I don't own anything to do with Harry Potter. And damn, freeverses are addictive...This is about Louis trying to tell his family that he's gay. The Louis-in-my-head was straight until I read "If You Were Gay" by aebbe, and now I can't think of him in any other way.

He's not quite sure how to say it.

He k n o w s he needs to, needs

to say something to someone,

a n y o n e;

but he doesn't know how.


He opens his {mouth}

looks at his father

but he can't find the right w o r d s.


He tries again later, in the

*kitchen* with his mother.

The words fail him t h e n

as well.


He doesn't know they already know.


They worked it out a little while ago.


They could always t e l l

that his heart wasn't in it,

whenever he dated some g i r l at school.

And {somewhere along the line},

it just became the way things were:

Victoire was ~pretty~

Dominique was a r e d h e a d

Louis was gay.

It was the way things were,

and nobody thought it was w e i r d

or unnatural

or wrong.


He was Louis

and they ::loved:: him.







"I'm gay."