Hello everyone. Just the other day I got bored and decided to watch the new digimon series, Digimon Xros Wars and I took notes on how the protagonist, Taiki who has a big heart and is smart but at the same time clueless. And then the antagonist, Kiriha, who is a hot head and always likes to be incontrol and always has the need to pick on and corner our pour little Taiki, so I decided to turn these facts into our advantage. Please Enjoy reading! :)

Chapter 1

Taiki walked silently with his head down. His mind was to lost in thought for him to really grasp his surroundings. He was worried...about Kiriha. Just the other day, they both set out on a scouting trip together to check out a new digi-land they teleported to, and neither of them noticed the edge until Kiriha tripped over a stone and almost plummeted to the bottom of the gorge but Taiki luckily caught him and quickly dragged Kiriha away from the cliff. Once they were a good few feet away, he started to feel Kiriha's hand getting hot and sweaty in his own and when he turned to look, he noticed his face was beat red and Taiki could have sworn that Kiriha was very ill.

When Taiki tried to question Kiriha about it, he vanished the second Taiki turned his back.

A load shriek from a bird was heard echoing from the distance which abruptly knocked Taiki out of his trance and back into reality. As he looked around, he noticed straight away that he was lost and all of Xros Heart were gone, save it were the few still in his X-loader.

"Shoutmon! Ballistamon! Beelzebumon! Dorulumon!" Taiki stopped to listen for a response but all was quiet. "anyone..." Taiki sighed and slumped down onto a tree stump. 'What now?'

"Taiki." Taiki jumped up with surprise at the sound of his name.

"Who's there?" He called out nervously. A rustle in the bushes behind him startled him and he spun around and back up quickly, which caused him to stumble over a tree root and crash to the ground.

"Chill out! It's only me dofis." Kiriha stepped out into the light and held out a hand to Taiki, who graciously accepted the help.

"Thanks! Do you know where the others might have gone?" He asked hopefully.

Kiriha shock his head. Taiki looked down with frustration at himself for being so careless and getting separated from the others.

Holding out his X-loader, he called: "Starmon, Pickmonz, Deputymon, ChibiKamemon reload." With a flash of light, the digimon appeared.

"What is it Taiki?" ChibiKamemon asked.

"Yea, what do you want us to do?" Starmon added.

:Alright, I hate to admit this but..." Taiki's head hung low, "I'm lost!"

"Not to worry general! We'll find you the way out!" In a flash, the little Pickmonz were all scattered and gone except for the one gold Starmon.

"Also, can you tell the Pickmonz to keep an eye out for the others. You see, I ended up not only getting myself lost...but I also got separated." The Starmon nodded his head and closed his eyes to relate the message to the others.

"All done! Is there anything else you want?" Taiki shook his head and sat down to wait for the Pickmons to return with good news...hopefully.

"Hey Starmon, do you mind scouting on ahead for us?" Kiriha finally said after a few minutes of silence.

"Sure...I mean...that is if master Taiki wishes it." Both Starmon and Kiriha turned to look at him waiting for an answer. He was caught off guard by the sudden request Kiriha had asked. He usually wasn't the type to rely of ask for help from others.

"Uh...I guess that would be okay. Just hurry back if the others are found."

"Roger." Starmon bowed his head before disappearing into the bushed, leaving Taiki and Kiriha standing alone in the vast forest. They sat there in awkward silence for a few minutes until Taiki could no longer stand it.

"Should we also start looking?" Taiki waited for Kiriha to answer but when he receive none, he turned to look at him. Kiriha stood completely motionless and seemed to not have heard a word Taiki had spoken.

"Kiriha!" Taiki waved his hand infront of Kiriha's eyes. Kiriha snapped out of his trance and slowly turned his eyes to look at him.

"Is there anyone else in your X-loader?" Taiki stared at Kiriha blankly. He was dumbfounded by Kiriha's strange behavior. 'Is he still sick or something? I haven't ever seen Kiriha act this way before.'

"Well yea...just the few who are always inside of it." At the mention of the X-loader, Taiki unbelted it from the back of his pants and brought it forward. Kiriha stared down at it for a second before snatching it out of his hands. Surprised, Taiki tried to grab it back but Kiriha moved it out of his reach and jumped back away from him.

"Kiriha! What are you doing?"

"You were wondering where your friends were right!" Taiki nodded his head. "Well they're right here." Kiriha help up his blue X-loader. Taiki stared at it confused until understanding dawned on him.

" had my friends this whole time! Why didn't you say anything!" Kiriha didn't respond nor move, so Taiki continued, "well...then let them out!"

"NO!" Taiki was to stunned to move or answer. 'No? What does he mean? Why?' Taiki's thoughts were a mixed mess. They sat there in silence for several minutes, until Kiriha took a step towards Taiki, who backed away nervously. He had none of his friends with him, they were all pent up in Kiriha's loader and whatever digimon he had left were still in his X-loader, which Kiriha now possessed. He could try yelling for the Pickmonz, Starmon, ChibiKamemon or Deputymon but then he thought better of it. 'If I tried screaming for help, there's no telling what Kiriha might do to the others.'

"Why are you doing this?"

"Why," Kiriha laughed, "because I want to."

"Give them back." Taiki whispered through clenched teeth.


"I said give them back!" Clenching up his fist, Taiki charged Kiriha head on. With swift movements, Kiriha knocked Taiki's fist away and roughly pushed him into a tree and slammed both hands down on each side of his head. Taiki shrunk back under Kiriha's hard glare. He felt like a mouse at the mercy of a hungry hawk.

Very slowly, Kiriha slid one of his hands over to Taiki's face and gently caressed his cheek. Taiki cringed away and closed his eyes, expecting Kiriha to hurt him in some way, but instead he felt Kiriha cup his hands around each side of his head and he was pulled closer. Kiriha was so close, he could feel the others hot breath trickle across his face. And then, unexpectedly, he felt something soft and a little wet brush across his lips. Surprised, Taiki's eyes fluttered open and only two inches away was Kiriha's face from his own. The sudden closeness shattered all of his coherent thoughts and left him in a daze. Sensing this opportunity. Kiriha closed the distance and crushed his lips into Taiki's. The new sensation he felt sent butterflies fluttering in his stomach and he started to drift away in the current but then he noticed something was utterly wrong and slowly, all his scattered fragments of commonsense started to reform together like a puzzle; and then it struck him, 'Wait, What am I doing! Why the hell sm I letting Kiriha kiss me? I mean, we're both men!'

As realization took hold, Taiki stretched his arms out and pushed Kiriha away softly but firmly.

"Kiriha stop! This is messed up. We're both guys for crying out loud."

"Like I care!" Kiriha tried to push Taiki's hands aside and step forward, but Taiki only strengthened his grip and tried to push them even farther apart.

"Think about this for a second, don't you find this even the least bit wrong?"

"I already have thought about it. What do you suppose I was doing all this time? Watching butterflies breeze by. Now move your arms and stop being so difficult!" Kiriha grabbed each arm and twisted them upwards in a painful way which loosened Taiki's muscles enough for Kiriha to break through his strong guard.

"Kiriha!" Taiki tried twisting his body loose from Kiriha, but Kiriha only applied more force to his grip and pushed Taiki's hands above his head.

"Oww...let go of me." With his last shred of will power, Taiki jerked up his knee and plunged it sharply into Kiriha's stomach. Kiriha doubled over and wrapped his arms around his stomach in pain. As quickly as he could, Taiki grabbed his X-loader and took off at a fast sprint. 'No way in hell am I going back there...Wait!' Taiki skidded to a halt. 'I forgot the others.'

"Persiamon reload." Again with the same flash of light and then Persiamon appeared. 'At the very least, there's no way I'm going back without someone with me.'

"You called my general." Persiamon wove her arms around Taiki and held him close and gently rubbed her cheek against his.

"Yea, I need to go back and save the others from Kiriha."

"Meeooowwwww..." Persiamon yawned and then nodded her head. "Is Kiriha being a bad kitty?"

"Yea, something like that."

"General Taiki! We found the way out." Taiki turned to look in the direction of the voices he heard, and then from the bushed emerged all the Pickmonz and Starmon.

"Thank you! But where are Deputymon and ChibiKamemon?" Taiki scanned the area, searching for them but they were nowhere in sight.

"They are still out searching for the other Xros Heart members."

"Do you think you can make one more trip and tell them all that I have already found the others and we might have to fight to get them back?"

"You heard him Pickmons. Let's head out!" As the Pickmons and Starmon were about to leave, Taiki decided he'd rather keep Starmon with him.

"Wait, can you stay with me this time Starmon?"

"Of course!" Starmon halted in his tracks and bound back to Taiki's side. Taiki felt much safer with all his digimon by him but he would feel a lot better if he had Shoutmon right about now.

"I wish I could figure out what's going through Kiriha's head!"