Summer Lust

Chapter 1

Tossing & turning on the bed wouldn't help it go away. The "it" in question was the erection he had been lumbered with. He couldn't relieve it here in the RV; not with his grandpa and his cousin asleep. Speaking of his cousin, she was the one who gave him the erection. Not physically. She didn't passionately kiss him, nor did she didn't feel "it" up. Heck she didn't even flash him; at least not intentionally.

They had gone swimming earlier that day, and he, by the grace of god, had seen her undressing. First he saw her back, then he saw her waist, her slender waist, then he saw her perfect ass and finally he saw her legs. For him, it was all happening in slow-mo. He hadn't even intended to watch her strip, because he only wanted to scare her. But as he found himself getting into it, his thoughts of an Omnitrix prank were thrown away and replaced by an erection.

Her bathing suit though, that was new. The silver bathing suit made her look even better. It accentuated her curves. It was only then that he realized that somehow, in the space of ten minutes, he was looking at his dork-of-a-cousin, his hot dork-of-a-cousin, in an entirely different light. And it made him feel good. Did that mean he loved her? It couldn't, could it? But he couldn't deny what he was feeling. There was no real way out of it. She was making him hard…and he liked it.

He snapped back to reality and made a decision. He needed to jack off. He got out of the bed quietly and, quietly, he made a break for the door. Not realizing for one moment that his cousin, Gwen, was not in her bed.

He found a nice and quiet spot and sat down; this was a spot where he could wank in peace. Wank about his cousin. Ben listened around for a second, to make sure that no-one was in the vicinity, and then un-buttoned and un-zipped his trousers, which he quickly slid to his ankles. He took his shirt off, and his boxers then followed, revealing his erection to him, which he gripped tightly.

In the distance, he thought that he heard a twig snap. He looked around for a second, and then, after deciding that no-one was there, began to wank furiously. Images of Gwen filled his head. In the midst of his pleasure, he began to call her name. Well, gasp her name would be more appropriate.

Gwen had gone for a little midnight swim, and as she was walking back she heard her name being called. She stopped and listened. "Gwen. Oh, god, Gwen". She recognized the voice as being Ben's. He sounded like he was enjoying himself. So, she decided to take a peek. What she saw shocked her. Ben, her cousin, was masturbating furiously while chanting her name. She KNEW it was wrong for him to be wanking over her; she knew it was wrong to watch, but she couldn't tear her eyes away. As much as it was wrong, she found herself enjoying the experience. She enjoyed watching him, and knowing that it was her who he was wanking over. Gwen was aroused for the first time in her life. She continued to watch him, even as he climaxed; spraying his chest in his own jizz.

That's hot, she thought, staring at the pearly white splattered on his chest. She was amazed that a 12 year old could cum so much. Yes, she knew what cum was. Even though she was only 12, her hormones had begun set in. As a girl who had her period early, she looked on the web at things that she probably shouldn't look at. But that was nothing compared to watching her cousin jerk-the-gherkin over her. The taboo turned her on, made her stomach burn with butterflies, and made her want him. But something inside her, deep inside her, knew that it wasn't just lust. It was something much more than that. She wanted to taste his jizz, to drink it, to please him in every which way she could.

She decided to head back, not wanting him to spot her.

While they were to spend another day at the creek, they were on the way to a nearby diner for some breakfast. They, of course, had to share the same dining seat, seeing as there had been a little Stink-Fly related "accident" on it.

Ben wasn't complaining as he usually would, mostly due to the fact that he was extremely nervous. The reason for his nervousness was the mediocre size of the seat, which could only just seat the two of them, meaning that her leg kept brushing up against his. Not that that would make him complain; he was just scared of getting an erection. Which was understandable, really, when you think about it.

Despite what he had done last night, he was not sated; his feelings were not sated. It wasn't just a typical hormonal thing. He began to think that it may not be lust, that worse, it may be love. Not puppy love, but actual romantic love, combined with lust. He felt her leg against his again. He DID love her. And he wanted her. And, against his better wishes, an erection arose.

"Where did you go last night, Ben?" Gwen asked. He froze in terror. Did she see him? "Just for a walk," he stammered. ", Why do you ask?". "Oh, no reason. Just curious. Why? Does my question bother you?". "N-no, not really. I just don't like the idea of someone watching me while I take a leak". Liar, she thought.

"We…" she started, but was thrown off by a violent shake, one which threw her against Ben. "Sorry, it's a rough road," Max shouted from the front ", are you kids okay?". "We're fine grandpa" she called out. That was far from the truth; they were far from okay. When she had been thrown against Ben, her hand had landed on his crotch in what was a feeble attempt to steady herself.

She could feel his erection rubbing against her hand. She liked it. But she probably shouldn't have her hand closed around it. That she knew; especially since Ben was looking at her in a mixture of embarrassment, terror, mortification and shame. "Sorry" he muttered, on the verge of collapse. "It's okay" she said, he hand still caressing his erect cock. She'd seen the pictures, seen the videos of them, but to be holding one was so-o-o-o-o much hotter, especially as it was Ben's. The real surprise came when she felt him pulsate through his pants. Four times it happened.

She knew what had happened. He knew what had just happened. "Gwen, I need to go for a pee. Do you mind?". She was too frozen in shock to hear every word. After a few seconds she let go of his dick and sat up, moving forward just enough for Ben to shimmy off the seat. "I'm so sorry", she whispered as he slid under her. Not knowing he'd stopped under her to reply she sat down. Now she could really feel his erection, pressed against her leg. She leapt out of her seat, and Ben sat up. They only shared a quick glance, and she only got a smaller look at his boner, before he ran into the toilet.

Ben didn't come out until they had arrived, which, in itself, took a few more minutes. When he left the toilet, his eyes, for a moment locked with hers. She smiled warmly to calm him. He felt his heart skip a beat. "Ben are you okay? You look a little pale?" Max asked. "I'm fine grandpa," he said hastily ", I just felt a little queasy is all. I'm fine now. Honestly".

"Well, okay. Let's eat" Max said, and then left.

Ben hesitated for a moment, and then Gwen came up to him and grabbed his hand in hers, "C'mon Ben" she said encouragingly, and then let go of his hand. Gwen then left the Rustbucket, leaving Ben who followed instantly after.

For the rest of the day, neither Ben nor Gwen could look each other in the eye, Max didn't seem to notice. So, all was relatively okay.

Once night had fallen, and once Max had fallen asleep, Gwen went for another swim. Again, taking her silver bathing suit with her, the one that helped give Ben a boner. As such Ben was left alone on his bed with another erection. He couldn't go out for a wank yet. Gwen might see him. And he certainly couldn't do it in the RV, what with Max-and-all.

After only five minutes of swimming, Gwen got out of the water. She couldn't swim while she was this horny.

Gwen knew that she needed to get off immediately.

Ben couldn't take it; the tension was literally going to kill him. He needed to wank and he needed to wank now. Screw the risk, he thought.

As he approached the clearing, he could hear gasping. He could hear Gwen gasping.

Curious, he decided to take a peek. What he saw made his boner ache for release even more than it already did.

Gwen was masturbating, with her middle finger and her ring finger inserted into her most special place. She was NAKED and masturbating, her bathing suit in a crumpled little pile beside her.

Ben was aroused. Oh, god, he could see her tits, her vagina, he could see it all. For a twelve year old who had only recently hit puberty, had rather nice tits. Her bent legs arched, with unnaturally arousing curves, she was nothing short of a goddess, and that made his heart skip a beat. Ben knew now. He wasn't hot for her; He was in love with her. And if he ever got her, he would be able to get enough. Even looking at her was a total orgasm now. He would be hers. Her love slave. Whatever she wanted, he would give.

But then again, he knew couldn't have her. She was his cousin. So he did the next best thing, he took his shorts off and began to masturbate. Masturbate so furiously it was unbelievable. Her climax came first, with his following about a minute after hers. As he sprayed his load, he groaned loudly. And what made it worse, was that Gwen heard him climax.

She looked in his direction, only just able to see him, and he looked back. A feeling of fear washed over the two cousins. But inside the feeling of fear, underlining it like that taste of chicken you ate two hours ago was lust. While neither of them knew it, they stood staring at each other, fully aware of the implications of what they felt and wanted, for five minutes, without either of them moving.

Gwen stood up, not thinking to grab her bathing suit, and prepared to run. Which was, depending on who was asked, a bad move or a good move. Ben saw her tits jiggle slightly when she did. "Wha…Wha…What…". Snap! A twig broke in the distance. So, Ben, on a bad impulse, ran towards Gwen's area to hide, forgetting his shorts. His move fuelled by fear of being caught by Max and by lust.

Thanks to her absentmindedness and his, Ben's cock stabbed into her stomach when he reached her. Gwen wasn't angry or disgusted, mainly due to the fact that she was just as scared of being caught as Ben.

His dick was now pressing, HARD, against her stomach, and was smearing his pre-cum over her. She liked it. Fear was forgotten. "I-I-I-I-it was probably just a raccoon or somethin'" he said

Five minutes passed, and nothing happened. It was only then that he realized that he had left his shorts on the other side of the clearing. And then that he realized, that he was practically painting her with pre-cum. Oh, how lust can cloud a mind. "Uh, G-g-g-g-w-w-w-e-e-e-n-n" he stammered. "W-w-w-what?" she asked.

Another five minutes of silence passed, before Ben suddenly felt the urge to kiss her, and Gwen must have felt the same urge, because when he did kiss her, passionately with tongues, she reciprocated by wrapping her arms around his neck tightly. Ben, in response, let his hands drop to her waist and then travel over her ass, which he caressed. Before long, the two of them were in a frenzied make-out fest, sucking each other's tongues and lips like it was the last thing that they would ever do. Ben let his right hand slip to the side, and then the fingers on it slipped in between the crack of her ass-cheeks, which he squeezed lightly. She began to lightly nibble and lick at his lips. They gave into lust and love.

Feeling naughty, he slipped his middle and index fingers into the crack of her ass and then pushed them further into her warm rear hole. She gasped in silent pleasure, as he began to pump his fingers inside of her. After a minute of that he removed his fingers from her anus and slid his right hand downwards to grip her thigh, which he then began to pull at. It was almost as if she had the same idea, because she wrapped her left leg around his waist; Tight. Ben didn't even have to attempt it with the other leg, because she wrapped her other leg even tighter around his waist, leaving herself wrapped around Ben.

Ben began to walk slowly, being careful not to trip. But fate of course, had other ideas. In all of his due carefulness carrying Gwen, he didn't notice the small fist-size rock on the ground, and both of them went tumbling to the ground. Ben, of course, went forward, meaning that Gwen landed on her back. She grunted as the air was driven out of her lungs. "Are you ok?" he asked, full of shock and worry. Gwen, who still had her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck, just came out with "I'm fine, Ben". They began to make out again.

After another five minutes of making out, Ben finally began to feel the underside of his cock rubbing against her now sopping wet folds; it was then that the situation finally dawned on the both of them. They were on the ground about to fuck each other, it seemed like. They looked at each other with eyes full of longing and lust, knowing that it was wrong and that they definitely shouldn't be doing it. But why, oh why, did it feel so right, what they wanted to do. Gwen was probably too young to have children. Besides, if they loved each other, was it truly wrong? "Do you want to, Gwen?". "I-uh, yes I do Ben. I want to. Do you?".

"Yes, I do".

"I love you".

"I love you too".

Gwen loosened her legs ever so slightly, giving Ben room to maneuver. He pulled his right hand out from under her, and grabbed his cock. Next: he guided it over her waiting vagina. He looked at her again. "Do it!" she commanded. He grinned at her command and began to lower himself slowly, gasping as the head entered her flesh. He stopped lowering himself for a second and spent ten seconds getting used to the feeling of her, before he then thrust in. Gwen groaned in a pained whimper. He stopped lowering himself, leaving a little of his cock still not in her "Are you OK?" he asked in shock. "Oh, god, yes. Now fuck me, Ben! Fuck me now!". He let the rest of himself enter her, and then pulled out, leaving only the tip of the head poking at her vagina. He immediately stabbed her with the full thing. This time, though, she groaned in pleasure. So did he.

For a moment Ben just let himself feel her fully, and then he began to thrust for proper. Within seconds, he had picked up the pace, and Gwen was raking her fingernails across his back; there were going to be marks on his back in the morning. In the heat of the moment, both of hands went to her chest and grabbed her nicely maturing breasts. They kissed again. With their tongues probing each other's mouths, and with both of them also sucking on each other's tongues, they now knew true pleasure.

Her slick, clutching vagina felt nothing short of heavenly.

He lent backwards, lifting his back upwards, and moved his hands from her breasts to grip her shoulders. With their sex now approaching climax, her legs tightened around him to the point that it hurt, and she pulled him in for another fiery kiss.

After approximately 4 minutes of sex he felt her get tighter.

Their mouths separated, "Gwen, I'm gonna cum" and Gwen bit down hard on his shoulder. The pleasure that the bite gave him, made him blow his top and spray his load deep into her. They both groaned in pleasure as repeated bursts sprayed inside her. "Oh, Gwen! Oh, Christ, you were amazing. I fucking love you!"

Gwen's orgasm was equally blinding in pleasure, as she climaxed too. Her tight cunt hugging his meat as her cum covered it.

He still continued to thrust for a few seconds, before finally removing himself from her. They lay like that for a few more minutes, kissing, touching. "Did you mean what you said?" she asked


"That you loved me?"

"Yeah, I did. Did you?"



They separated completely and Ben felt his back finally tough the ground. His eyes shut, as a wave of cold covered his dick, which was wet with her juices. As the seconds drew on, he felt tired. He would've fallen asleep if it wasn't for something landing on his face. He grabbed it and pulled it away from his face. His eyes opened. It was Gwen's bathing suit. He looked for her, to find that she was heading for his shorts, wherever he had left them. His mind was still to clouded to think completely coherently. One thing he did do though, was put the crotch of it to his face, and take a huge snorting whiff of her scent, then suck on the crotch. That act itself lasted for 3 seconds before he shoved the whole thing into his mouth.

Gwen was watching this with glee.

After sucking and biting on it enough, he heard her giggle. He sat up and turned around to see her staring at him, she was wearing his shorts and rubbing the crotch of them against hers. "Great minds think alike" she said. He gave her a goofy smile whilst keeping his lips shut. She ran over to him and sat next to him.

He finally opened his mouth and pulled her bathing suit out. "Sorry" he said. "Don't be," she replied, ", I'm not". "Yeah" he chuckled.



"It wasn't just a spur of the moment thing you know. I really do love you"

"I know. I really do too" she finished a she kissed him deeply without tongues. When they separated, she nibbled his tongue. "Let's get cleaned up, and then we can go back to the Rustbucket" he said when she finished. "Way ahead of ya" she spouted.

Only three minutes were spent in the water, due to that fact that night was now ending and the day was beginning. After putting their costumes on, they walked, quickly, back to the Rustbucket. A couple at last.

How was it? Did I do good? If any of you hate the sex scene, please be aware that this is a story NOT a porno. I picked this up from Patches0456 because If you read the original, you will see that it has potential. And for your information, I am a writer not a smut peddler. This is just a story that happens to have sex in it.

Anyway, for now I bid you all adieu.