Look at her! She is our sworn enemy! On our Sacred Land!" Paul shouted, his face was very red

and he made a strange growling noise low in his throat.

"Paul No!" Sam shouted but it was too late. Paul was quivering and shaking and he fell to his knees before exploding into a massive ball of fur and teeth. Suddenly standing there he had morphed into a large

Dark Grey wolf.. a very angry wolf.

He leaped towards Billy and I but before he could reach us the reddish-brown wolf I had seen in the

Clearing leaped onto his back. The two began fighting and wrestling across the yard. Billy sighed

And Sam cursed vehemently.

"Embry, stay here and make sure these two are okay while I go separate those two idiots." Sam commanded before running across the yard after the two wolves.