I don't own anything to do with Harry Potter. And damn, freeverses are addictive...I just had to continue this. Had to. It wasn't optional - Louis needs his happy ending like everyone else.

Life seems...better,

Now he knows they know.

He can stop w o r r y i n g

about being chucked out of the {house}.

Not that he really thought they would.


But there's still just


little thing:

Andrew Allsop.



soso tall,

much taller than little Louis

darkbrown hair

redred lips

&& softsoft skin,

or, at least, that's what it l o o k e d like.


He wants to say something,

wants to soso much;

but he {doesn't know} how he can s a y.

This is different than before.

A family's love is unconditional.


who's to say

that A n d r e w is gay?


He takes the plunge.

Says something g e n e r i c

that doesn't really fit or explain:

{I really like you}

or something like that.

It's not the truth, but it'll ~do~

for now.


Andrew doesn't seem to m i n d,

takes his hand

(he was right, that skin was soft like feathers)

pulls him a w a y from the crowd.


Leans down over him -

he loves how he's so ||tall|| -

then l i ps crashedtogther


tastes warm like c h o c o l a t e

sweet like strawberry

sour like lemon

b u r n s like firewhiskey

[chills] like ice.




He didn't know the m e a n i n g of