Author's Note: I do not own Lost Planet or Lost Planet 2 and I do not try and claim to, so please don't sue, 'mm kay? Alright, just remember that the story actually starts next chapter, this is just telling you what's going on, a prologue of sorts.

Year sixteen After Trial Era. Over half a century since colonization efforts began on the planet E.D.N III. Long before these efforts, Earth was a war-torn, overly polluted wasteland. It was completely inhospitable for humans. Because of this, the military government Neo-Venus Construction corporation, more commonly known as NEVEC, began looking for a new home for mankind. Almost all the efforts failed, except for the Titan facility, Mars colony, and of course E.D.N III.

E.D.N III, while livable for humans, was completely frozen, and in order to survive humans began harvesting the vital Thermal Energy buried beneath the surface in large to massive reservoirs. Unfortunately, man was not alone on E.D.N III and soon found this out the hard way; war.

The Akrid were a vicious, semi-sentient species with a wide variety of sub-species and extraordinary evolutionary capabilities. Man was soon losing against these Akrid, as their weapons seemed ineffective against the large foes, until they invented the Vital Suits; gigantic mechanized battle suits capable of carrying enough firepower and armor to take down most Akrid, except for Category-G.

With the war against the Akrid over, NEVEC began harvesting more and more Thermal Energy and turned into a tyrannical government. As with all tyrannical governments, the people rebelled. These rebels came to be known as Snow Pirates. At first, the Snow pirates pushed back NEVEC just as a small group of scientists unleashed the Frontier Project, which began melting the snow and making the planet more Earth-like.

As most of E.D.N III's tundras gave way to lush jungles, vast deserts, and almost everything in between, the Snow Pirates began splitting into different factions, the main of which were the Rounders, Jungle Pirates, Crimson Unity (which were flourishing under a new leadership), and Carpetbaggers, along with dozens of smaller factions. While all these factions were busy fighting amongst themselves over territory and resources, they did not notice the threat of NEVEC's return until it was too late.

NEVEC had new plans for the planet, and opted to force the planet's Over-G Akrid out of hibernation, then destroy it, collecting all the Thermal Energy from the core, but leaving the planet to another, much harsher, ice age. Their plan was stopped and the once more retreated from the planet for two years before returning again and dominating, but simply sitting as a superpower, wiping out most Rounders but striking an alliance with the Carpetbaggers and a neutrality with the Crimson Unity. For all their might, NEVEC could not get past both the human and natural defenses of the massive Amaruba Jungle to take over the Jungle Pirates.

Now, the remnants of what was once the Rounders has banded together once more and attempts to break NEVEC's iron hold on the planet once and for all. These former Rounders are known as Independents.

But as they struggle to break free from this oppression, and the planet remains engulfed in war, a seemingly smaller drama takes place. Yet this drama is one that will shape the future of E.D.N III for decades, even centuries to come.

The lost planet is now in a struggle for freedom, and everyone will be dragged into the conflict.

War devours everything, after all.