Peter's P.O.V.

I was cutting some more wood when I overheard Valerie's father. Oh Valerie, how I long to be with her. But, it's not right for her to be with me. She deserves better.

"Cesaire," I overheard someone say. I snuck behind a tree to listen.

"Oh hello, Henry," Cesaire said.

"I would like to ask you of something," Henry said.

"Well of course,"

Henry took a deep breath," I would like to have your blessing in marrying you daughter, Valerie."

My mouth nearly dropped open. Say no, please say no.

Cesaire smiled," Of course, Henry."

I turned around and walked through the woods. How dare Henry ask for Valerie's hand in marriage. Like she'll ever date a sissy like him. The only reason people stand him is because of his money. Valerie deserves someone better than him. Someone like… someone… someone like Henry. She has a future with him. I can't pull her back down. I'll just have to pretend that I don't care about her. If I do that she'll go to Henry. I'll do it, even if it rips my heart.