Title: Births of the New Heroes

Author: Animal Charmer 11

Summary: Title says it all. The births of the new heroes of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus!

Couples: Travis/Katie, Percy/Annabeth, Leo/OC, Nico/Thalia, Jason/Piper, and Grover/Juniper

Rated: T

Which couple is going to be in this chapter? Jason/Piper (Jasper)

Disclaimer: I don't own the Percy Jackson & the Olympians and the Heroes of Olympus. I do, however, own their children. (Insert evil grin here)

Chapter 9: Birth of Justin Carter Grace McLean

"Well, that wasn't as bad as Andrea's birth."


"Yeah, Piper?"

"Shut up."

Jason Grace pouted at his wife, Piper Grace, née McLean. She just rolled her eyes, slumping back on the hospital bed.

"Piper, you've got to admit this birth wasn't as bad as Andrea's."

"I know." Piper sighed in frustration. "When are they going to bring him?"

As if on cue, the nurse reentered the hospital room, cooing at the baby boy in her arms.

"Um, may I have my son?" Piper asked, cranky—it was almost midnight and she had just given birth, what do you expect? That she's all sunshine and daisies?

"She's tired for giving birth so late," Jason explained. The nurse did an "Oh" expression and handed the baby boy to Piper quickly, giving them a quick congrats, and left.

Piper's eyes soften as she looked at her baby son. He had chocolate brown hair and changing colors eyes—just like her. Just looking at her son made her crankiness disappear in an instant.

"He looks...amazing," Piper whispered. "I want to name him Justin."

Jason wrinkled his nose. "I'm not naming our son after Bieber."

"We're not naming our son after Justin Bieber!" Piper snapped, her crankiness returning. "I'm just saying that Justin is a good name and that I want to name our son after him!"

"Fine, fine." Jason held up his hand. "If you choose our kids' first names, I choose our kids' middle name. Deal?"


"So..." Jason thought about it for a moment, then he had the look on his face like a light bulb appeared over his head. "Carter? Like, after Carter Kane? I always liked that dude."

Piper smiled. "He was quite a gentleman. OK, then. Justin Carter Grace McLean."

Jason smiled at her and held out his arms, asking without words to carry Justin. Piper handed Justin to his father, smiling.

Justin Carter Grace McLean, son of Jason and Piper Grace. Grandson of Jupiter and Aphrodite.


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