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Friends Forever, Epilogue


"Sorry, but if you just could sit still…"

"I am sitting still! You are just not gently enough! Ouch!"

"And we are done. Was it really that bad?"

Tigress carefully touched her new bandage. It was a week since her friends had found her in the forest. A week since she had left Win…

She was now lying in her bed, murmured things about Mantis' gentleness. Her friends were using their break from training to visit her in her room. Well, it wasn't exactly her room; there was still not cleaned up after 'the wolves' kidnapping'. Tigress was appreciating her friends' help, without them she wouldn't be here.

Her brain was still bringing her back to the episode only a week ago. The hug from Shifu… Tigress had never thought that he would have done that. But he had. He had pulled her close and she had collapsed by the pain. Her body was just too tired. Po had to carry her back to the Jade Palace (again).

When she had waked up, she had to explain it all. With some trouble, she had made up a good enough lie. She had told them, that she had leaved her room to get some air and Chiao Lo had seen her and taken her out on a walk in the forest. But then the wolves had attacked, and Chiao Lo had started fighting, telling her to run back to the palace. She had disobeyed him, but had ended up with being hit by an arrow.

It was hard to explain the bandages. Huei Woo had told her to keep staying silent with the truth about the wolves. So incredible enough, had Chiao Lo being carrying some bandages (in a case of need) and had found her. After secured her, he had leaped into the fight again, with Tigress too injured to join him. But when she was finally strong enough, she had tried to find him. But those she had found were her friends and master.

Luckily, they had believed her. After she woke up, they had told her that some travelers had called them after their camp had gone into fire when Chiao Lo and a wolf had been fighting. They had seen Chiao Lo die in the flames after the wolf had kicked him into it.

The ceremony was some days ago. Master Shifu had collected what was rest of Chiao Lo and had brought it back to the Jade Palace for the funeral. The ashes had been buried and the warriors had shown the leopard their respect. Tigress hadn't joined; she had still been bound to bed. Not that she had wanted; the leopard had lost her respect long time ago.

They were all thinking that one of the greatest masters had died to protect her. Tigress knew that Chiao Lo had been killed so he couldn't kill her. He had been close many times now.

But here she was. Alive, breathing, together with her friends. But still, one was missing. Win. She felt like she was getting punched in the stomach when she thought about him. Was he safe? How was his injures? Was he feeling just as sad about this whole leaving-thing as she felt?

Win had killed Chiao Lo. Tigress was stilled getting used to the thought. Of course she was happy that her enemy was gone. He had destroyed so many lives and if only Tigress had been strong enough to stop him… But it had been Win. Tigress was starting wondering who was the strongest of them. Her or Win? She must remember to challenge him into a spar next time they were together again.

Next time? And when would that be? A month? A year? Ten years?

But the light had told her that it would be soon. And Tigress prayed that 'soon' actually would be soon. But she would like to heal first. Tigress didn't like Win to see her wounded. She didn't want anyone to see her wounded. But she was alive and she should be grateful.

"Tigress? Tigress, you are dozing off again!"

"Sorry, Viper. I am just a little tired." Tigress blinked a couple of times, before glancing at her friend. The snake looked at her with worried eyes.

"We shouldn't keep you up like this. You need your rest. But you are feeling fine, right?"

Tigress sighed. "For the hundredth time, yes!"

"Hey, it's not our fault that you can't keep yourself out of trouble!" Monkey told her.

"It's not like I am trying to find them…" They all glanced at Tigress with eyes that told her to be quiet. And the tiger actually did it. Maybe she wasn't all right about the troubles…


All the students turned to see their master, who had entered without them noticed it. They all immediately bowed to him. Tigress winched by the pain. Master Shifu looked her over. It happened every time she tried to bow. But still, she wouldn't do what they told her, about quieting the bowing for a while. She was just too stubborn.

"If you please could go back to the training hall. I need to have a word with Tigress."

Tigress nodded to her friends, who slowly left the room. Master Shifu moved a chair closer to his student's bed.

"I can see that your wounds are healing nicely," the red panda said after some time with silence. They both didn't really know what to say. Tigress opened her mouth, and then closed it again. What could she answer?

"I believe that you soon would be able to get out of bed."

Tigress widened her golden eyes. "When?" She would do anything to get out of bed. A week was way too much for her. She was itching to start training again.

Shifu had to hide a smile by his student's excitement. "We'll see. But I think you could try and take a little walk tonight. But can you please stay out of the forest this time?" He sighed, looking at her with blaming eyes.

Tigress nodded wordlessly. She had to admit that her trips hadn't been the best in the last time. But now when the wolves were gone, she should be safe. But of course she couldn't tell Shifu.

"I…" The master was trying to say something, but the words were hiding from him. Tigress glanced curiously at him.

"We found this when we searched through your room. I… I think that it's yours."

His little paw found hers and in them he lays a little object. When he revealed it, Tigress had no words. Win's stone. Her first gift. A memory of a time she had outgrown. The laughter of two children was filling her ears. Tigress and Win…

Shifu watched as the stunned Tigress examined the stone. He remembered it now. The stone had brought it all back. The memory of the little tiger giving him a gift. A gift that he forgot all about. But when she had been gone, when she had been ripped away, he had found it. He wasn't sure if it was the same stone; the time was helping his memory.

"Thanks." The word is soft, not so used, but true. Her eyes were shining with what he would call happiness. He couldn't remember the last time he had seen that. Shifu gently smiles back, but she doesn't see it; her eyes focused on the gift.

Suddenly her body became stiff, frozen. Her eyes looking up, but not glancing at him. Shifu felt how his student's fear becomes his own. Her golden eyes, those who had been so happy, was now staring at something he couldn't see.

It all happens so fast, that it was over in a second. Tigress body relaxed, her eyes coming back to normal. "Can I try and walk now?" She asked, like nothing had happened.

But Shifu had seen it. And he knew what it meant. His paws grabbed his staff for comfort. He was fighting for not letting his body shiver. The prophecy… He must find a way to stop it. He couldn't let this happen to his student. But how could he go against a prophecy? A destiny?

Tigress noticed her master's face and knows what he is thinking. Also she is scared. The shadow she just saw… The fight against the power wasn't going to be easy. But she would gladly do it if it meant that she wasn't going to lose herself.

Shifu pulled himself together and coughed. "A guess that a try won't hurt." He gave her his staff as a support, but she only needed it to get up. Tigress took a breath before starting to walk. Her legs were stiff, but it didn't hurt. She was glad to finally really get out of the bed.

"I want to go outside." She didn't ask, she just says it. But her master didn't protest. Her walk became more confident and she would have increased her speed if Shifu hadn't stopped her with the wooden staff.

When she finally opened the last door, the cold wind was the first thing to greet her. It blew through her fur, taking the rest of her weakness with it. The sky was dark, but the night came soon when it was winter.

When something cold gently hit her cheek, Tigress glanced up. Snowflakes were falling down from nowhere, secretive and silent. A beautiful sight. It was like stardust. The stars were falling down from the sky to lie in her paw in a short moment before disappearing.

"The first snow." By the voice, Tigress noticed Master Shifu that had been standing beside her. "We better go inside; the last thing you need is a cold."

Tigress had to force her eyes away from the sky. She was spellbound, lost in the stars.


The wolf was like a snowflake. He had been with her in so short time before melting, disappearing.

"When the time is right."

But they would be together again. Tigress knew. She just had to wait. As she turned to leave with her master there was a wonderful sound that only she could hear.

A familiar howl and the laughter of two best friends.

The End

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