Taiki stared up at the ceiling panting. His whole body was burning up, but for an entirely different reason from before. Kiriha was devouring his very essence, and he felt like he would lose his mind any second. At some point inbetween their intercourse, Kiriha had moved them both to the bed, with Kiriha straddling Taiki's hips in a possessive manor. Taiki was scared to admit it, but the entire time he'd been missing, he'd been longing for Kiriha's touch.

Kiriha was surprised at how docile Taiki was being. He wasn't sure if it was because of his fever, or because he was just tired of running. Pulling Taiki up into his embrace, Kiriha slowly slid off his shirt, and then goggles. Removing each item delicately, afraid the other would at some point push him away. He didn't want to be rejected like the other times, and decided to move more slowly this time. Kiriha used one hand to support Taiki's back, while the other carrassed through his partners soft hair.

The feeling of Kiriha's hands running through his hair felt surprisingly good. Leaning forward, Taiki kissed Kiriha on the lips gently. He couldn't believe his own actions, his body seemed to be responding to the others on its own.

It felt different having Taiki kiss him, instead of the other way around, and not only different, but amazing too. "Want to take it to the next level?" Kiriha asked teasingly. Taiki stiffened but made no attempt to push him away. Laying him back down, Kiriha snaked his hands to Taiki's belt buckle and snapped it lose. Pulling the belt away, Kiriha worked his hands on removing his partners pants, while trying to draw Taiki's attention to other areas by sucking on a patch of skin on his partners neck. With the pants gone, all that seperated him now from his goal was Taiki's boxers. Kiriha wanted to consume Taiki and make him his in every possible way, but he also didn't want to rush the other. 'Good things come to those who wait.'

Taiki was surprised at how gentle Kiriha was being. When they'd first started, he'd seemed ready to rape him without a seconds notice, but now he was taking it slowly, making it easier for Taiki to coop. He wasn't gay... or at least he didn't have feelings for any guys besides Kiriha.

The shocking confession Taiki made in his mind seemed like someone had turned the thermostat to a 100°F or more. His face turned a deeper red than a tomato and he tried to duck his head down before Kiriha noticed, but sure enough, Kiriha noticed all right. Curious, Kiriha paused in his persuit and stared questioningly at him.

"Did I miss something?" Kiriha asked after a few moments of silence.

"No..." Taiki tried to reply calmly, but his voice sqeeked. Embarrassement made Taiki blush harder. Kiriha fixed him with a pointed stare. Taiki fidgeted nervously underneath of him. When Kiriha leaned forward, Taiki flinched, and Kiriha paused momentaily, before gently lifting Taiki's chin to look him in the eye. The touch made Taiki's heart rate accelerate, and thump widly. He was having a hard time keeping eye contact, as well as making sure his breathing sounded and remained normal, so as not to clue Kiriha in on his little problem.

"You're hot..."

"SAY WHAT!" Taiki blurted out with a fumbling of words.

"Not that kind of hot..." Kiriha softly bumped Taiki upside the head, and laughed, and then mumbled, "well you are..." more to himself, but it was still audible for Taiki to hear, and then continued explaining his previous statement. "I ment you feel feverish hot. Do you still feel sick?"

"Duh, I have a fever! That's what happens; your temperature rises." For once, Taiki was glad he had caught a fever, or else Kiriha would have known something was up.

"I found a few of yours friends. They were all clued in on your location by some digimon named Greymon and..." Taiki and Kiriha both jumped startled to hear Wizardmon's voice. They'd both forgotten where they were at and that they weren't alone. When Wizardmon entered the room, he paused at mid sentence when he say Kiriha laying suggestively over Taiki.

"I can't tell if you're fighting, or playing?" Wizardmon blurted out after studying them for a second.

"We... we are... it's not... were playing." Taiki responded with embarrassment.

"Oh good, good. I'm glad to hear that you've worked things out, although... your human playing seems a little... what's the word... different... how does it work?"

Shocked silence hung heavy in the air as both Kiriha and Taiki looked at Wizardmon and then each other.

"I guess digimon don't know anything about kissing or sex." Kiriha whispered quietly to Taiki. The word sex sparked realization that if Wizardmon hadn't entered, Kiriha would have well went the whole way. Taiki never felt relief unlike that moment... 'but why am I a little disappointed as well?'

"Did I ask something weird?" Wizardmon asked, intervening in their thoughts.

"Oh no... it's just, well... it's hard to explain." Taiki eyed Kiriha with curiousty as to why he wasn't responding as well, and what he say wasn't the expression he was expecting. Kiriha's lips were spread in a broad smile, and their seemed to be a glimmer of mischief in his eyes as well as... desire?

"It's hard to explain, so Taiki says... then why don't we show you?" Kiriha asked wickedly.

"Hell NO!" Pushing hard against Kiriha's chest, Taiki slipped from under him and made a break for the exit. Wizardmon stepped back surprised at the outburst and Taiki fled passed him. He didn't dare check to see if Kiriha was pursuing him or not, and when he scrambled out of the cave's entrance, he clashed into a shocked Shoutmon. They were both flung backwards, or forwards in Taiki's case, and he landed heavily on his partner.

"What the heck?" Shoutmon looked up blurry eyed. The force had knocked the wind out of him, and the pain made his eyes water. Quickly wiping away the tears, Shoutmon cleared his vision to see Taiki. Again, tears streamed down, but from an entirely different reason. "Taiki!" Shoutmon stood up, pulling Taiki up with him, and hugging him tightly.

"Shoutmon?" Taiki asked, still winded.

"The one and only!" Taiki also couldn't keep away the tears. He was estatic to see his digimon again. They were all gathered together along with Kiriha's digimon. 'Oh Kiriha!' Taiki turned towards the cave to see Kiriha leaning up against the side with his arms folded, watching the reunion. He was smiling, but it wasn't the same mischievous smile from before. Taiki signed in relief. The last thing he wanted was for his newly made friend, Wizardmon, to watch Kiriha make out with him. Now that his digimon were here, he felted safer, and more at ease. When Kiriha stepped towards him, he flinched out of reflex, but Kiriha meerly continued walking passed him, but whispered one final parting message, "until next time!"

"Later Greymon!" Shoutmon called after the departing digimon. Greymon meerly grunted his response.

"Oi' Taiki, where's your pants?" Shoutmon asked Taiki, after Kiriha and his digimon had gone.

"Say what!?" Taiki looked down to find that he was still only wearing his boxers. "Oh crap!" Taiki rushed to the cave, but looked back once more to the area where Kiriha had left, and then disappeared inside.