AN: Hey guys! Mei-Roun here. This idea came to me on a whim, and while I'd love to say that it is assuredly my own, I cannot discredit that there may be someone else out there who has already presented such a thought.

I have read the book many times and it is without a doubt one of my favorites; this will, however, be movieverse.

Now, I want to preface this story with the statement that this will not be a purely religious fiction and I am by no means trying to tell you how to think and what to believe. I cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that religion does show up in the book, and I have included concepts I perceived while reading the book and watching the movie. Only the first few chapters will contain religious allusions and I hope that you all can do your best to not let this get in the way of enjoying the fanfiction.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bridge to Terabithia.

Paradise. It was supposed to be a perfect place. It was supposed to keep her happy for eternity. She had a palace. She had a kingdom. She had people who loved her. For a few years, this was enough.

But the palace became barren. The kingdom emptied into a ghost town. With each passing day, the beauty she had come to know on Earth dissipated into the desolate wasteland of what once was. As his dreams faded, there were no more thoughts powering the realm. She couldn't help but feel attached to a piece of him; and as he lost hope, her hope drained.

The feelings were not welcome, yet they invaded anyway. She was not supposed to have the capacity for such negative emotion in paradise, but it triumphed over her utopia that once was.

There was another who watched over her. The omnipresent being saw the boy grow and decline as she did; the drugs, the alcohol - they all proved to be just another means of expression. And as the years past, it became known that all potential outcomes of the boy's life would end in untimely and self-induced death.

She was unhappy. As he spiraled farther and farther down into the depths of despair, she was pulled along. It was no longer paradise.

Somewhere in the corner of her mind she heard a question. Did she want to return to the world she used to be a part of? Had it been real? What defined reality? Perhaps she was just losing her mind. The lack of what she loved was sending her to insanity. Maybe she had been there all along.

But in some way the question had been real, and she had unknowingly given an answer.

And so divine intervention would take place. Leslie Burke would return to Lark Creek.

AN: so this is the first chapter. It's not much, merely an introduction that presents the plot. Future chapters will,, I predict, be significantly longer. Let me know what you think; I'm unsure if this idea is intriguing enough, and feel free to send some ideas my way. (: