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Chapter 1: Lost

"He's waking up again."

"Damn," a shadowy figure moved over him, blocking the blindingly bright light above him, "give him more of the sedative."

"I did. It's still in his system; he's just not passing out."

A face started to come into focus, a flash of teeth told him it was smiling. "Leum, you're going to be a difficult one, aren't you?" A sharp pain in his arm and his vision swam again, and then he passed out just as a second figure raised a scalpel.

"Sir, the Synchronizer is ready for implantation." Everything went black.

Petersburg Drifts, Northern Continent


"Get down!" Another sniper shot rang out across the frozen plain, now littered with the corpses of several Crimson Pirate and Independent soldiers. Jax reloaded his customized gun sword and was about to take a peek around the ruined VS he was using as cover when yet another high caliber round whizzed over his head. He popped up for a moment and fired a burst in the general direction of the sniper before ducking again and looked around for his fellow soldiers.

"For the love of-" Will, the team's tech expert and medic, tripped and fell flat into a pile of snow. Jax stepped forward to help him up and was forced back once more by the sniper fire.

"Someone's gotta kill that guy eventually," Jax yelled to anyone listening.


"Will, get your face out of the snow so I can hear you."

Will did so, "Maybe the bastard'll run out of ammo or get bored."

"Maybe he'll shoot you so ya shut up." Jax turned to see the source of the heavy southern drawl and spotted Tex ripping the Gatling gun off of his VS, "Neill reckons if I can distract that Crimson, he can take him out. 'Course, wouldn't hurt for you guys to help a bit."

"Fair enough," Jax replied, "is anyone else still alive?"

"That rookie's somewhere around here," came the response, "I dunno where the hell he went though."

"Probably ran," Will stood up and brushed himself off, "not too uncommon for a rookie." Jax shook his head and then, as one, all three soldiers popped up and began firing, eliciting no response from the sniper.

"Told you he'd get bored."

"Shut up, Will."

A Crimson Pirates body slid down the drift and came to a stop a few feet from Jax, followed by an Independent wearing the standard grey jacket and pants, grey hat covering his blond hair, and a standard issue face mask. He was unremarkable in every way, except for the large knife he held in one hand, and the sniper rifle he held in the other.

"He almost spotted me, I was lucky you guys started shooting when you did, or I might have gotten my uniform messy." Will and Tex stared, while Jax cleared his throat and stepped forward, offering his hand.

"Welcome to the battle, rookie."


Leum slid down the rock face and splashed into the stream below, his rapidly healing wounds staining the water crimson. He cursed and managed to get up on one knee, wiping away the grime and blood from his dark hair, when he heard shouts and an Osprey getting closer by the second. The device on his arm was still blinking and making a slight hissing noise, but he suspected it was the only thing that had kept him alive after sustaining so many gunshot wounds. The pitch black suit he was wearing, with lines of crimson and orange running along his arms, legs, and chest, matched his strangely orange eyes, and had deflected many of the bullets, but had not stopped internal bleeding.

He couldn't even remember why they were shooting at him, but he knew it had to do with his running away from the underground facility NEVEC had been keeping him in. Whether they were torturing or experimenting, he also couldn't remember, but he could remember dim shapes, various tools, and massive amounts of pain, both mentally and physically.

"Hey!" Leum jerked his head up and stared at the soldiers standing a dozen meters away. Both were wearing the standard Type 2 armor and wielding shockguns. The shockguns looked like shotguns, with several blue lights, and a two round clip. They were meant to capture or stun, but not kill.

"No," Leum stumbled and tripped over a rock in his scramble away from the soldiers, "stay the hell away from me."

"We don't want to hurt you," one of the soldiers stated, holding his shockgun aloft, "come with us an-" he never got to finish, as Leum shot him through the throat with a stolen handgun before rushing the second, ripping the shockgun out of his hand, shooting him once with it and then smashing his helmet until both the helmet and weapon buckled.

As he turned to run back into the labyrinth that was the foggy valley, the Osprey from earlier appeared overhead, shining its spotlight right on him. Leum covered his face for a moment before sprinting into a nearby tunnel. Luckily, the Osprey had no cargo section attached and could therefore carry no extra soldiers to search for him.

The cave, with its pitch darkness, caused him to miss the ravine until it was too late. When he tried to stand, his bad luck worsened as a massive tentacle broke out of the ground, wrapped around his leg, and began dragging him violently toward the source of a massive roar. Desperately, he drew the handgun and began firing at the faint orange glow until the Akrid screeched and released him by tossing him several meters in the air. Leum landed in an underground river, smashed his head against a rock, and, after struggling for several moments to remain conscious, let the blissful darkness blanket him.

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