Back by popular demand, here is another installment of the Fangirls saga by me, Fallon Skywalker. :-D

Enjoy, read, laugh, and review please! All fangirl quotes are by either me, or my friends from the online world. -)


*Some time in my made up AU….*

Han Solo looked over Luke Skywalker's shoulder as the usually serene and calm Jedi Master laughed his head off reading a page on his holo-computer.

"What's got you so worked up kid?" Han asked, trying to sneak a look on the page.

"THIS!" Luke cried, howling in laughter. "This site! Force, this is hilarious!" Han pursed his lips and looked at the page.

"Here." Luke said, moving out of the way, allowing Han to sit down, "Read." Han broke into a grin as Luke chuckled behind him.

"A holo-site dedicated to me?"

"Han is the Man?" Luke grinned, laughing all the more. "You have GOT to be kidding me!" Luke gripped the side of the desk chair to stop himself from falling over in a fit of laughter.

"What's so funny?" Han demanded, "I am a good catch! Just ask Leia. Besides, all these girls love me!" Han grinned and read off some of the comments from girls on his Fan-Site.



"Han is the most hottest pilot in the entire GALAXY!"

"Han Solo is obviously the hottest, manliest, CUTEST member of the Rebellion!"

Luke was crying with laughter as Han read off the comments.

"LUKE!" Han cried, annoyed that his best friend found it so hysterical. "I bet your fan-site is even worse!" Han challenged, opening a new tab.

"I doubt that." He said, laughing a little with worry. "I have a fan-site too?"

Han smirked, "You kidding me? You're the kriffing Jedi Master of the New Jedi Order. You destroyed the Death Star. Luke, Darth Vader is your father!"

"No!" Luke said with sarcasm, rolling his eyes at his friend.

"You get the Princess, Han! And you destroyed the Death Star too. And you were part of the Battle of Endor, and did a ton of other major things."

"I'm still looking at your fan-site. Stop trying to distract me."

Luke rolled his eyes again, but couldn't help but peek over Han's shoulder as he put "Luke Skywalker Fan Site" into the search engine.

Both Han's and Luke's eyes widened as the page came up. Luke's with horror, Han's with mirth.

"BA HA HA HA!" Han cried, scrolling to look and read the page.

"Oh no." Luke moaned, burying his head in his hands.

Han was laughing just as hard as Luke was not five standard minutes earlier.

"LOOK AT THIS! LUKE! I didn't know such pictures of you existed!" Luke cringed. "They don't Han."

"THAT'S NOT WHAT THIS SAYS!" Han yelled, laughing as the pictures of Luke showed up on the pages.


"Luke Skywalker, Hottie of the Universe."


"Man, Master Skywalker looks hot in black."


"Badass Jedi Extraordinaire!"



"H.A.N. HAN!"


"We cannot tell Leia and Mara about this."

Han's eyes widened. "We would be so dead."

"Yes. So let's just not tell them…okay?"

Han nodded and chuckled to himself.

"That kid's a looker!"

"Han stop!"

"Only if you stop making comments about my site!"



Both boys looked around for a moment, before bursting out in laughter. Both Han and Luke were rolling on the floor laughing by the time they had gotten it out of their systems.

"We're never to speak of this again?" Han suggested.

Luke shook Han's hand, "You've got it, brother. Never again."