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Friends Forever, Prologue

It was a dark night, the moon was full, and all the inhabitants of the Valley of Peace were sleeping. The valley was now worthy to its name; everything had been pretty peaceful since Po the Dragon Warrior had defeated Tai Lung.

However, in a forest some days travel from the valley, a wolf was sitting near a campfire. It was the only light in the darkness the night had brought. The wolf's camp was small, only a tent and the campfire. But it was necessary: it was much easier to travel with only few things on your back.

The wolf was nearly impossible to see; his fur had the same color as the night, black. The only visible thing was his green eyes, which were glowing in the darkness.

Suddenly, a figure came out from the trees that had been hiding him. It was another wolf, though with brown fur, and with a large sword hanging from his belt. Beside his sharp fangs and the claws, it was the only weapon he had. And it would be a lie if you said that he wasn't proud of the sword.

The black wolf's ears heard the sound of footsteps, and turned his head towards the sound. When he recognized the wolf, a smile came to his face. "Nice to see you, Mang."

The brown wolf just grunted, not saying a word. His eyes were looking at anything else than the wolf that was waiting him.

"So you're still mad at me?" the black wolf asked after some time with silence.

No answer.

"Come on, Mang. It's not that bad. Nobody knows that we are here. Nobody will find us. Come on."

Mang finally sat down, still not talking. The black wolf followed his example and they both were quiet for a while. Then Mang looked straight into the black wolfs green eyes. "I don't like it, Win. We are getting closer to the Valley of Peace."

"But that's the whole meaning with the mission!" Win exclaimed. "You clearly have a short memory if you have forgotten why we are here already."

"Why you are here," the brown wolf corrected him. He slowly shook his head. "I never wanted to go here anyway."

"Then why doing it?" Win sighed. Why did his brother have to be so complicated?

Mang growled as he remembered why. "Because Mother and Father forced me. They like her just as much as you!"

"Who wouldn't?"

"I wouldn't. I don't like her and you know that. She's just a distraction; why bother visiting her anyway?"

"To see if she's alright," Win answered.

Mang rolled with his eyes angrily. "She's been fine in so long time without you! Why wouldn't she be that now?"

"Because things can happen, Mang!" Win hissed, annoyed by how his brother wouldn't understand.

"Yes, things can happen. Things can happen to the pack! You have a responsibility, Win. And by visiting her you put everyone in danger."

"Come on! Try and be more positive! I can do this! Shifu won't even notice me being there! I swear, Mang, I can do this!" the black wolf exclaimed, but it didn't work.

Mang just shook his head once again. "It is still stupid."

"Okay, Mom and Dad were wrong. You don't have to go with me. I can do it myself! You know that! I'm not a baby!" he tried again. But his brother just wouldn't stop worrying.

"You act like one," Mang mumbled. "And that can cause you troubles."

"Aw, is the big brother afraid of something happening to his little brother?" Win teased.

Mang sent him a dark glance. "Actually, I wouldn't care less if you died while trying to impress some silly girl."

"She's not silly…" Win began, but Mang just continued.

"I just can't see why it is so important to talk with that stupid tiger! I mean, if Shifu sees you, he is going to rip your tail off!" Mang growled angrily, and they both knew that he wasn't kidding about the part with Shifu.

Win, the black wolf, stood up. "But he is not going to see me. And it is important, Mang! Very important! I have to talk with her! You just don't understand! You never have!"

Mang growled again, standing up too to look him in the eyes. "She is just a stupid tiger! She doesn't mean anything! She is just…"

Suddenly, Win jumped on him, pushing him so they both landed on the ground. Mang was now lying under him, and Win forcefully held him down. He snarled, "I'm getting tired of you calling her that because it's a lie! Don't say it again or…"

"Or what?! You won't hurt your own brother! You can't!" Mang mocked him, not even feeling the slightest nervous. After all, he was the strongest. He had just not been prepared for his brother's attack. Though, Mang knew that Win was always defending his friend, no matter what.

Win slowly loosened his grip. It just felt wrong, doing that to his brother. Mang quickly saw the opportunity and got himself up. As soon as he was standing on two legs again, he pushed his brother away by the shoulders.

"Let me tell you one thing, brother! You can go straight into death if that is what you want, but I will return back to the others! Nothing, and I mean nothing, can make me go closer to the Valley of Peace! But if you want, then you can stay there with your little friend. I won't miss you!" he growled, each word harder than the other. Even though Mang was a master of Kung fu, he sure knew how to use his tongue so it hurt.

And Win did look hurt. He loved his big brother, even when he was angry at him. That was what brother did; forgive each other. They had to stick together. They were brothers! But on the same time they were so different from each other.

But no matter what Mang would say, Win would not change his mind. He just needed to talk with her. He had to go. Win just hoped that Mang would forgive him one day. The black wolf didn't like choosing between his brother and his friend, but now it seemed like he didn't had a choice.

This mission was more important than following his brother after all.

"Fine, go back to the others. I promise I will come back soon. I just need to talk with her. Nothing else. Mom and Dad will understand me; just say to them that I will return soon. It won't take that long, especially not when I am alone. Can you do that for me, Mang? Please! I am your brother after all, and I am sure that you owe me a favor."

"I owe you nothing."

"Mang, we have been brothers since, well, since I was born. I must have done something for you just one time. And it's not like it's a big mission. Just try and convince them that I am doing the right thing."

Mang was thinking about his brother's words. He was mad at Win right now, but he was still his brother. And that meant that he had some responsibilities. After some, he took a deep breath. "Okay, I will. But I will keep the tent."

"Fine. You'll probably be needing it more than I would." The black wolf looked around, sighing. "I have to go now. Take care of yourself, Mang," Win said, giving his brother a nod before running into the dark forest, disappearing between the trees.

Mang followed his brother with the eyes until he finally was out of sight. Then he sighed deeply. What was his brother always going something stupid? This was just plain out idiotic. The tiger had finally been out of their lives, and now Win was trying to get her back? Stupid.

Sure, his brother was stupid. But he still was his brother.

Mang was still looking at the silent trees when he said, "Take care, Win."